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Thursday, September 3, 2009

WhAtTa BeGiNnIng?!

It was a pleasant morning, I could feel the warmth of the sun hitting my face. Still I cuddled up and started sleeping. I could hear Kadri Gopalnath playing a saxophone. 'Marukelara oh Raghava...', wow what a composition is that???!!! Suddenly I came back to my senses 'God! That's my ringtone, Someone calling me'. Lazily I reached for my mobile and without seeing the screen I said,

"Hello, Morning."

"Don't forget to pay fees today!" said a brisk voice. 'I know this voice. I have heard it before'

"W..W...h...o (yawn) is this (yawn again) re?"

"Still sleeping huh?! After college you have become worst shruti!", said the same voice brisk voice with a tinge of anger!

OMG!! This is dad! I woke up with a start and blinked widely at the screen!! Yes, Dad! My eyes trailed its way to the wall clock!! Again shocked. 7.30 AM!

"Yep! Sorry dad, yesterday night was writing a post for my blog. So slept lately! Will pay the fees today, thanks for reminding me"


The line went dead! Nobody was there in the other end! I finished all my works and tried a new dish and experimented it on my sister. She said it was great and I felt really elated!! I checked my to-do list, finished up all those works and came home by afternoon! Suddenly I received a call from my college mate. (I don't want to disclose the name. So lets say X). The conversation began with the pleasantries and i never know what she had in stock for me!

X : Shruti!! How are you?

Me : Hey X, what a pleasant surprise. You have called me? Usually you won't even reply to my messages!!

X : Arey, c'mon! I wanted to give you a shock.

Me : Already I was shocked after receiving your call! So tell me how is your brother and parents?

X : All are fine da! How is your dad and sister?

Me : The same here! What's the shock re?

X : You didn't check your G-mail?

Me : Naah! I didn't go online today. Feeling lazy da!! Why asking all those?!

X : Hey I got a mail from the company!

Me : Which company ma? You attended any interviews?

X : You are an idiotic crap. Your brain has become blunt. You need a sharpener eh?

(She started laughing! 'For what she is laughing? May be she called this as a joke eh? God must save her!!')

Me : Hey don't make me feel like a dumb! Tell me the matter

X : Ok... Relax..I received mail from the company we got placed! We got the DOJ yaar!! Its October 12th 2009..

'Did I hear her clearly? Was it my Date Of Joining?' I failed to hear my heartbeat! 'Did I breathe after hearing this news?' Am frantic after hearing it!! 'Yes, I got it! this is what I want!'. I heard the girl's shouting the other end

X : Hey shruti, stop dreaming and come back to reality! Ok am getting another call.. will catch you later! Bye

Without expecting my answer she had ended the call! Ahh!! I was jumping in joy. Yippee! I got my DOJ! My wait was over.. Finally the date has come. I am going to join the company. Wow! I had a nice feeling. I called my dad and told him the happy news.

He was very much excited and asked me to goto temple with my offer letter. I obliged him and went along with my sister to a nearest temple. The day was moving very greatly! I was telling myself, "I got my DOJ! Am going to put a full stop to the boredom in these 3 months after my college!". Suddenly i felt drops of water. I looked up the sky. It was bright. Suddenly I could feel rain coming down hard on my face. I closed my eyes tightly and shouted at the top of my lungs, "Hey bring umbrella, its raining heavily!". I opened my eyes when the intense of the rain subsidized!

To my horror i found my sister sprinkling waters on my face and she started giggling by the way i woke up! She asked me, "Umbrella for sprinkling water on your face?". I replied, "I thought it was raining so asked! Leave it re"

She started asking me, "Hey what happened? You were blabbering something when you were dozing. I thought of waking you up, so sprinkled water :)!"

"Was it a dream? No i got my DOJ"

My sister looked quizzically and casually remarked, "You got DOJ? Huh!! It will come only in dreams!"

Everything was a DREAM! Its a hard fact to digest, But still its the truth..

What a way to begin a day!?!

I don't know whether you liked this post of mine! But this is the dream I had today morning! So wrote it as a post! My DOJ will come only in dreams.

"Reality hurts in big time!"

With Love,

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Aditya said...

I get the same dream, every morning. Except thaat its of getting a job first :P not about joining!

Btw intersting writing. I was almost dashing off to the comment section to congratulate you :P. And yes, you will get you DOJ very soon.Till then have utmost fun :) :D

Shruti said...

Man, you are awake in these wee hours?! :P
hehehe!! Don't worry,no difference between getting a job and waiting for a DOJ!

""I was almost dashing off to the comment section to congratulate you""
Only if i get it!! :P

Thanks for your first comment re!

Aditya said...

I sleep only when sun shines :D

Anyways I got to scoot now. Dad alert :P

Good post again. gn :)

Indian Pundit said...

Thats a great one.

Go and join the job in dreams.....


Nice read.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was about to congratulate you.. I really believed that you got it.. dont worry.. your dream will come true soon :)

HaRy!! said...

Hey shruti...thungama blog eluthuringala? suuuper! anyways dont worry have all the fun yu have before the doj, once yu are in...get ready to be toasted alive with work!! yu wont even have time for yurself...dont ask me the question..onsite la vela ila :)...tak care! nice narration

vEnKy said...

ada paavame ne enna evalo blog paithiyama irukka.

How come you dream with so much detail. MY dreams are almost so inane lacks logic like a vijay film.

Kalela 2 manikku mela kanvu kanda ballikum nu solluva paapom

I liked the surprise in this post never knew this was coming

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hei Shruti! U made me sad with that post. I was really elated as I was reading but to the end, got dismayed. I pray that you'll get the DOJ at the earliest. :)

Bharathi said...

I wish you would get ur DOJ soon. After that, on DOS, dont forget to throw us all a very lavish party. (DOS = date of salary)

Anonymous said...

That post was filled with many twists and turns...enjoyed reading it :)

What a will come true soon and I will be waiting to read about that :)

Mr said...

I pray the dream becomes a reality soon :)

- Lakshmi Rajan

Shruti said...

"Sleeping only when sunshines!!"
Great re!! Then when will you get out of bed?!
When sun sets eh?! :P

Shankar said...

adi loosu..... u know what dreams are... ?? the things which we want to accomplish or things which we cant accomplish in real life..comes as a dream... to make us happy atleast whil sleeping.. I thought yu really got it... and was about to congratulate you...

you will soon get it..dont worry...

But according to abdul kalam.. dream is not something you see in sleep..dream is something which does not allow you to sleep....

I actually get very little time to i sleep only for six hours... and that time is only enough for dreamiung about games,racing etc..etc...

no time to think about the job..etc..etc... everything will come to you at right time.. god is testing ur patience...dont lose hopes..

Shruti said...

thanks re!!

""Go and join the job in dreams""
That is what going to happen in the end!

Shruti said...

thanks for your wishes. Let me expect that comes true!!

""Hey I was about to congratulate you""
Hehe :P

Shruti said...

""thungama blog eluthuringala?""

illa pa, thoongina indha maadhri kanavu varuthu! Height of vettiness is getting reflected in my blogs!!

I like getting engaged in works. I hate Idleness!!

Shruti said...

""ada paavame ne enna evalo blog paithiyama irukka""
blog paithyam lam illa pa!! But i love the art of writing

""Kalela 2 manikku mela kanvu kanda ballikum nu solluva""
naanum adhey nambikkaila dan irukken!

Shruti said...

anna, i never intended to make you sad!
But it always happens in my life!

Thanks! Let Me get the DOJ as a result of your prayers!

BK Chowla said...

It is essential to dream big to succeed.

Shruti said...

""I wish you would get ur DOJ soon""
thanks re!

""dont forget to throw us all a very lavish party""
Idhu too much ah irukke!!
that too a lavish party!

Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
""That post was filled with many twists and turns""
Thanks girl!!
Glad that you enjoyed reading it!

Shruti said...

@lakshmi rajan
Thank you so much!!

Shruti said...

loosa? Ada paavi! Mudive pannitaya!!
Yes i too know that!! the things which we expect so much to happen will get reflected in our dreams!!
Yenakku kanna moodinale my career comes to ma mind!!

""dreaming about games,racing etc..etc... ""
Etc..etc..?? Whats that :P
U r a gaming freak da!!

""god is testing ur patience...dont lose hopes..""
Yes God is testing soo much! Hope is what keeping me alive!!

Shruti said...

@chowla Ji
thank you so much!

Benny said...

adi paavi.. u made me envy u :D I wont ask sorry..po..I was wondering 3 months le which company called u nu..I was 2008 passout N I was made to wait a yr to get my doj..I wish u dont suffer so much..U wil have u r dreams come true soon..cheers:)

Shruti said...

ada paavi!! Unna maadhri company um nenacha yenga nelama avlo daan!!
Romba nalla yenna!! Vazhga pallandu!

""U wil have u r dreams come true soon""
thank you ma!

Shankar said...

hey.... we Indians are always concerned about doj right.. I think u might have reached higher levels if u dream about how to give doj to other peoples...

Shruti said...

hey shankz
you wrote my 800th comment!
thank you!!
""I think u might have reached higher levels if u dream about how to give doj to other peoples""
yes correct kandippa urupatruppen!

Shankar said...

really..???i dont know that.....

Shruti said...

i know that you don't know!

Singh Amit said...

It's wonderful..
I was feeling it so real that I was about to congratulate u ..just before finishing the post....

but what a shocking twist !!!

Anyway my best wishes for ur dreams to come true..... :)


Shruti said...

hehehhehehe :P
thank you so much!!

Bharathi said...


Shruti said...

yenna sir?! Sad smiley!!????

Kaka said...

hey sorry for the delay.....:(...thoroughly enjoyed the post...:) dont worry u will get ur the mean time enjoy ur free life....after some time into ur job even if u ask u wont get time to do all these things...:)

Prads said...

Nice re the blog is so real to read,
good sense of reality//...

wen i was reading tat dialogue,
another thought pinged me ,
" why shruts didn't informed me?????"

after few lines down i crossed one word "water water water "
so got little clue tat dreams in rain...


Shruti said...

i think the college works are taking toll on yu!!

Thanks for your comments!

Shruti said...

ne kandu pidippa nu nenachen!!
Neeyum yemandhutta!

Bharathi said...

How can I be happy, if I have people around me who are not even ready to give party in comments. Just kidding. All the best for ur future job.

Shruti said...

HEy ungalkku illadha treat ah?!
lavish party kadaiyathu!!
But normal,simple and cute party tharen!!

Sat_hi_sh said...

well thats some expectation shruthi :)
u want ur DOJ so soon :D

anyways hopefully you will be gettin ur DOJ soon :)

checkout my new post :)

Bharathi said...

ha ha ha. Thanks mam. will remind u at right time

Shruti said...

thanks for your wishes!!

will check your post soon!

Shruti said...

:P :D

Anu...:) said...

Hi Akka!
Nice post! :)
Hope you get your DOJ soon enough :P
What about the college fees?:P

Shruti said...

thanks da :)
Yes expecting it soon!!
That fees is for my violin class, not college fees!

Babli said...

I wish that your dream come true and pray to God so that you get a good job. Even I also think of getting a good job when I get up in the early morning and want to be happy for the whole day. You have expressed your feelings very beautifully. Lovely post.


I enjoyed your unusual blog, sorry you were only dreaming, but everything comes to those who wait,
hope it happens real soon.


Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

heh heh heh...DOJ milega re...wait till September or October, the companies are calling back...:D

Shruti said...

thank you so much for your wishes!!
Don't worry buddy, you too will getta job soon!!

Shruti said...

you are correct!!

""hope it happens real soon""
Even am hoping!

Shruti said...

""DOJ milega re""
Milega! But kab?!
lets see!!

Aditya said...

Enakuuu party venum when you get your DOJ :D.

Shruti said...

unakke konjam overa therila!!

Aditya said...

Sorry pa.. chumma joke dhaan :)

Shruti said...

appo vendama!!! :P :) :D

Aditya said...

Ayyo :P na party kaage enga vene varuven :P

Forgive my spellings when writing in tamil :P . I cant write well :P

Shruti said...

oh!! Neeyum free treat kaaga yedhum seiya kudiya coll student oh!!

I don find any spelling mistakes!

chitra said...

Hope you dream comes true soon. I know how you feel.
All the best!

Shruti said...

welcome to my blog!!
Thank yo so much re!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

oh my god! you wrote it so well... that I could actually feel each emotion and hue going in there. all the best girl.. all dreams come true.. work for it!

God bless


Shruti said...

""I could actually feel each emotion and hue going in there""
WOW!! Am glad that you can understand all those !!
Thank you for your wishes!

Aditya said...

Check out my latest post dear :)

Shruti said...

Yep!! On my way!

Anonymous said...

The dream was a MISS but you HIT it right on the blog...and I have to confess like others that I was about to congratulate you....
but don't worry you would get it soon what you call bestest of wishes....

Shruti said...

Hehehehe!! I cant help giggling after seein all my friends telling the same "I was about to congratulate you"

Thank tou for your bestest wishes!

The Aspirant said...

well all graduates hav dis dream nd i jst thought urs in goin to complete, bt nvr mind u vl definitely get it one day.......
nd blogging is fr sharing ur views, nd mostly fr writing wadevr u feel, so dunt wrry if ne1 likes it or nt..


Shruti said...

@the aspirant
thanks for your wrds yaar!

""nd blogging is fr sharing ur views""
I aggree with you!

Ekam said...

Awww... I can very well imagine your situation. I too get these dreams. Wonder when this dream will be a reality n I get my DOJ!! Huh God n Wipro! Huh!!! Chalo till then I am off to sleep to catch a dream :D

Shruti said...

hey we both sail in the same boat eh?!
Wipro?! hahaha :D
even am dreaming of that!!

harpreet said...

What r u saying?? you too placed in Wipro ??

Ekam said...

That was me, Ekam , from a frnd's account.. Are you also placed in Wipro??

Shruti said...

Am not placed in wipro! My friend got placed! Am into some other company!

pawan said...

Hope u get the DOJ soon :D!

Shruti said...

even am expecting the same!

pra said...

That post is just like your 55 fiction post! You shocked me in the end! YOU WILL GET YOUR DOG VERY SOON!and we wiil have that perty Bharati asked at your DOS!!

Shruti said...

maintained the effect in dreams!!
I was shocked in real time
DOG???? :O
neways i understood!

thanks for your wishes

RAM said...

Hey shruthi don't worry much about your DOJ. Adhu Super star madri. Vara vendiye nerathula kandippa varum.Jokes apart, just leave it yaar, you don't know even you can get a better offer before the DOJ. You know what happened in my case na ? So if GOD has asked you to wait He has got some plan for you :) Keep your hopes high and write good blogs :)

Shruti said...

i very well know your case!
But these are recession times which is making me worry a lot about my future plans!

srividya said...

don in GOD..u'll getit soon:)

Shruti said...

But Still?!
THanks re!

Anonymous said...

Hey crazy dreamer...

U were able to remind ur dream so detail??? Or added some salt 'n' pepper to it while writing???

So still ur dream haven't turned into reality?????

Wish it turns real soon!!!

Shruti said...

Nan crazy dreamer ah :(
Aiye salt n pepper lam illa..yevlo detail ah kanavu irundhudu theriyuma. I wrote this post after that dream! Yepdi lam kanavu varuthu! Sebba...

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