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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fêting my Friends

Hi everyone! All these day's I have been on the receptive end! Don't understand? Yes I have been receiving awards and I wanted to reach a particular landmark to share these awards with all of you! The time has come finally,my comments crossed 1000 mark with the same lady who honored me with an award recently!

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."

Yes! Its the same anecdote I get remembered whenever I receive a comment in my post! And now I take pleasure in welcoming all you all to the award giving ceremony! Am here to give away the awards to all those who have impressed me till date with their wonderful writings!

As a surprise package I received an award today called, "Superior Scribbler Award", by the Misfit Girl Sreya (That's how she addresses herself!). This girl is willing to take up the Noble Profession of teaching! Best Wishes Girl.

Before announcing the names let me go on to the rules:

  • Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Blogging Friends.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to site which explains The Award
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Now, am going to announce the 5 bloggers...err.. from now on 'Superior Bloggers', who is going to receive the, "Superior Scribbler Award".

Here you go and the award goes to....

  • A Naked Opinion - Bharathi, one of the best bloggers I have ever seen. He writes up things which we think generally after seeing the dirt's present in the society! From Love to King Khan, from Discrimination of dogs to Money Fetishes! Its really something na?! Check out his blog and you will get hooked up!
  • Ballat - Shankar. This guy is a good narrator! A F1 Freak and don't forget to check how this guy derived the formula for love! Also check out how blogging made him to see Kamal Hassan!
  • Musings of the Lonely traveler - My rakhi Brother. Recently bitten by the 55Fiction bug and started writing warm 55Fictions! After studying his blog don't forget to notice the warm smile that escapes from you!
  • My Voice Through My words - Amit Singh shows variety in all his posts. Good at writing poems and also started trying his hands on 55Fiction recently! Great going dude! Don't forget to check his poem and other wonderful posts!
  • A rose is a rose is a rose - Shilpa Garg, the lady behind my blog-a-ton post. She initiated me to participate in the online marathon! Thanks re! To tell about her blog.. Where to start and where to end? The reason is she has written so many! Don't forget to check the A-Z for men and woman, 55 Fiction! She is the tag queen too! It won't end here if I tell about this lady!

Ahh...Sreya excuse me for breaking the rules.. I cant resist myself from giving the award to this girl! And she is...

  • Evanescentthoughts - Avada Kedavara (a) Ash-win-i... She is writing real cute posts and you will like the moment you are inside her Site! Started visiting her site recently, and it became an Irresistible one!



Stay right there! Awards are still there!!

Next is the "Beautiful Blogger award" given to me by Shankar.

And the winners are..

  1. Kaka - A clean blogger who writes up what he feels like writing!
  2. Anu - My new sissie! A cute little blogger who writes about how she became a senior to how she ended up doing a experiment in her electrical lab!
  3. Guria (a) Sreya - The 'Misfit Girl' specialized in writing poems and I am completely addicted to her writings!
  4. Satish - A movie buff and don't forget 2 visit his digest for reading the reviews!
  5. Aditya - After reading his posts you will Exclaim 'Hilarious!'
  6. Musings of a lonely traveler
  7. Benny - I love the way this guy spins the tale! I like his Lost Love stories, making me feel a lump in throat but feeling good! My recent acquaintance

Next Award is, "I love your Blog", given to me by the crazy SiD..

The victors are..

  1. Indian Pundit - The great Pundit of India! The Tom-Jerry aspirant...errr....CAT Aspirant!
  2. Kasabiangirl - A Kewl girl and don't forget to check out how she works with weasels!
  3. Hary - The Cartoonist! Before hopping on to his blog don't forget to read the disclaimer!
  4. Venky - The best commentator I have ever seen! The Cricaholic! Don't miss out his calculations that tell how results are announced in MU
  5. The Aspirant - Especially the latest post - unheard feelings of a personal diary
  6. Musings of a lonely traveler
  7. Pawan - 'The Writer', check out his thriller! Am a fan of his fictions!!!
  8. Prashansa - The flower girl
  9. Sreya
  10. Anu

Congratulations winners! Enjoy the awards and don't forget to write many more posts!

Happy Blogging and Keep Smiling!

With Love,


Shankar said...

thanks a lot for the everyone is going to get very angry on me..since the number of awards and link considerably slows the load time of my blog...

already its slow due to the sliders... anyway thanks a lot......

i will add it soon......

Kaka said...

thanks shruti...thanx a ton.....i will add it as soon as possible...:)...

Anonymous said...

Heyyy that's sooo sweet of you girl :) thanks soooo much for the award.. cant express how happy I am :)

Shruti said...

You are welcome!!
Kavala padatha...yen blog um openin slowly nu i got info!

Shruti said...

You are really welcome!

pawan said...

Thanks for the award!
I am honored!

Shruti said...

you are welcome and always be happy!!

Keep smiling!

Shruti said...

you are welcome and you deserve this award very much!!

The fiction writer!!

Keep smiling!

Indian Pundit said...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
.......i go on and on and on.....

Shruti said...

IP so many thanks eh?!

you are welcome!!!

Keep smiling!

Singh Amit said...

Thanks a lot.. Shruti.. :) :)

I am extremely happy.. :)

Will add it soon...:)

Cheers dear!!

Shruti said...

arey you are welcome!!
You are a quality writer and hence this one!

Indian Pundit said...

Hey Shruti

i am so very happy that u gave me this award......thank you for remembering me.....


Shruti said...

""thank you for remembering me""
how can i forget the punditji?!
I won forget my acquaintances like others!

Keep smiling!

Indian Pundit said...

Online kya?

Shruti said...

That's why am replying fast!

The Aspirant said...

well thanx for my first award....i didn't xpect it ....
really thankful to u....

wish u keep reading my blog nd njoy it.....

cheers :)

Shruti said...

@The aspirant
""i didn't xpect it ""

Sure i ll read your posts!!


HaRy!! said...

romba nandringooo...real kind of yu :D ....kalakal award...thanks! neeenga yengayoooo poitinga

Shruti said...


""neeenga yengayoooo poitinga""
Yengayum pola pa!
Inga than irukken!!
Enjoy this kalakkal award!

HaRy!! said...

seriously i need to award yu and thank yu for yur valuable comments everytime !! athunala than sonen!! :D ..yu there on FB? tak care...and thungalaya?

Shruti said...

arey comments la yenna irukku sollunga?!
Am not on FB..also all the time you comment so well! But i gave this award for all your cute writings!!
Thookam varala!!
Sunrise podhu dan thoonguven! :P
Height of vettiness

Babli said...

Heartiest congratulations for your award.

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

thank you, Enthana blogla best commentator vaangarthu, ore fans tholla hehehe. And why does everyone spell 'cricoholic' as 'cricaholic'.

@ Shankar and Shruthi

I have a nice plan for this slow loading. Just create a post in a very early date and paste all the awards , and link that from the sidebar, I did that yesterday now it is much faster. En moolaye moola.

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

and limit your no of posts per page to 2 or 3. i think you have 8 at the moment. That can also make the page load very slow. So thats another area you can work on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely award Shruti ..that was really sweet of you :)

Bharathi said...

Hey, thanks a lot for your award and extravagant praise that you gave.

Recently I got mention from Shankar, Vipul, Sid and now you. Vishnu even dedicated a post to me. I was very touched and impressed by all your affection and love. Thanks a lot again.

Guria said...

Damn! Damn! Damn!!!
I am lost for words!!!!!
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!
I am repeating myself! :P
Ahh, Misfit girl am I? Ahh, wanted to be a Maverick one, sounds nicer!!
But whatever takes!!!
Shruti gave ME an, no, three AWARDS!!!!
Thanks so much!!!

Love. ^_^

P.S. I am incoherent! :D

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Shruti,

Very nice work..keep it up.:)

The words and awards of appriciation always enhances the responosibilities of every winner..Thanks for encouraging them and letting them do more from here after. So that we can get some more wonderful posts from all these wonderful bloggers..

Keep going gal..

:) Pramoda

PS: Yeah, i will write a post soon on the present vs yesteryear students. keep visiting my space and leave ur views.

Guria said...

You gave me three awards! No, I haven't forgotten counting. :)

The third and the best award being your words about me, and you being addicted to my blog!! The most addictive blog writer harself! :D

Thanks a lot girl! :)

See, I am more in control now! I was rocketing a few moments earlier! lol!

Love. ^_^

Musings of a lonely traveler said...


What to say!! :)

3 Awards from you; I still doubt whether I'm eligible for the same. Thanks a lot sister for your awards; I'm bit busy with my relocation of job and residence which possess most of my time now. So I'm bit outdated with all your posts. Hope I'll catch up soon Shruti!

PS : Special congrats for I noticed the comments exceeded 1000. Scene po Shruti! (is that the phrase that you often use :)

Shruti said...

Indha kosu tholla thaangave mudila pa!
""En moolaye moola""

Shruti said...

Thank you so much yaar!

Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
you are really welcome :)

Shruti said...

""extravagant praise""
Naah! U deserve much more! I haven't seen anyone like you! You are honest with everything even from commenting to writing post!

Shruti said...

Yes you are truly incoherant!!
You are welcome :)
Relax and enjoy!

Shruti said...

""The words and awards of appreciation always enhances the responsibilities of every winner""
Very rightly said!!
Thanks for dropping by!

Will visit your blog!

Shruti said...

U r so cute! How excited you are!!
You deserved what you got!!

Shruti said...

Welcome back anna!! I gave you all the awards because i felt you are eligible!

""I'm bit busy""
No probs!! Relax yourself and come!Come back and read all my posts!

Shruti said...

""Special congrats for I noticed the comments exceeded 1000""
Am really happy!!

""Scene po Shruti""
:P :) Yes thats what i use! :)

Shas said...

Congrats!!! Gal.
Hi! do check out my latest post on 55 fiction. Am a novice in this genre so your comments are eagerly awaited.

Shruti said...

thank you and i ll check it out!

Anu...:) said...

thank you so much for the award akka! :)
err..what I am supposed to do?

Benny said...

engaluku lam award ilaya :P he he... so when s u r nxt 55 fiction story..waiting!!!

Shruti said...

just paste it in your side bar and also tell the name of the blogger who awarded this!

Shruti said...

you too have an award!! Check properly!! :P
55Fiction is on its way! Will publish it on my 25th post!

BK Chowla said...

Congratulations and my best wishes to all those who have an award.

Benny said...

Shruti..nee periya KD :D and so generous of u to present me an award too.. thanks a lot!!! :)

Shruti said...

@chowla ji
thank you so much!!
Thanks for your wishes :)

Shruti said...

nan KD ah?! Appavi pa nan :P
you are welcome re!!


Congratulations on your awards I hope you have many more to come


Shruti said...

Thank you so much for your wishes!

pra said...

Congrats Shruti oncrossing 1000 mark and for the award!
"A Flower Girl"?! Hmm...What can I say to that?:-)Thanks a lot! I have some problems with H.T.M.L. codes and also have one award waiting from Ip.!I will post all these awards soon! Thanks a lot again...

Shruti said...

thank you so much for your wishes!

You are welcome 'Flower girl'

Aditya said...

Oh my god-That was a lovely award.Thank you soo much shruti. I am overwhelmed and excited. Thanks for this encouragement.

And check out my latest ;)

Shruti said...

you are welcome buddy and will check out your post!

Sat_hi_sh said...

Hey thanks for the award pa [:)]
My first award yaar & am very honoured [:)]

Shruti said...

You are welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the award for ME?????????????????????

Shruti said...

Yevlo naal kazhichu vandhu award kekara ne!?

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