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Friday, September 11, 2009

55 Fiction - # 10

Well friends, am here again with another 55 Fiction. This is a new genre I tried writing up! Even I don't know how is that!

If you feel its good, then am happy!

If you feel I must improve, tell me I will listen!

If you feel am not upto the expectation, then Am sorry!

Those who are new to this concept, understand what is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

Sylvia was flying on cloud nine. It has been three months since Akshay accepted her proposal. She took her mobile to wish him.

Before she dialed his number, mobile started vibrating, "AKSHAY Calling"

"Hi Darling"

"Hey sweety, I want to tell you something."

"Tell Akshay, Am waiting to hear those three words."

"Am getting married"

Recently I read some lines from an unknown author, may be I got inspired with that and wrote this 55Fiction! Am writing that here for you!

It takes only a minute to get
a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
and a day to love someone.
But it takes a lifeti
to forget someone.

How is it? Worth a Read?! What you feel?

P.S : This is my 25th post!

With Love,

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pra said...

Huray!! First one to comment?!!
I like the short poem(new genre you call it!) as well as the 55 fiction.The last poem of unknown auther is brilient!
Just check out my new post. You inspired me to write it.Thank you!!

Indian Pundit said...

Great one.....i dont expect anything less from THE QUEEN of 55 word fiction.

P.S: Once again u proved that u are stupid. I read and comment on each of ur post. How can i forget u?

Shruti said...

Thanks for the visit!actually i tried writing up a disclaimer sort of thing! I din't call the so called poem as new genre!
It was the 55fiction that is a new genre!!

Thanks pra!

Shruti said...

Thanks and am not the queen!
Still an amateur!

P.S: Again its your perception that am stupid! No more comments!

Guria said...

What can I say about the person who egged me on to write the 55-Fs in the first place!!

But even better was how you portray the feel of your every post! Love it!

Keep 'em coming! :)


Shruti said...

am just the initiator of your talents!
Glad that you like it!

Yes! I will write many more!

vEnKy said...

I liked the last 55 fiction more than other the first one was also good. And shruthi please temme how to add smileys i wanna add in my blog too. please

Shruti said...

that means you don't like this one eh!
hey i write my posts using Live writer and shankar taught me that!!

vEnKy said...

yeah i liked it but the other two overshadowed it. And about the smiley thinks thanks. I will ask shankar about that.

And i have a 55 fiction waiting in the wings, let see if can do justice and for now check out my new post as well.

Shruti said...

Oh migh! Will try to write a better one!!
Wow!! You too in the 55fiction gang?!

Ekam said...

That was indeed a great read Shruti:)

Mr said...

Hmmmm good one ! :)

P.s > Please activate the non-google , non-open id login for comment. I mean one where i can jus enter my name and url. Its pain to enter my google login each time to comment :S

- Lakshmi Rajan

lostworld said...

Ouch.. painful !!! :(

I love happy endings.. alas! life isn't always fair.

nicely told.

Shankar said...

55 was good... but the end was too obvious... got used to such twist..and incase of love... its pretty obvious....

"It takes only a minute to get
a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
and a day to love someone.
But it takes a lifetime
to forget someone."

sms lerundhu dana copy adicha??? i got this message some days before..

Anonymous said...

Nice one again Shruti :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one! but why does all love stories end in heart-break? and you are already an expert in 55-Fiction :D

Singh Amit said...

really loved it.... :)

enthralling one...


Singh Amit said...

Greetings for completion of ur so lovely, so intersting 25th posts..
keep writing.. :)

Swaram said...

Congrats on the 25th post :)

Gud one :)

Bharathi said...

its actually nice. very nice.

HaRy!! said...

Hey Shruti..kalakal ngo... hmm three words! much they can change the life it looks!! and this story is very frequent at present i assume!..and hey can yu do me a favor..can yu check my last blog that shows in your dashboard , Was it stupid who or tooth fairy? Have been told that my new blogs are not reflecting to any followers..? sola mudiyuma? thanksngo

Aditya said...

Too good writing. Reminds me of a song-Loving, Touchin, Squeezin!

Great writing :)

Anonymous said...

this 55 thing is somehow getting on me....
its speciality of conveying so much through so few words..
beautiful as always!!
keep them coming!!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Shruti,

Well done..:)

I too like the last lines of your posts..:)

Keep writing :)

Kay said...

I think all lines are something everyone can appreciate and understand

Anu...:) said...

Nice one...
And congrats for your 25th post! :)

Anonymous said...

hey shruti,
i like this 55 fiction of yours. Because i haven't read other 55 fictions by you so i can't say if it is better or previous ones were better.
But i will read them soon!!


Indian Pundit said...

Shruti wrote:

"Thanks and am not the queen!"

Hmmmm......maybe the KING.


srividya said...

u r rocking with the 55 fiction..!ver touchng story

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

thats definitely worth a read anytime of the day.
ps: no one is worth a whole lifetime.

Shruti said...

Thanks girlie!

Shruti said...

Thank you!

""Please activate the non-google ""
Many of them feel this is convenient as I receive comments from my personal friends to!
Don't mistake me yaar!

Shruti said...

Thanks dear!!
Life isn't the same always!! :)

Shruti said...

i can understand you! But am sorry for giving such twists! it has become irresistible!
That's not from SMS! I read that in a book 'Anonymus'!

Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
Thanks :)

Shruti said...

""why does all love stories end in heart-break""
Not all, but some! May be fate of love ?!

""you are already an expert in 55-Fiction""
Naah! Still am an amateur

Shruti said...

Glad that you liked it!
Thanks :)

Shruti said...

""Greetings for completion of ur so lovely, so intersting 25th posts""
Woww!! thanks for such lovely words!!

Shruti said...

thanks re!! :)

Shruti said...

thanks a ton!!

Shruti said...


""how much they can change the life it looks""
exactly!! heartbreaking words!
Tooth fairy is showing in my dashboard!but it got updated today only!! :O

Kaka said...

hey shruti....nice one!!!!!but i hate heart brakes..:P....i dont think i am qualified enough to comment more on this one....:)

Shruti said...

thank you so much!! :)

Shruti said...

""beautiful as always""

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!!

Shruti said...

thanks and glad you understood the concept!!

Shruti said...

Thanks sissie

Shruti said...

""i like this 55 fiction of yours""
Thanks yaar!!
Do read all of them and tell me :)

Shruti said...

Nobody can be as brilliant as you!! Awesome :)How you got it!
: :P ;)

Shruti said...

Thanks :)
Touching story :P

Shruti said...

@scarlet diaries
Welcome to my blog!
""thats definitely worth a read anytime of the day""
Thanks and am glad to hear that!

""no one is worth a whole lifetime""
Very true!
Keep Visiting!

Shruti said...

If you are not qualified to write comments, then am not even qualified for writing them :P

The Aspirant said...

well it's really good.........
i cn never write sumthin in such shrt words its amazing.....

cheer :)

Shruti said...

@The aspirant!
Even it was very difficult for me the very first time! But, 'Try, try,till you succeed!'

Sat_hi_sh said...

Thought-provoking 55-fiction pa :)

This is wat i stressed about in my previous post that people make emotional decisions when in a relationship that is the rootcause of their problems...

keep blogging :)

Shruti said...

Yes, you are right! All are emotional backups!!

Thanks for your words

Praveen Kurra said...


While you being a voracious reader, I can understand a girl of your age will definitely give in the best. But what makes your write-ups a bit put-off is - (1) Unnecessary usage of those exclamation marks. You use them quite often..probably that's your way. But '!' loses it's significance. Use only when needed.

2) You always write in only one tone(tune). Having a very beautiful name - "Shruti", try changing the writing style. Follow a passive approach sometimes. You should also sound like a Danielle Steel when needed instead of Sidney Sheldon as most of the time.

4) Doing better..appreciation to you whole heartedly. But avoid those overkill usage of sentence framing(phrasing).

Warm Regards,

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!
Thanks for giving me such a detailed comment!! Am really happy to listen to it. I was expecting some comments like this to improve myself!

1)""Unnecessary usage of those exclamation marks"". Yes I use that very often! Surely will reduce them

2)""try changing the writing style""
Yes am thinking, any suggestions?! REASON : I never read daniel steel!

3)where is the 3rd point?!

4)""But avoid those overkill usage of sentence framing""
I don't understand.

Btw, how you know everything? That i read sidney's and am a voracious reader?! I was awe-struck!

Anonymous said...

Girllll.. this was one of your best fiction 55 so far!!!! toooooo good :) you are indeed a queen of fiction 55!!

Shruti said...

""this was one of your best fiction 55 so far""
I was thinking the opposite way! :)
After you told i am happy!!

""you are indeed a queen of fiction 55""
Am blushing! Without knowing what to reply!!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Not all three words are cheerful, right :). Good post Shruti :)

Shruti said...

Not everything is same! Thanks for your wish!

Shashank Shekhar said...

you are looking to master 55's.. :)

Indian Pundit said...


Visit my blog.

An award is waiting for u.

Saad Shaikh said...

Hey Shruti!

That was a nice 55 piece.. :) I liked it.. and your blog also seems pretty cool.. as in.. the content, the template.. everything.. really good.. :)

I could visit my blog(and your blog) only today after reading your comment on my post.. thanks for that.. :) I am very short on time as my MBA kicked off really hard.. :P

I'm sure to catch up with more on your blog.. keep writin'.. keep blogging.. ;)

chetan said...

i thnk i agree with the lines abt al lyftime to forget some one,
any ways, i liked ur 55f,and you are getting better and better in it with each post
keep smiling!

Benny said...

hey scene dhan po..all r praising u as queen of 55 fiction.. nice to hear :)Really an intersting genre,which I never knew before,I saw it in u r blog... short n sweet stuff..It sembles like a T20 match..But the purists stil love a detailed fictional story,coz test matches r still the toughest test for any cricketer :) So waiting to read a pure fictional story frm "Queen of 55 fictions" :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

So I've heard you are the Queen of 55 Fiction. I've seen it today. Hey girl, you rock!! So sad for that girl. Kinda depressing too!! :):) I'm blogrolling you!! Keep up the good work

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Oh my awesome...brilliant...lajawab...superb!!!

Aditya said...

Check out my new post dear :)

Anonymous said...

A really Nice Blog and anice story tooo...
FRom right now I am a member of your Blog...
Keep writing..
You are also invited to my blog

महफूज़ अली said...

It takes only a minute to get
a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
and a day to love someone.
But it takes a lifetime
to forget someone.

Gr8 lines......

Shruti said...

Yes even i would like to get a PhD But none awards DOCTORATE for 55FICTIONS!! :P :D

Shruti said...

checked out and thank you so much!

Shruti said...

welcome to my space!!
""That was a nice 55 piece""
Thanks a ton!! :)

Glad that you liked the contents in my blog along with the templates :)

""I'm sure to catch up with more on your blog""
Thank you :)

Keep smiling!

Shruti said...

""you are getting better and better in it with each post""
Am really happy that am showing some improvement!

Great that you liked my 55F :)

Shruti said...

yes!!everyone is praising me like that! But I myself don't know whether am eligible for that!!

Even am thinking of writing a Fiction!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog :)
""Hey girl, you rock""
Thank you and accept my bow!!

Though this is a fiction, the incident portrayed is familiar!

Thanks for blog rolling me!!

Shruti said...

heheheh :P
thank you siddhu!

Shruti said...

Sure!! :)

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!!
""A really Nice Blog and anice story tooo""
Thank you so much!

Thanks for becoming my follower!!
You won't be disappointed by my blog!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!
""Gr8 lines""
Yes it is!

RAM said...

super one shruthi. Liked that poem at the beginning very much and the 55 fiction is really superb and touching. Keep going. ATB

Anu...:) said...

Hi akka!
I did ur tag!
And check out my new post! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shruti
I am waiting for your comments in my first attempt at 55...

Shruti said...

Heheheeh!! I wrote something and it turned out to be a poem :P

Thanks for your wishes :)

Shruti said...

sure will check out re!!

Shruti said...

Yes sure :)

pRiYaN...! said...

hey its nice and tough to express in limited have mastered it...

nice blog !!!

then can i adopt this technique ( 55 fiction ) to keep my blog alive ?!?!?


Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!
Thanks for your words :)

Then regarding your request, 55Fiction is a common thing! Anybody can try their hands on it!
You have your own concepts and Shape them as a 55F!

Prads said...

Nice lines abt "Someone" shurts..

super feel to read...

keep rocking


Shruti said...

Thank you!!

Shas said...

Hi! Shruti,
Congrats!! on completing your 25th post. Do check out my latest post.
Happy Blogging!!

Shruti said...

Hi Shas,
thank you and will check out yours!

Vinz said...


well penned..!

Shruti said...

Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Very well written Shruti!!

So crispy, but also poignant too!

And the quotes mentioned in the posts are catchy and good...

Shruti said...

Hey thanks da :)

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