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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brand Tag

Hello everyone! This time I was tagged by 3 people for the same one. Yes, the brand tag! Shilpa, Shankar and Kaka tagged me for this. I have this tag pending for days! So thought of taking it up and finishing!

Brand Tag - Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used. Interesting na?! Lets see how much justice I can do to this tag!

Without this my day won't start! Morning, with a cup of hot tea and TOI in my hands, I will be oblivious to my surroundings!

My mobile, my first love! Sony Ericcson W595! (Am I Sounding crazy?)

My I-Pod, my second love. (You may think am a freak! for calling these gadgets as my love!)

My scooter! Faced and survived many damage, still she is going great!

My watch! I adore it!

My computer! Planning to get a laptop from my salary! My computer is switched on for 24x7! Its asking a break! Shall I give?

Our TV! Brought when I was 10years old with my mom's first month salary!

My precious possession! The last gift my mom gave me, on the first day of my fourth semester,wishing me good luck! smile_sad

How can I forget the Gold am wearing (my ear-ring and chain). I love their design's, very unique!

I Love those cold coffee and sandwiches. Am not a frequent visitor! But I visit them!

Yummy pizza's! Is there anyone who don love these pizza's?! If you are the one, then you are missing something in life!!

My search for quality juices ended here! My abode!

Hope I covered everything! How is it?

Now who is getting tagged?

IP, SiD, Ash-win-I, Aditya, Ekam Rathore, Pramoda, Bharathi, Anu, Sreya, Musings of a lonely traveler, Benny, Hary, Venky, Vineeta, The Aspirant, Kasabian girl, Amrit, Amit Singh, Sourav, RSV

With Love,

Image Courtesy : GOOGLE Images


sm said...

good tag

Shruti said...

welcome to my blog!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

nice tag girl.. well done.. I will complete it asap :) thanks for tagging me

Shruti said...

you are welcome and i look forward to your answers!

Anonymous said...

hey nice tag......
videocon..that's interesting..
thank u for tagging me!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have tagged you for something different. check out my site and complete it.

Being Pramoda... said... tag..

will surely do it .:)

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Don't give break to HCL; we'll be disappointed.

Thanks for tagging. It's high time to complete this brand tag by me as already Shilpa Garg has tagged me on this.

Will finish it soon :)

The Aspirant said...

well a nicely done tag, i dunt think nething else hs left......u hv covered jst evy product......

Nd thanx fr d tag, i vl try to come wid up soon coz i am vry bad @ lazy at doin tags......

cheers :)

Bharathi said...

I was already tagged by Shankar. Thanks for tagging and this is in my things to do list and will take it soon.

pra said...

I ride Kinetic Nova as well.And yes the times of india is a fevourite news paper!!Nicely done Shuti!

Shruti said...

you are welcome!
Finish soon!

Shruti said...

""Hey I have tagged you for something different""
Yes checked it! Thank you for tagging me!

Shruti said...

waiting forward to see your tag!

Shruti said...

""Don't give break to HCL; we'll be disappointed""
Tell that to my HCL! Its bugging me up and asking for a desperate break!

Waiting to see your tag!

Shruti said...

@The aspirant
""vry bad @ lazy at doin tags""
Come on do it fast or else i ll make you get piled up with tags!

Shruti said...

Waiting for your completion!

Shruti said...

""I ride Kinetic Nova as well""
But your's wouldn'ty have sufferd heavy damage as mine! :P

""Nicely done Shruti""
Thanks pra!

Sourav !!! said...

Thanks (and curses) for the tag :P

And we don't have much in common except 'The Times of India' - Delhi Edition !

And I already own a laptop .. yeah :P

Will take up the tag soon :)

P.S Can't you see I'm following you !! ;)

Shruti said...

""Thanks (and curses) for the tag""
Seems you like tags very much! Will try my level best to pile you with lottsa tags!

Oh migh! We don't have anythin in common!
You have a laptop?! How about givin it to a chennai girl free of cost!

P.S: Sourav! I Know what you did!

Benny said...

hey Shruthi..nice tag N thx 4 tagging me da.. I wil complete it soon..need some time to think as Im no "brand" guy..I'm alwz happy N comfortable with watever available:)

Shruti said...

Even am not brand conscious! I even get things in platform! U cant see anythin very particular here in my tag! Except for my mob and i-pod!

vEnKy said...

shruthi me and brand dont go together, My brand is roadside foodshops, Train la vikkara samosa, Saravana stores wrist watch, Pakathula irukara chaat kada avalathaan , ithellam ezhuthinanenan naridhum, ippa maatum naralayanu kekaatha yakkao.

For the above i am giving this tag a miss. Aprms intha i have tagged u and other messages irukku la athukkaga oru chat box vechirukken sidebar la athulla ezhuthu. No hard feelings

No hard feelings yaakao.

Singh Amit said...

Hi Shruti...

It's cool tag.... :)

I will complete it soon...

Thanks a lot for tagging me... :)


Shruti said...

Ok :)

Shruti said...

You are welcome! Finish soon!

vEnKy said...

And talking about mobile i am one of those rare creatures in this world who does own and who doesnt want to in the near future.

Shruti said...

Indeed a rare creature!

Anonymous said...

very well done tag :). i wonder how everybody do these tags so nicely, because whenever i do them, they always turn out to be a mess.:(


lostworld said...

Hi there!! Your page has this icy-cool feel to it. I love it :)

Shilpa has tagged me too. I have to get down to doing it.

Oooh, I am an I-Pod freak too.

I'm loyal to Nokia-Always had Nokia :)

& I'm a Dominos fanatic..& usually the only 1 in any group!

Anonymous said...

Nice tag .. something other than the usual!

I think I wil take this up too :P

Shruti said...

hey shilpa,thanks!!
just do them like wt u feel, it will be the most beautiful tag!

Shruti said...

""Your page has this icy-cool feel to it. I love it""
Thanks girlie!

i love,infact adore my ipod!

Do this tag re!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my space!
Take this tag and have a real fun!

Aditya said...

Hey super cool tag. Thanks a lot for tagging me. I will try to do it asap..I told you am a lazy king :P

Shruti said...

You are welcome Mr. Lazy King!!
But do it soon!!

lostworld said...

Oh yeah, your signature, I like it a lot :) .. it portrays u as a musically inclined person. Are you? Carnatic? Hindustani? long yrs of singing behind u? :)

Shruti said...

Yep girl! You hit the bulls eye!

**Am very well a musically inclined person!
**Carnatic,now learning Hindustani!
**Am a Violinist! Also I will sing, but bot an expert!

lostworld said...

:O Whoaaa!!!!! Thats a whole bunch of talent. I must hide somewhere.

I'm mightily impressed! I always wanted to learn to play the Violin although singing & me were always North-South Pole ;-)

Glad to have made a new friend.

** I'm sorry I'm spamming your comment box. I thought I'll reply to your Q here but we seem to be having a gala conversation :)

Shruti said...

Opposite poles attract each other :) :P
So you must try your hands on singing! :P
""Glad to have made a new friend""
Am also realy glad! I have blog rolled you too! So I ll be there the moment i see you post a new article!

""I'm sorry I'm spamming your comment box""
Hey that's okay!

Anu...:) said...

Nice tag akka! The way you present your posts is awesome! :)

And I'll surely do the tag in sometime!Thanx for tagging! :)

Ekam said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll add it soon:)

Shruti said...

""The way you present your posts is awesome""
Thanks for this compliment sissie!

You are welcome!

Shruti said...

You are welcome girl!

pawan said...

You didnt sound crazy about Sony Ericsson, as it's my favorite brand too!

Good post :D

Shruti said...

Hehheeheh :P
We both sail on the same boat!
I dint tag you cos, i know already you have so many pendig!

Sumeet.Shah said...

HEy... I need a laptop too!!!!! My old one is done with. It no more works as it used to. ANd these days I spend in field (at client site). No time to be online. So getting a new laptop is soon to happen......

And yaa.... TOI, CCD are common with me too

RAM said...

sariyana thinni pandarama nee??? listed out all eatables :)

Hehehe... just kiddinh :)

Vrij said...


My first visit here. Cool tag. Great to find someone who puts his/her hands on a newspaper first thing in the morning in this e-age. I can spend eons rummaging thru those recycled sheets of paper!

I own a SE too, mine's a K790i and I simply adore it!

Have fun!

Vrij said...

Forgot to mention.. love ur logo!

The Aspirant said...

hey don't do it yaar.....tday only i hv completed my first tag :P
Nd vl soon complete your one too, in the meantym u hv a luk at it....

nd yea u r tagged too.... ;)

Guria said...

This is a very interesting tag! Your brands match a lot with mine! :P

thank you so much for tagging me but I may take some time to do this! :)

And also will post my new awards but am not getting the time to write a proper post, but will do surely!


vEnKy said...

hey how did you add smileys to your blog post i wanna know temme.

Shruti said...

U need a new one!? Wow!!
and glad u like CCD!!

u too take up this tag!

Shruti said...

Thindratha pathi nee pesaraya!!
Aiyo aiyo!!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my space!!

""Great to find someone who puts his/her hands on a newspaper first thing in the morning in this e-age""
Here its her :P
Btw, i don like reading papers on the net! It won't match the thrill or excitement i get from reading a paper by holding it on my hand!

SE Rocks!

""love ur logo""

Keep visiting and keep smiling!

Shruti said...

@The Aspirant!
Oh migh! Already i have two pending tags!
Mark my words you are gonna get tagged frequently by me!

Shruti said...

""Your brands match a lot with mine""

""I may take some time to do this!""
Don't delay so much or else u ll get piled up!

Shruti said...

Suspense are not to be revealed out!

Indian Pundit said...

i read this post a LONG time back....i was too sleepy to comment then


Shruti said...

Who am i to forgive the great Pundit of India

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