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Sunday, March 21, 2010

After a long time!!

Hi friends, am writing a post after a long long time. You may wonder about my absence in this blogging world. My blog - Hits and Misses which had so many updates once is completely off the track now. Reason? MY JOB with a software company. It was the job I got in my third year of Engineering. Everybody knows the training schedule in a s/w company. So is my training too :(

But am really happy that, am no more Idle, wasting my time. But still, I can't write more posts now, like before. Hope I churn out atleast one post in a fortnight. I have so many regular followers, irrespective of my presence in their blogs. My absence for such a long time is this. Please Excuse me and hope my blog won't be forgotten.

I have 2 good news to be shared. The first one is am proud to announce officially that am an engineer :D :D. Yeah, my graduation day happened yesterday and it was an amazing feeling to meet all my old friends, college and lecturers. We really had a blast there. It was amazing.

The second nice thing that happened to me was now when I opened the blogger account just to see the comment of saurabh (From, stuffs I learnt today) about a great thing. Wondering what's that?? My 55 Fiction has been nominated in the Avant Garde Bloggies Award 2009 by Kanagu. What Saurabh told was that 55Fiction made it to the finals of AGB awards. I literally jumped out of the chair after seeing that! Click here to see that and search for Best 55-er genre. Wish me good luck and hope I win this :)

So guys, wishing You all a happy blogging and a wonderful time ahead. Hope to meet you all with a new 55Fiction or a story or another update. Till then, take care guys..

With Love,

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 8; the eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The year is 3867 and human race has settled in many other planets other than earth. The robots with artificial intelligence are now more intelligent than all of the human intelligence put together. The technology now enables to have a single 10.25mm chip to have all the known knowledge of the universe. The human race has mutated too fast that by this time, there are more than twelve subspecies in the species of “sapiens”. “Homo” had remained as the only genus to represent non-extinct beings in the “Homidae” Family.

Travel is at a speed greater than light but still E=mc2 doesn’t help much in time travel as imagined. Travel across solar systems is supposed to be done during week ends to visit relatives. Vineet was not much of a winner in this age and he usually dreamed of how his future would be. He had got his knowledge implanted from the Famous Massachusetts Institute of technology which boasted of being in existence for more than 18 centuries. Oh, I forgot as usual, Knowledge was implanted as study was calculated to be a time taking process. For his hobby Vineet explored across solar systems in low speed aircraft's to get a view of interesting planets and interesting sub-species.

And this was one of such trips when his space ship crash landed into a green looking planet. Luckily before his space ship went out of control he had signaled his position with a SOS signal. He stayed in his space craft for a couple of hours even after the crash before taking the risk to get out. He was thinking why the safety patrol hasn’t reached there yet. He took his first steps on the seemingly uninhabited planet. The energy producer of the space craft had stopped working. It was a bit dark as the “Star” was hidden by clouds. He roamed around and reached a sand filled place which looked like a beach shore except that the beach was missing and it was not a desert too as the sand was cold. He felt sleepy – he took his sleeping bag, got into it and slept.

He woke up feeling normal hunger. He was about to get up from his sleeping position when lot of arms clutched his arms and face. Vineet heard voices and when the arm around his face moved he was able to see eleven people with angry faces. When his implanted knowledge started getting him a few answers he was able to figure out that they were all of different sub-species of his own species sapiens. And thanks to his MIT knowledge he was able to figure out that now all 12 sub-species of the species “sapiens” were present in that place. At last somebody spoke “Leave him, he is just like us”.

He talked for some time and came to know each one of them had a similar experience of crash landing on this planet and they were suspecting some fool play. They talked to each other in a group, somebody shared his food. It was almost 24 hours since Vineet’s craft had crash landed on the planet. Suddenly they all saw a huge craft of the Safety patrol landing and soon they were carried to the patrol’s craft. All were seated in a cabin when a group of androids came in loaded with laser guns.

One of the androids spoke “Thanks gentle men for helping us. This will be painless because before you brain could sense the pain in any part of your body the brain itself would have vaporized”. Vineet would have shit his pants but instead the word came from his mouth, “Shit, what do you mean?”. The android replied “You were part of an experiment to test whether this planet is inhabitable by your species, you all survived for 24 hours or more so the test is passed”. Vineet got pissed off and said “what!!!! You test in-habitability with live beings? You people are Crazy or what?”

The Android replied “Yes, no technology has been honed to test in-habitability of your species, so we use live species that is you human beings. Moreover lab rats have been extinct for more than fifteen centuries, as far as any other queries ask your forefathers in hell, Good bye gentlemen”, "Damn with the android’s sense of humor", thought Vineet. And the laser guns moved swiftly and vaporized the twelve species.

Vineet’s brain flashed only one thought when he got up, “What’s the purpose of being in the future”. So next you kill a rat remember that its grand-grand-son could some day save your grand-grand-son..


P.S : Kindly bear with my first attempt in this genre (Sci-fi)

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