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Friday, February 26, 2010

Century and Not Out

Confused with the title? This is not Sachin Tendulkar who writes about his 200* in the recent ODI series Vs hapless SA. Its me, yours truly writing her 100th post. The fact is, I never dreamed of writing my 100th post when I started blogging. But it happened today. With 105 followers, 99 posts already in my kitty, 6100+ comments, what else would I ask for? It was a dream run for me. I got so many best buddies through this blogging world. Its just evident from the new avatar you are witnessing in my blog. Yes the template! The Header of this blog is created my the Kiddie boy (Sid) and the template was re-designed completely according to my wish by my best buddy KK of Technoalley. Am exuberant, elated, excited and really feel honored. Thank you so much for extending your support and encouragement in this blogging world.

My 50th post was fully filled with awards. So, I thought I could repeat the same here too. But I wanted to do something different. Really different. So planned 3 things. One - A beautiful poem from an excellent poet, Two - What my blogger buddies felt about Hits and Misses in their journey, a review and Third - Awards. So lets start unveiling things before it could get so late.

Am really proud to announce the guest blogger for this grand occasion, Leo- The Poet churns beautiful realistic poems in a jiffy. When I asked him a poem for my 100th post, He told he will give me soon. But when I checked my Inbox an hour later, I was literally shocked to see this wonderful poem which he wrote on my perspective. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read it.


Words From the Poet : A hundred hits young this blog is today. I’ve not traveled much with Anamika (that’s what I call her) on her journey, yet we’ve become good friends already in our short yet interesting trip so far. Hits and Misses is where I come when I want to read a wonderful 55 fiction. It’s her forte I feel. I was just chatting with her earlier when she told me her 100th post was nearing. I thought it’d be a fantastic 55 fiction maybe, but she asked me to guest post instead. So here I am, The Amateur Poet, in this very professional and beautiful blog, adding my voice to its many hits. (I don’t think there have been any misses.) A small poem, from Anamika’s point of view…

A journey began long back
Thoughts confined became free
Colophons many appeared
New world I now began to see
Started slow then began to fly
A dream I had to soar so high
Words have flown, experiences
I’ve shared, treasures found
Many hearts have welcomed
My space warmly into theirs

Long I’ve traveled these paths
Stayed in these hallowed halls
Yet my travels don’t end here
A place where I see desire
Where I seek continuation
Still my quest has not reached
Its zenith; a milestone on this
Path to endless celebrations
Shows a hundred spilt drops
Of shining ink, each a torrent

Before I take your leave, I just want to thank her for having me over here. It was a pleasure making this post on such a wonderful occasion.



This award is for all my buddies who have been my followers, friends, critics, who helped me to give better article every time. This is just a gesture from my side, accept it and honor me. And this award goes to...


Chowla Ji, Kaka, RSV, Neha, Naveen, Kanagu, Shankar, Bharathi, Indian Pundit, Sid, Amit, Pawan, Sumeet, Rane, Shashank, Pra, KG, Yvonne, Soin, Mohammed, Venky, Vishnu, Hary, Sathish, Babli, Arnav, Anu, Guria, Aditya, Kay, The Aspirant, Ekam, Saad, Urvashi, Shas, Lostworld, Swaram, Avada Kedavra, Shrivatsan, Amrit, Benny, Bala Nagesh, Chetan, Pramoda, Mustaf, Simba Tago, Mahesh, Sourav, Vrijilesh, Priyan, Raj, Rajalakshmi, Anoop, Yellow tulip, Makk, Happy Birdie, Riya, Rohini Prashant, Paritosh, Sapphire, Vishal Jindal, Samadrita, Rimz, Multimenon, Miss Nobody, Shruti, Rachana, Shilpa Sharma, Shilpa Garg, Dhiman, Vipul Grover, Chatterbox, Suga, Tavish, Gyanban, Raksha Raman, Leo, The West Wind, J, Vivek, Meera, Kavya, Lani Kee, Black box, Vish, Neeraj, Karthikeyan, Anu K, Sandeep Balan, Vanessa, Pulkit, Harini, Roshmi Sinha, Sojo, Vinay, RajLakshmi, Tharangni, Madhu Rao, Gils, Saurabh, Lakshmi Rajan, TSW, Anwesa, Rammmm, Abhishek.


In my opinion, they are the best in what ever they do!


Dhiman, Bharathi, Madhu Rao, Gyanban, Neha, Pawan, Guria, Lost World, Swaram, Kanagu, Shruti@MM, Avada Kedavra, Leo, Shilpa Sharma, Shilpa Garg, Vipul Grover, The West Wind, Saurabh, Harini, Anwesa.


This Award goes to bloggers who enjoy what they are doing.. From Stories to Social Issues or funny things, they love writing it.

passionate blogger

Mahesh Kalal, Vipul Grover, Sid, Neha, Kanagu, Avada Kedavra, Gils, Tavish, Sojo, Roshmi Sinha, Tharangni, Chatterbox, Pramoda, Rachana.


As the name Indicates, They are amazing in their own way. Be it philosophy or story or something, I just love reading them all!

xxtraordinary blogger award

Hary, Venky, Yvonne, Swaram, Lost World, Lakshmi Rajan, Gils, Shilpa Garg, Sid, Vipul Grover, Karthikeyan, Shilpa Sharma, Pra, The West Wind, Raksha Raman, Madhu Rao, Avada Kedavra, Kasabian Girl, The Aspirant, Guria, TSW, Ekam

I collected all these awards for the past one week. Though the number of awards is less, they really speaks a volume. Now coming to the third part, the opinions I got from all my fellow bloggers. They are all so sweet. Everybody replied me promptly and gave a briefing about this blog. If you want to read What they Felt,


P.S : Am dedicating my Century to the Master Blaster who dedicated his' to the entire Country.


With Love,

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

55 Fiction - #33

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.


He told his mom, "Mom, I bought a new house. We are going to vacate this house. Pack your things and get ready soon". She was exuberant.
The car sped off from the old building and stopped infront of a two-storey building. After donning her specs she read : S.P OLD AGE HOME Welcomes Everyone.

With Love,


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids are always not Kids.

Today morning I went to my cousin's house to wish his 6year old son Akshay, on his birthday. After initial conversations, he came running towards me and searched my pockets and my hands. I was confused by his reactions.

Akshay : Shruti, where is my gift? I was waiting to see it! You disappointed me.
Me : Ye kiddo, I have come here to take you to the toy shop. You can get your favorite Pokemon toys. OK??
Akshay : I don't want Pokemon toys, instead get me a Barbie doll please!
(I was surprised and shocked at the same time)
Me : But, why do you want a Barbie? You like dolls so much eh?
Akshay : Well none of the boys in my class have Barbie – so I want to be different – its good to be different na?
Me : !!!!???!!!

After this conversation I took him to the shop and got him a Pink Barbie (He is different!). After coming home, we were watching the news channel which was relaying the coverage from Sasoon Hospital, Pune. I saw him running away to Lord Ganesh's statue. The curiosity in me reached its peak and I followed him there. He was reciting some sloka's and started praying "God please stop these terrorism. Save people with your mercy. God please keep not only Haasil's daddy but all the people out there safe, hail and healthy.". Later I came to know that one of his classmates' - Haasil's father was injured in the bomb blast happened in German Bakery, last Saturday. I was completely moved.

Later, while having lunch the topic changed from Barbie doll to bomb blast to the recent films we saw. My cousin told they all went to see Avatar. Suddenly Akshay started conversing with me.

Akshay : Know what Shruti? All the Aliens we saw in Pandora land was having tail. Are there any aliens out there in real life?
Me : Well some think so...
Akshay : Lets think those aliens are living. But how do they look like? The one in the movie?
Me : No they are imaginary characters.
Akshay : I think there are aliens many galaxies away from ours. But they will never come to earth!
Me : What?? Why won't they come here??
Akshay : Hehehehe!! Poor Shruti!
(I still couldn't understand why he laughed at me)
Me : You are laughing at me? Huh... Why are you laughing? Tell me..
Akshay : What is the name of our galaxy?
Me : Milky way.
Akshay : Yes! There is a big problem. They think our galaxy is just milk split in the sky
Me : So?
Akshay : That's the problem. They may think it, I mean the milk in milky way is stinky spoiled milk and never come near it. So there will never-ever discover earth.
Me : !!!!???!!

Though he related milk and milky way, the retrospection of those lines proved me another big fact! Read it again, you may find the truth about the races present here. (I deduced it as, the spoiled milk is the place we human beings live in. Its spoiled because all the natural resources are depleted). Kids are always not kids. They prove us something worth, which we fail to see or which we fail to understand in our mechanical life.

With Love,


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Friday, February 12, 2010

55 Fiction - #32

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.


He picked his lifeless mobile, swirled it, pleading it to come to life. He was awaiting the response from her, for the proposal he made yesterday (a day before V-day)
He grabbed the phone, cleared his throat and squeaked a hi. Bated Breath. Silence.
“Sir, do you have a HDFC credit card?"

With Love,


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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What If...

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 7; the seventh edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

It was the last day of their college life. Shraddha was sitting in the lawn waiting for her friends. A sudden gush of wind made her dhupatta fall from its destined location. She cautiously took it from the grass and adjusted it again. It was then she saw Krishna waiting in the corner of the lawn. She was damn sure that he was looking at her. All these years, She had noticed him as the serenest guy in the entire class. But he never spoke with Shraddha. Shraddha decided to tell him a Hi on their last day.

When he saw Shraddha coming near him, he stood up and turned the other side for adjusting his shirt and face. The light perspiration on his forehead was the indication of his tension. He heard Shraddha's voice calling him. He turned and saw her face closely within a few steps. This was the most breathtaking scene he had ever witnessed. She said, "Hi Krishna. Its the first time we are speaking though we are classmates. Strange and weird na?". He acknowledged her by just nodding his head. The moment she was about to continue, Krishna continued, "Wait Shraddha, let me open up! I wanted to tell this for many days. But I didn't have the guts! But know what? I love you. I love you so much. Am loving you from the first day I saw you. I even know that you love Ajay. But he is not a good guy". Shraddha was burning with rage and she continued, "Stop it Krishna! You don't have the rights to speak about Ajay! He is my Ajay forever. Now get the hell out of here and go away! Wait, don't try to woo me!"

After 4 years, Krishna saw Shraddha on the 3rd floor of the mall in the same white salwar he saw on the last day. He entered the lift and told "3rd floor". When the lift's door opened, he saw Shraddha waiting for the same. He went near her and called out her name. She turned around and almost tripped on hearing her name uttered by some guy. Before Krishna could speak up Shraddha's sight was blocked by her own tears. They both went to a coffee shop on the same floor. It was Krishna who spoke first. "So Shraddha! How is life? By the way, where is Ajay?". She looked at him questioningly and said, "I don't know anything about that bloody @#$%^&! You were right that day! I shouldn't have listened to him.. But you know? I loved him so much and it was the love that shrouded me and prevented me from hearing out to you, even to the love you expressed on the last day."

She narrated the entire incident that happened after the last day. "We both loved each other so much! Like crazy people do, we went out for long drives, Continuous chatting and movies.. It was till Ajay's dad introduced him to Maya, the only daughter of an Industrialist. From that day, the time he spent with me is less than what he spent with Maya. Many of my friends told about these things. But I believed him completely till the day I saw him with Maya. That too...that too when they both were k....". Shraddha wiped her tears with the tissue Krishna offered. By then, she regained her composure and continued, "I went near Ajay and slapped him right there before Maya's eyes and came back! Later, that evening Ajay came to my house. At first I thought he came to pacify me. But he came there to invite me for his engagement with Maya. He also told the love he had on me was a time pass."

what if

Krishna consoled her and asked about her life. She replied about the job she is doing. When he asked about her marriage or any proposals, Shraddha didn't answer. But She didn't fail to notice the spark in his eyes! She herself gave an explanation to the spark, 'May be the love he has on me or the inquisitiveness to know about the other guy?'. She plainly said, "There is no space for any other guy in my life again!". Krishna understood her stress and assured her that he will be his best friend forever! Shraddha thought, "What if I had met Krishna before Ajay" and wiped her tears. They left the coffee shop, each having different thoughts and so many What If's clouding their mind.


"What if the producer didn't accept this script? What if I didn't get SRK and Kat's dates?", Sighed the new director who reviewed his script for the umpteenth time.

P.S : This is completely my take on the topic. Comments having abusive language will NOT be accepted.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

With Love,


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Friday, February 5, 2010


Something is not in the way it should have been. I am taking a break in between my posts and more irregular in my friends blogs. Wish am regular from now on. Recession has finally hit the blogging world. Everywhere, I mean in many blogs authors are complaining about the lack of readers and their enthusiastic comments. Am no exception. The crux of this story is a real thing which we witness one day or the other. But this is a fiction. You will understand once you start reading it.

He opened his eyes when the sunrays caressed his face from the slightly opened curtains. The thought of yesterday's night sent a tingling sensation throughout his body. He thought, 'Really marriage makes a man complete'. He smiled to himself and saw the sunrays escaping from the red and yellow striped curtains. He turned and hugged her sideways. To his surprise his wife was wide awake. She lifted her face from the pillow and gave a brushed her lips softly in his cheek.

She got up and bundled her freely falling hairs. "At what time should we vacate this suite?". He changed his position in bed and said, "We have taken it for the wedding night only. So we can be here till 9Am I guess. That's what the manager told me". She nodded and let a faint smile. She went to wash her face. The smile which escaped her lips bothered him so much. 'What happened to her? I thought she was happy last night. But now..', his thoughts broke half way when he heard the bathroom door open.

She ordered coffee and sat in the couch after switching on the TV. She was completely lost in thoughts. He got up, came near her and sat on the same couch. He hugged her in the same sitting posture and asked, "May I know what's occupying your mind honey? After all its the first day after our reunion". She released herself from his grip, stood up and reached the balcony. He followed her and when he was about to start the conversation, the room service brought the coffee they ordered. He signaled the room service and thrust a 100 rupee note and asked him to leave.

She came inside the room and poured 2 cups of hot, steaming coffee. "You generally have black coffee or you want cream?", she asked. He wanted to impress her and make her feel comfortable from the very first day. So he uttered, "Whatever you wish...". She cut him short by saying, "I asked you want cream or not". He was shocked by her instant reply and said, "You hav....have yours. I will mix mine". Again she smiled at him and mixed cream in both cups and gave one to him. He wiped the perspiration that has formed in his head and took a sip.

She made weird patterns in the cup and was staring at the TV news. He asked, "Please let me know what you are thinking. I will try to resolve it". She shook her head by muttering, "Nothing darling" and took a sip from the cup. That Nothing again made him feel uncomfortable and tried guessing her thoughts. But he never knew the fact - Men are capable of even understanding the most difficult theories of nuclear theory than knowing/predicting/understanding what's running in the girl's mind.

She took her cup and moved to balcony and saw him lost in thoughts. She said, "What's my cost darling?". He was flabbergasted by this monologue and asked, "Whatttt?". She replied calmly, "I want to know the amount my parents have given you, or should I phrase it as hmmm... Wait......yeah, the amount you guys asked from them for having me". He licked his dried lips and kept the coffee unfinished in the table. She was expecting a reply but silence was the answer she got in the end. She came inside, kept the cup on the table and continued, "I am working as a system architect like you and earn as much as you do, in fact better than you do. But still you want dowry. Cant this wedding night be more satisfying if it took place in our 2 bedroom flat? Half a lakh for the royal suite we took in this star hotel for enjoying the wedding night. But that would have been more contended than this. Why do people still expect that the bride's family should spend their life's earning for the marriage along with dowry? I never wanted to tell you this. But I can't tolerate if my dad cries. From the royal suite to the reception, everything my dad spent. He is almost a pauper now."

She broke down after letting her heart speak out. He let out a deep breath and went near her. The moment he hugged her from behind, she turned and buried her face in his chest and started weeping continuously. He kissed her forehead, took her face in his hands and told, "Hey honey, stop sobbing. I understand you very well". She told thanks amidst her sobs. She took her bathrobe and went for taking bath. He understood her well.

He dialed his father in law's (FIL) number. At the other end, his FIL promptly attended his call in 2 rings. After exchanging pleasantries, FIL asked "How is the suite? You both are comfortable I guess. If you have any inconvenience tell me. I will speak with the hotel people for giving you the convenience you asked for". He shot back immediately, "The suite is absolutely fine and we love it uncle. Actually I called you to ask about the Honda Civic car you have promised to give me during the marriage". The old man felt a lump in his throat. He replied, "I have booked the car. But am expecting payments from two places. Will pay the full amount within a week and I will make sure that you get the car after you come from honeymoon".

He told, "Yeah mom told last night about this. I called you to tell something else uncle. I don't need the car...". The old man's heart skipped a beat and he was excited. While he was searching words to thank his son-in-law, he continued, "Instead deposit the amount plus some 5L in my account. If I get the car, your daughter will think that as a dowry. But this way, she couldn't find unless you tell her. I know you won't tell her. And don't forget to deposit the amount within a week". Again the old man's heart skipped a beat and he struggled to find words. Tears flowed freely and at the other end his SIL let out a sigh of relief. He checked the bathroom door and heard the closing of shower. He thought, 'She won't know this - Forever'. He understood her very well.

P.S : These kind of things are happening still. When the society going to change?

With Love,


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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3. Virtual Games

Well, Hits and Misses is proud to have a multi-faceted personality on board. To tell about this blogger, she is creative in her posts and argues well with everyone to make her point clear. May be its the nature of her profession! As her blog's About Me says, she is an A Lawyer(Oh yes, she is!), an avid reader and a learning blogger (Already she is a well renowned writer who is adored by everyone.. If you don't believe me ask Guria of MM.). A wonderful friend of mine. The Lawyer and The blogger is none other than Neha Thakkar Silam of Neha's Blog. Infact, she wrote this article a month back. But I misplaced the article and found it minutes back on my writer. Sorry Girl! Oh yeah, I forgot about her name. Neha was re-christened as Nehatrix and some call her Neha-full-of-trix. Now off to the article..

Well, all you hopeful souls, I am not going to give you the name of sites from where you can download various games for free; nor I am going to talk about only Farmville here! But I am going to write about my experiences with these games and gamers.

Virtual game plays a role of “other woman” in my life guys! Yeah I am not exaggerating here at all; for my husband is hooked to it more than anything or anyone else (read ‘me’) around him. He has a huge collection of different racing games and cricket. And I wonder; what’s there in it that people forget everything when the joystick or the mouse is there in their hands. And those few dedicated gamers – their bodies take left and right turn with the car they are controlling. And shit follows way too often; that too orally!

And there goes Cricket – Cricket 2004, 2005, 2008, Ashes, Brian Lara and such; with various tournaments, T20, test matches, customized player option, cheering crowd, commentary by Tony Graig, and again those oral shits! Those who are reading me for the first time; here is a news for you – strange but true; I am a jinx for our Indian Cricket team. Whenever I have seen any match played by India, India has lost! It is true people. I have tried a lot to watch it thinking it is just a coincidence and India has lost each time! Hey don’t get up from your seat and leave to hunt for me; for I have long back stopped watching our matches live! Why I mentioned it here – well my power works in case of virtual games too. Whenever my dear husband is playing cricket on PC and I enter the room or I look at the monitor, his team loses the wicket or the opposite team hits a four or six; or his team drops the catch! Now a days he seldom plays cricket in front of me; but NFS is still going strong.

Then there is Farmville these days! There are other games too, but none as popular as Farmville. People beg friends to send them trees, pigs, goats, decorations and such other things. The status messages beg too; so does the phone calls. Even blogs are full of Farmville posts. Don’t believe me? Well Contact Kaddu and Shilpa. They have forbidden me from commenting on their posts on Farmville as I don’t play that game anymore! Sigh, these games are taking away my right of freedom of speech!

I simply dislike these games as you tend to run behind them; they make you an addict; you even ignore your better half on holidays! Don’t you all girls think that the cricket and racing games should be banned? And don’t you all guys think that Farmville should be banned? Rest of you who play both; well do I need to say what is to be banned?

Oh one thing I forgot to mention. It’s me who has gifted all those game CDs and DVDs as gifts to my husband!

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