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Saturday, November 6, 2010


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Books, handwritten letters, photographs, records, memories and posters, his life were full of them. He woke up religiously at 6 every morning and went straight to his treasure chest, filled with things which others called old junk, but for him it was his life. It was everything he ever wanted and ever owned. He had lived a life the way he wanted. He was 85 and a widower. It had been 15 years since his wife had passed away and he missed her the most. His two sons had left him long ago and he lived in a small house that he built himself near the lake where he met his wife for the first time 55 years ago. It was the place he proposed marriage and she had said yes.

The treasure chest contained all that means the world to him. Photog
raphs of his wife, his kids, some real close friends and memories from each and every one of his trips. He loved to travel and he ensured he took his wife with him everywhere he went. Old records that he used to listen to all his favorite music from everyday on the gramophone player that adorned his desk. He would start his day with some lovely music that would fill the three rooms that he had in his house. Puki, his dog was the only other living thing that stayed with him.

Kishore’s voice echoed in the background, as he made his first cup of coffee for the day. He whistled to Puki to fetch the newspaper that was thrown near the gate by the little boy down the lake who delivered his dose of world news. He settled down on the
big easy chair overlooking the lake and began sipping his coffee. His face had a lot of wrinkles. His hair was silky but silver in color. He had aged gracefully. Looking at his face one couldn’t understand him completely. One had to look deeper and deeper, like excavating the real face that hid behind all the layers of wrinkles. It was poetry in motion if you had to analyze the man’s face. After completing the newspaper, he walked up to his treasure chest and took out an album. He had collated it himself, with photographs that spanned many decades. He had also written notes about the places where those pictures had been taken to remind him of all the things beautiful in his life. He saw a picture of his wife, this young gorgeous woman who was 26 at the time when the picture was taken. He gently ran his wrinkled, shaky fingers over the picture, caressed her face and smiled. A drop of tear trickled down from his eyes and changed its course many times before falling on the back of his hand. He scrolled through the many pictures that adorned his album and he did this everyday.

He would then take another paper bag which had all the letters that his wife had written to him when he was in the army. The letters were very brittle, almost had a shade of brownish yellow after all these years. He still loved the smell of his dead wife’s perfume on those letters. He had been in the army a year after he had gotten married and was away from his wife for four years. He still believed that it was those
four years that made him realize that she was the one he wanted to spend all his life with. These letters were worth a fortune. Every time he read those letters, he could visualize his wife reading it out to him, speaking to him. He could feel her presence. That’s why he did that everyday. The many names she would address him by, the little fights they had, things that were bothering her in his absence. It was magic.

Today as he was reading those letters, he was overcome with emotion. It was their anniversary. After he was don
e with the last letter, he closed the box and walked up to the lake. He stood there gazing at the water. He could see his reflection on the water. His eyes were moist. As he kept looking at his reflection, he could see another person next to him. There she was, smiling at him. He whispered, “Happy Anniversary, My love. What would you like to have for lunch”?

His way of
CELEBRATION began.....
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Neglected Station - The Life Changer

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Rain. Isn’t it a awe-inspiring occurrence? I love the drizzle and all aspects of it. I love getting drenched in the rain, traveling in the rain even though everybody I know seems to complain about it. It was one such rainy day. The company said they will provide me car back home but I decided to take the train. After all it was only a three hour journey to the lovely deserted station. Though it was a last minute request from me they managed to get me the tickets. As I sat in the Santro that was me driving to the station I wondered why I decided to take the train, one of those impulsive decisions based on some insane gut feeling. I looked out the closed windows only to see nothing as water drops covered the glass .I grabbed my phone and the voice brought me a smile.

By the time I reached the door to my compartment I was drenched, the downpour was heavy. It was like the water that had filled the skies to the brim wanted to just burst to its liberty today, dance in the open air, cleanse the cities and bring a smile to me. I entered the train and was making my way through the rows to my seat when my eyes saw him. The emotion that filled me is unexplainable. He saw me too. He seemed confident of what to do as he came forward towards me with a smile. That smile. I had almost forgotten it but yet it seemed so much a part of me. Though the air was nippy and I was cold from the wetness in my skin, his smile brought me warmth, the warmth which he had given me all those years suddenly glowed in my heart. Though after a few seconds, I smiled back and made my way to him. We shook hands, almost hugged. Then, silence for a few moments.

“Here, let me take that!” he said. He took my medium-sized traveling bag from my hand and placed it on the luggage rack. As I found my seat I found out that he was sitting right opposite me. The insane gut feeling. After I settled on to my seat, he sat opposite me and we smiled. “It’s been so long! How are you?”. He replied,”Good. I recently met Shailu and she filled me in on most of you.” I said,”Oh, Shailu does have contacts with most from our class.”
As we talked on about what we were doing ,what everybody else we knew was doing I realized how comfortable this was, how easy this felt. I had imagined meeting him again and I had played out this scene a 1000 times in my head but never did I imagine it will be so easy, so simple, despite of our history, of the fact that it has been five years since we broke up.

We met in the beautiful campus of St.Peter’s. He was a year senior to me. But our similar passions brought us together in many a clubs and associations. Always on the same squad but always skirmishing about how to implement ideas we both agreed on. Most of the times we will work together and come up with the most wonderful concepts, only to end up fighting on some trivial matter about the execution. Similar thoughts but different styles was the point. Through all of this, somewhere along the way, we had fallen in love. And we didn’t even have to say it to each other it was just something that we both realized. We became part of each other.

The conversation carried on as the rain lashed out on the closed windows. Suddenly, the smile on his face brightened and he got up. He moved as she came and took the seat right opposite to mine. He sat next to her. She was beautiful and they looked very good together. Though I figured she was, when he introduced her as his wife my heart paced up. She had a warm genuine smile, the kind that will make you feel good no matter what.
I said I hadn’t known he was married and congratulated them. I sounded truly excited and happy.

The three of us talked. She told me about their meeting and marriage and I told her about him in college. He listened, correcting facts, denying my stories. It was a pleasant conversation that was picking up just as the train was picking up speed. As I watched them I suddenly thought I would have maybe I should have, been in her place. If things hadn’t changed the way they did I would have been his wife. But looking at them made me realize how perfect this is. They were lovely together; they looked like they were in love and they were.

We were lovely together. Everyone knew about us. Everyone thought we will be the couple to make it to the forever category. We looked like we were in love everyday for the four years we were together, one year of which he was in a city far away. We made that work, a long distance relationship between a final year student and a busy new trainee. On the day of my farewell party he came down and surprised me. He took me to the lonely station near our college and proposed to me. He promised me in words the forever I knew he promised with his heart all these years. And I said NO!

As the rain continued despite the train moving through new towns with isolated stations so did our words and my thoughts. He had introduced me to his wife as a college mate, but I think she knew. There was a smile on my face that was sincere. I was happy for him. But there was also a pain in my heart. As silly as it was to me, suddenly, all I wanted to do was scream and cry out loud. The tears came close to bursting out the confines of their glands but some force stopped them. I played with my ring, looked out of the window, looked at the small kid trying to eat his sandwich but my eyes wandered back to them and my mind was swept back to the twin thoughts.

As I said it was only a three hour journey. In no time my stop was there .As the train pulled into abandoned station he helped me with my bag to the door. Before, I had told my bye-bye’s to her and asked them to keep in touch, hoping in my heart that they did not. The train stopped and I got down .He got down with me and handed me my bag. As we stood, face to face , my eyes finally gave way to those tears .He hugged me. A second later the guards whistle started screeching and he got back on the train. With that warm smile of his, he waved and I waved back hoping that this moment does not repeat once again. An insane gut feeling telling me it will not.

He was stunned. He looked blank as I tried to figure out what I had just said. After I said NO, I had given him an explanation of sorts as to why I made this choice and I know it made no sense to him because it didn’t make sense to me. It had been raining that night and after hearing me out he had looked at me and smiled. That was what I didn’t need then and the tears flowed out as suddenly as the rain stopped. He got up, hugged me. As the horn of some car screamed, breaking the silence that surrounded us, he left me. Held my hand for a second smiled that smile of his and walked out. Leaving me alone with this decision I had made based on some insane gut feeling in the same lonely station where we once walked with our hands bundled together.

I stood in that pouring rain. The water seeping through my clothes and was clinging to myself. My hand held that wooden bench in the corner of the desolate railway station, which was getting sopping in the water. If you were to hold your palm out and

catch the water that dripped off my face. If you were to pour a drop of it down your throat, the saltiness in it would be evident. The tears were pouring with a fury greater than the rain. The train made its way out of the station. The tears stopped flowing. It was like my senses had taken a break The rain had also softened to a drizzle. As I stood there watching the now distant train I felt a hand on my shoulders. And there he was with this smile of his. I hugged him and whispered ‘I missed you, I need you and above all I Love You’. A soft voice whispered back, ”I love you too”.

I came back to reality and saw the girl next to him, his wife. He understood my quizzical look and giggled. He muttered, “Shivani (that's me), meet Kaajal, my colleague and part of the drama enacted to get my love back”. I smiled and punched his arms. We walked out of the station, hand in hand. And I felt warm . I felt the glow inside my heart that has been there for the last one year I have been married to him. An insane gut feeling also lead to this decision .The rain drizzled on, making someone complain, and bringing a smile to me. My life was changed once again, in the same Deserted/Neglected Station.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

55 Fiction - #36

Everyone knows about 55Fiction I guess! 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.


Shailu thought of writing a review later. The man sitting beside, sighed "Goooood Filmmmm".

She must be prepared for the next show. The SMS read, "Mike gave this no. Rs.4550"

She replied, "Fine. Wait outside"

Wiping her mouth, retouching the gloss, she came out. In the blinding daylight her father's face sent her reeling.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

55 Fiction - #35

It has been a long long time since I tried my hands with 55Fiction. Leo, the amateur poet wanted me to write a 55ficion for a long time! And now his wish is going to get satisfied.

Everyone knows about 55Fiction I guess! 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

The Irony

He sat alone in the corner, tears streaming down his face.

His wife died this morning, leaving behind a month old son.
At a distance, the ring of the bell followed by a deafening applause r
egistered in his ears.
He put on the mask and thought - "Life is not always funny as a circus clown".

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hey Thank you so much everyone for making me the BATOM!! No words to describe the moment!
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 14; the fourteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

She walked in, hair swaying in the wind, eyes glancing across the half crowded coffee shop, with a bunch of red roses gripped tightly in her hands. A cat whistle shrilled from across the table where she rested her grip on the flowers. A couple of gawky teenagers couldn’t hide their excitement and let their jaw drop (along with the glass of cold coffee) at the sight of the flower girl. She looked up, sharp eyes, lined with kajal, the type that makes the eyes look even more expressive than how it is on a lazy Sunday morning. On second thoughts, the morning face, Sunday or otherwise always wins ‘pants down’.

The flowers found a place on the table and one got to see her fingers, beautifully manicured, the ones that would have experienced the choicest of creams, lotions and moisturizers, the ones that always smelt fresh and felt divine. The ones that were always not too far from sanitizers. The ones that had mehendi on them? Ah! She is married. About to be married? Or her friend just got married. Yes. That should be the case. Phew! That’s a relief.

She sat down at a table that could accommodate only two people. She is expecting company. The electricity just went off, thanks to the heavy rain. A few drops of rain cascaded down her forehead and fell on the table. She carefully took a tissue from her bag (didn’t even bother looking at the pile of tissues folded and placed on the table in a triangular shape by the waiters) and wiped her face, gently, not ruining the kajal. My heart skips another beat. She folds the tissue and places them next to the flowers.

“I’m there”, she said on the phone, that seemed to have magically sprung out of her bag and planted itself to her ears, when the mind was too busy deciding on her relationship status.
“Oh! Another half hour? Shit”, she cursed. The lips seemed so pure, so bright and so sensuous, that one could never expect words other than love, peace, hope, and bliss, let alone profanity. Those lips were meant for kissing, to be kissed than curse. It looked like a painting, perfect, symmetric, orgasmic with the blood red of her lipstick, like the painters final signature.
The waiter walks up to her table and places a candle and she smiles at him. It’s his lucky day. He walks away and she lights the candle with her lighter. The candle light falls on her face and the heart skips another beat. Her eyes shine. The light keeps shifting, thanks to the wind; it plays a pattern on her face. Her nose ring twinkles. The light is blinding, making me turn my gaze away from her for just a moment.

She is trying to catch the attention of the waiter. Unaware that she has everybody’s attention. She does realize it. She signals him to get her a hot cappuccino; you could see her pinky sticking out, while she signaled. The coffee arrives in what felt like milliseconds. She looked awkward trying to open the sachet of sugar to add to her coffee. She spills some on the table-the coffee and the sugar. She looked up to see if someone saw her clumsiness.

Her eyes met mine. I smiled. She was still for a moment before a gentle smile escaped her lips. The candle light was playing tricks. The light and shadow was just too much to handle. I gently nodded my head to greet her. She hesitantly waved back.

I went back to scribble on the tissue paper, the one I had in front of me from the moment I came into the coffee shop. I wanted to write something. In fact I wanted to just keep writing. I had something to write about.

The coffee shop began filling up. The rain was getting heavier and water was dripping from the roof above. People were trying to squeeze into any available space. Tables looked crowded. Privacy could be forgotten. At least till the rain stopped. The air smelt wet. The voices became loud and conversations from every table could be heard clearly. No one went near her table. She still stood out. Alone, beautiful and mesmerizing.

Ever so often, I looked up to see her. I just couldn’t stop. I would then smile to myself and then get back to writing. My coffee was getting cold, partly due to the weather and mostly because I never bothered to drink it.

“What? You’re stuck? It’s pouring here and what do you want me to do?” she spoke on the phone once again. Frustration was written all over her forehead. I could see the lines forming on her clear face. She shook her head and disconnected the call. And I’m certain I heard her swear one last time before hanging up the call.

She glanced towards the flowers that were on the table. She picked up a tissue and began scribbling something. A note I thought. She tucked the note to the flowers and called the waiter. She handed him the flowers and said something, the waiter nodded. He went back to the cash counter, carefully holding the flowers. She took a final sip of her coffee and got up, hand held over her head to protect her from the rain and strode out as briskly as she had come in just a while ago.

My heart skipped another beat. Do I go behind her? Maybe just talk to her? Would I be seeing her again? Questions flooded my brain. I was snapped out of my trance by the waiter.
“Sir, that madam asked me to give these to you”, he said handing me the flowers.
“Would love to read what you have written about me. Coffee tomorrow at 4?” it read with a smiley at the end.

My head really swirled that moment. I stared the lines I wrote in the tissue paper which had kindled her curiosity. It simply read, "Will she Return?". I smiled to myself.

Indeed it was a RETURN that is going to change my life.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


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8.50 Am, Assistant Commisioner's Home:

It was not the usual day for Assistant Commissioner Sukhdev Varma. It is the day every Indian soul was waiting for. JUDEMENT DAY - wondering what for? For the criminal, mastermind behind the worst bomb blast India has ever witnessed. "Get me that file saakshi", commanded Varma who was digging his laptop for the case details, nuances and the details of the witnesses to be examined today. 'Tinnggggg....Tinnggggggggg' cuckooed the wall clock 9 times. Varma eyed the clock by sipping the last few drops of his coffee.

8.51 Am, Thakeyur-e-Taiba's Headquarters:

"Amjad, kahan hai aap Idhar aao. Remote do Wajid. Mujhe seedha prasaran dekhna tha". Wajid who was seeing the film gave the remote to Wasim Khan, Assistant Leader of Thakeur-e-Taiba and eyed the time. It read 8.53Am. "Wasim baai, the hearing won't start soon. Don't forget its India" muttered Wajid with a wicked grin. Wasim looked angrily at him and shot back, "Chup Idiot. This is the case the entire country was waiting for and they are going to bring our chief to the court today. We will know his fate today. You don't seem to have even the slightest of tension. Chalo yehan se..ganda fellow.. "

9.02 Am, Supreme Court - Justice Chamber:

Lights, recorders, Mikes were found everywhere. Media was in full charge. Some gathered in front of the Judge's chamber to get a few tidbits from the justice's mouth. But Mohammed Ibrahim and Venkatakrishnan Raghavan the two judges who were handling this sensitive case were advised by ACP Varma not to get out. They both were discussing the vital points. That was when they heard the sudden commotion in the corridor. The police guards outside the room closed the room immediately and soon some of them even rushed into the chamber. Raghavan managed to ask one of the guard, "What happened? Any problem". He stopped and replied shortly, "They are bringing Aatif Khan and Ismail Rehman". Raghavan and Mohammed saw each other and smiled themselves. It was a routine procedure they do when a terrorist is brought to court.

9.18Am, Supreme Court - Trial Room:

ACP's car rushed in and Varma went straight to Judge's Chamber. While going he saw Rajkumar Pelleta, witness for the day. He escorted the two judges to the trial room. It was bustling with people spread all over the room. Some were hanging from the doors to get a glimpse of the most wanted terrorist. After the initial procession and formality, the criminals were brought into the room.

When both of them came, some shouted, some cried, some tried barging in. Policemen really had a tough time in managing the mob. "Try to control all your emotions. We are here for the final judgement to be given for the accused today. So try to calm yourselves", shouted Varma. The crowd tried to calm after hearing his power packed voice. Aatif and Ismail saw each other. Ismail eyed Varma and everyone assembled there with a vengeful gaze. Aatif pressed his hand on Ismail's shoulder and asked him to be calm.

Mohammed summoned Rajkumar to assemble and tell his part of story. Rajkumar was struggling with his hearing aid at one end of the room. Nobody sat near him. May be it was because of the scary look he had. With a half burnt face, with a trembling hands, he tried fixing it. He adjusted his specs a million times. He never heard what the judges spoke. He was in his own paradise. It was then a hand touched his shoulders. Rajkumar lifted his head slowly to face the smiling face of Sukhdev Varma. Varma took his hand in his and motioned him towards the witness stand.

"Am sorry. Never heard that you called me here. I lost my hearing ability during the blast 10 years ago. Varma sir told me that I should tell what happened on that fateful day. I am 75 years old then. I came, went CST on that fateful day. It was my daughter's 25th wedding day and my grand daughter's wedding day. We all went to the station to bid farewell to her. She was holding her newly wed husband's hand. She came near me, bent down to get blessing along with the groom. It was then I heard the shot. My white shirt became red in a minute and my daughter fell to my feet with a hole in her head. My son-in-law went near this short, stout guy Ismail I suppose and gave a slap, but the next minute he was floored with the same. My grand daughter was shell shocked. Her husband dragged her and tried to flee away. I shouted at them to come back to me near the exit. But they went near the other side and only then I saw many rushing near that gate. But all friends of this guy blocked the way and stopped them from escaping. They caught hold of my grand daughter......", and he started crying uncontrollably. Judges asked the guard to give him water and asked him to sit on a chair. Because he cannot stand for a long time.

Ismail smirked on seeing his condition. After refreshing for few minutes, Rajkumar adjusted his spectacles and continued, "They shot randomly at everyone and everyone died on the spot. Some were writhing on floor. My grand daughter asked for water. I couldn't go there. I was made helpless. Every relative in my family died on the spot. That was when I started cursing the God. Then there was a heavy blast. I closed my ears with hands after that dreadful sound. I felt blood trickling down my ears and my face was burning like hell. I dozed off and when I opened my eyes Varma sir was near me. He was an Inspector then I guess. It was through him I came to know that Ismail the !@#$%^ &*()$%^ has been caught with a few injuries and was admitted in the same hospital. I rushed to see him. But I couldn't move. It was then I came to know one of my leg had been amputated. In this old age, with no relative to depend on, I was orphaned at that age. But doctors planned to fix artificial leg.". He stopped there and eyed Aatif and Ismail. Then he turned to Ibrahim and asked, "Can I ask speak with him?". Varma tried telling something in between. But Raghavan let Rajkumar to speak with him. Rajkumar spoke, "Aatif, you are the oldest among the two. Can I ask you something?". Ismail blurted out, "You Idiot shut the hell up. How the hell will you tell that you saw me with your blind eyes". 'SLAPPPPP'!!! Ismail's eyes failed to catch something with that ear tearing slap. It was Aatif. Everybody was stunned to see such a reaction and he asked Rajkumar to continue. Rajkumar continued, "Tell me, How old are you?? 20 years younger to me? Do you have a family? Batao..". Aatif cleared his throat for the very first time. Varma was shocked, because when Aatif was in the police custody too, never opened his mouth. He muttered, "Yes. I have 2 daughters and a son.". Rajkumar let out a smile and asked, "what you would've done if you had seen your daughter in that railway station?". Aatif kept his mouth shut. That explained things to everyone, Rajkumar smiled to himself and went away from that place.

10.50Am, Supreme Court - Trial Room:

Ibrahim and Raghavan discussed for a few moments and turned to Aatif and Islam to ask their comments. Ismail wanted to shout. But fearing another slap, he kept mum. Aatif's head hung low for most of the time. He eyed everyone in the room for the last time and nodded his head in the opposite way. Ibrahim continued, "Ismail was caught red-handed by Varma in CST. Aatif was caught in New-Delhi airport few years after their group accepted committing this. After examining all the witnesses thoroughly, we hereby sentence both of them to be hanged till death.". Aatif's eyes moistened and he heard everybody's sigh of relief. Some cursed them still. Rajkumar was wiping off the tears and was seen speaking to a photo, probably a family photo.

Aatif cleared his throat for the second time and told, "Sir, could you please help me? I want to speak to all of you and 00002rk1 also to all my group members.". Raghavan consulted the CJI and decided to provide the chance to Aatif. When all the media persons rushed into the room, Varma caught hold of Aatif. When everybody started asking questions, he silenced everybody by waving his hand.

"Let me speak please. Am sorry for everything. Allah won't forgive me for what I have done. We did all this for Kashmir. But after being in jail for 3 years, this long time gave a inner gyaan to me. I want to tell Wasim something. Baai, lets leave all this. We certainly don't need a red Kashmir. Do we need? Lets dissolve our group and lets not fight anymore. I know you are seeing this live telecast. To all the Indians, I am asking an apology now. This doesn't mean that the judges are going to change the verdict. You are witnessing a changed Aatif. Am so sorry Rajkumar. Indeed I feel bad for what we have done to your wonderful, happy family. And many others. Goodbye Wasim, Goodbye Kashmir, Goodbye India. We will not disturb you anymore and you won't see any blood. Goodbye everyone". Entire country was stunned at Aatif's confession. It has never happened in India's history and will never happen. Varma and everybody saw Aatif with due respect. He was taken to the van. Rajkumar waved his hands to Aatif.

Goodbye Aatif (To the real human in you).

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P.S: This is just a fiction. Was not written to hurt anyone.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Chris’s hands trembled as he raised his face from a microscope. His trembled hands went in search of water. He gulped down a tumbler of cold water. ‘What the heck is this! How the hell did I miss such a crucial information?’. “Eddwarrrddddddddd….come here. Its urgent”, cried Dr. Christopher Hauley, Head of Research and Development, MIT, USA. He was the headlines of the media few weeks before. That was when he found the rare and the most important drug, that one couldn’t have ever imagined in his entire life time. But it is the same drug that is going to floor him today. Edward McLean, Junior Research Analyst who is also the student of Chris came rushing in on hearing the shrill cry of Chris. Edward’s face went pale on reading the report Chris handed him over.

Neha Padwal tried adjusting the new salwar she got few days back. She felt bile juices flowing in the entire digestive system. Today her family is going to meet Ankit Sinha’s family. The Sinha’s selected Neha as the potrntial candidate/victim after filtering some 100 potential horror-scopes..err.. sorry for the typing error. It is actually horoscope, which not only reflects the position of the stars, also depicts the financial position of many girls. Than the former, the latter is the main factor the horoscope’s place is determined. Either the bin or the pooja room. Neha’s face was red. She felt shy, happy, sad, all at the same time. This is the first time, her horoscope got selected and her family has been called for an informal get-together. She felt a cold air near her ear lobe. “Hi Neha..”, ‘It is him’, she thought. “mmmmm….”.”You are beautiful. Do you like me? Shall I accept for this marriage?”. She mumbled with anxiety and happiness the same ‘mmmm’ and Ankit proudly told that he likes the bride-to-be.

“How we could have missed this vital point Chris. Am completely flabbergasted. If only….”. Chris ptiched in, stared Edward and said, ”For Christ’s Sake Eddie. No If’s, Buts’ and could have’s! Could you please think of a possible solution so that we could prevent that mishap!”. Edward took the paper, glanced it one more time and kept it in his pocket and reached for the same tumbler Chris used few minutes back. After a minute of deep thinking, Eddie raised his face only to find Chris’ deep blue eyes staring him. Suddenly all the blood rushed to his face on this stare. He always felt this effect on Chris’ stare. With all the confidence, he tried piecing his ideas. “How many people have taken in the drug eddie?”, asked Chris by caressing his bald head. “Four”, replied Edward in a hurry. Before Chris could proceed on with his questions, eddie replied, ”I will personally try to catch the four people chris”. Chris' lips widened a bit and a smile came out, with his hands reaching the tumbler.

"Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai" ringed Neha's mobile. Ankit's face with  a broad smile 268553~A-Way-to-Express-Feeling-Love-and-Cherish-Posters flashed in Neha's mobile. She grabbed it immediately before anyone could see it. "Neha darling! Love you some much. Feel like hearing your voice. Speak something!", whispered Ankit. Neha's face flushed with shyness. This is the first time a guy is telling that he loves her. "Mmmmm....", mumbled Neha. "Honey, please speak something na?". "I too like you annn...ankittt". Ankit smiled on hearing it. It went on for days and days before their engagement. They both shared their intimate secrets with each other. Neha felt so happy. She was experiencing the power of love from her man.

The drug Dr. Christopher Hauley discovered is MaFeCet. After the most famous vaginoplasty surgery (Surgery to convert a man into woman), when MafeCet is injected into the body, the male hormone, Testosterone get suppressed and it increases the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body. Only after getting the approval from the four patients Chris injected the medicine. Only few hours back he found that the medicine spreads into the body of the male who have sexual intercourse with the converted girl. After this crucial finding, Chris' only job was to find the four person and stop them from having any relationship.

Rishi Padwal, Neha's dad kept the phone with tensed hands and wiped the sweat off his brows. His gaze met Neha's smiling eyes. Neha's saw Ankit's residence number and her instinct told the call would be regarding her engagement ring. Would Ankit's parents had made her dad to pay the entire amount for the engagement. Such a heavy amount for a night watchman would be so high. Neha reached her dad's easy-chair, sat near him in the floor and looked questioningly. Rishi kept his hand on neha's head and told the most shocking news of her lifetime. Ankit's parents saw a wealthy-educated girl for their and going to engage them tomorrow. That girl has finished M.B.B.S in USA. Neha felt the world around her were crashing on her. Her hands fumbled and like a pre rehearsed thing she called Ankit's number. But it was switched off. After 48 hours of trying, Ankit attended her call and spoke everything before Neha could open her mouth. "Listen Neha, I liked you the moment I saw you. But when I saw that girl for the first thought that crossed my mind was my career. I accept we spoke too much. Sorry for everything, Goodbye and all the very best". The manly voice of Ankit which Neha liked so much once seemed the most awkward voice she had ever heard. Ankit had created the same effect a tornado would create.

Edward came rushing in Chris' room and exclaimed, "Hey Chris, Mailed all the four guys and called 3 of them. But....". Chris beamed and the 'but' made him bit uneasy. Understanding Chris' look, Edward continued, "The last one Karun Gupta was your student". On hearing the name, Chris gave a familiar look and replied Edward, "Yeah, Karun, He wanted to experience the life being a girl and voluntarily came and injected the drug. What's up with him Eddie?". Edward swallowed the lump in his throat and continued, "Karun finished his studied and left the country". While all these conversations were going on in the laboratory, here in India, in all the gazette records Karun Gupta was being changed to Karishma Gupta. Karishma got married to Ankit Sinha. Ankit eyed Karishma who was happily sleeping by his side. He thought about all the things that happened last night and closed his face with his hands, with his cheeks turning red in shy.

With Love,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

55 Fiction - #34

Long long time since I wrote a 55Fiction! It has been 4 months since I wrote a 55F! And here am with a fiction! Just read it and let me know what you felt! Are you game? Go ahead and read this!


Krish was a regular kid. He went to school, and hated math. Playing cricket was his passion. He would run to the ground, join his team after school and then they would play. He would grab the bat, stand and wait. And listen for bells on the rolling ball. His ears were his eyes.

With Love,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's this?

People!! How are you?? It has been a long time since I wrote a story and here am with one. This is dedicated for Saurabh Panishkar, AK, Sreya Ghosh, Venky who remembered me and in fact missed me. Also dedicated to everyone who still remembers this poor soul.

‘There is no us. There never was. And please don’t call me again or try and meet me. It’s over’. Those were her final words. He could still feel the intensity of her voice, the look in her eyes. It ended as suddenly as it had started. 'What's this', Shakti sighed heavily!

‘I have always wanted to show you this place’, Shakti said while holding Maya’s hands. It was love at third sight for Shakti. He saw Maya for the first time at a friend’s wedding. She was the bridesmaid and Shakti just had to be the best man. They hit it off so well like young teenage girls in a washroom. They had so much to talk about and so many things to explore.

‘I don’t get it man, you see a girl and you know her for three days and you say you’re in love’? Avinash barked at Shakti. That was the second showdown in as many days between the two men. Shakti had made his mind. He was ready to leave everything for his love. His true love.

Maya was everything that Shakti ever wanted in a girl. In fact Maya was someone who everyone would fall for in an instant. It had to be her eyes. Those big brown eyes, sparkling like a rare diamond every time a smile escaped her lips. Her hair falling soft on her thin face. The way she nonchalantly brushed those thin strands off her eyes with her fingers. The nose ring… Maya was sensual.

The last three days had been the best three days of Shakti’s life. He had never felt this way before. He had never felt attracted to someone so much before and here he was smitten completely by the beautiful Maya.

It was on the fourth day of their time together when they decided to go on a drive. Maya loved long drives, sunsets and the mountains. Shakti decided to surprise her when he showed up at her doorstep at 4 in the evening with some lovely orchids. He could see how happy she was to see him there. Her surprise was made even more fruitful when Shakti asked her to get into his car and they drove away towards Shakti’s farmhouse near Malay Hills, a 100km journey from Maya’s house.

questioning_000007251351small The music in the car was Maya’s favorite. Shakti made it a point to do everything to please his lady love. He had remembered in detail every little piece of information that Maya had given him in the time that they spent together.

Shakti had his eyes locked into Maya’s expressive eyes and for what seemed like ages didn’t want to look elsewhere. Then it happened. Crash! A loud thud and the windshield came crashing in close to their face. Shakti ducked to avoid the broken glass from hitting his face and Maya. He turned around to figure out what had just happened and he brought the car to a screeching halt.

There was blood all around the car, the windshield, the seat and on the tar road near the car. What did he just hit? Shakti got out of the car and stood there confused, shivering and sweating profusely. ‘Maya are you alright?’ he asked. Maya. Maya. Where was she? What happened to her?

Maya was lying motionless in the next bed next to Shakti. She refused to talk to anyone. She had a fracture on her leg and bruises on her pretty face and elbows. Anoop on the other hand had three stitches on his chin and a dislocated elbow.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt that man. I didn’t see him there’, Shakti was trying really hard to convince Maya of the unfortunate incident. ‘You didn’t see him there because you were not looking Shakti. You were supposed to look at the damn road’, Maya was trying to make her point across, but barely managing a squeal. It was a difficult time for both of them. And they were dealing with it in the way they knew. Their friends decided to stay out of it and left the two alone in their beds and walked away promising to come and look them up the next day.

For three months after the accident, Maya refused to neither meet Shakti nor answer his calls. Shakti was left wondering why Maya was acting this way and he was feeling let down, disappointed and deeply hurt with the whole turn of events.

And the day when they did meet it made Shakti’s world crash in front of him, with him feeling sucked in with great force. Maya had come to his house on a Saturday evening dressed like she would on any given day. Lovely, sensuous and breathtaking. She stormed out of her car and walked towards the door. Shakti was on a phone call with a client and he stepped out with a cup of coffee and the phone to his ear. He saw Maya and didn’t know how to react. He could barely talk on the phone. He was overcome with emotion and it was a surprise that he didn’t think would ever happen. ‘I guess I might have to call you back’, Shakti managed to speak these words to the client who was on the line and disconnected the call and placed the cup of coffee on the table next to him and walked slowly towards her.

Shakti gave her a soft smile. Maya looked cold. She seemed cold and she acted extremely different.

‘There is no us. There never was. And please don’t call me again. It’s over’. Those were her final words. It ended as suddenly as it had started. 'What's this', Shakti sighed heavily!

With Love,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meri maa

This is my entry for Blogadda's Contest

Hi Mom,
It has been a long time since I wrote any posts on this blog, which once bubbled with so many posts compelling a serious task for the readers/my best pals in blogger-world. Corporate world is demanding too much from me mom. I don't want to play the sad tunes once again and earn your or my readers pity.
Here's the poem I wrote for you.

You thought-She's born from a dream
from the womb of ebullience
tearing through the skin of expectation
a bundle of abundance
bringer of life and light.

I think-You possess every element of nature;
knew the songs of the birds,

you understood the messages of the rain
When you look into the eyes of the sun
you are the one for whom the flowers bloom.

Every step of yours is consequenceclip_image001
there's magic in your hands
I realized this when you caress my hair,
when I cry out of pressure.

Whatever I do,
wherever I go,
You were there to console me,
Now, I dream that you are near me,
But the fact is you became a dream!

You are my world,
And you will be my world!
Love you mom!

Maa, I need you near me, to wipe out my tears, to tell me you are always with me! Where can I find you mom? I miss you so much!

Happy Mothers day to you my lovely mom!

With Tear filled eyes & all Love ,

Your Daughter,


Saturday, April 3, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 9; the ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Hey Fool, Can you look into a mirror now?
Can you feel my anger?
Can you live your life in peace after you have taken mine?
Can you feed your children with those hands?
Can you still feel my blood pouring down?the_fool
Can you forget how I screamed when you stabbed me with your knife?
Can you wipe that image off your head?
Can you make believe it never happened?
Can you peacefully go to bed?
Can you get away with the perfect crime?
Can you disregard your conscience?
Can you make it all right?
Can you make it all good?
Can you tell your friends about me?
Can you keep your dirty little secret?
Can you live with the guilt of losing a friend?
Now tell me, you Fool Can you?

P.S:I guess this will be the serious post on such a topic. Blame my mind for that! If its nice enjoy, else wait for the next blog-a-ton ;)

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

After a long time!!

Hi friends, am writing a post after a long long time. You may wonder about my absence in this blogging world. My blog - Hits and Misses which had so many updates once is completely off the track now. Reason? MY JOB with a software company. It was the job I got in my third year of Engineering. Everybody knows the training schedule in a s/w company. So is my training too :(

But am really happy that, am no more Idle, wasting my time. But still, I can't write more posts now, like before. Hope I churn out atleast one post in a fortnight. I have so many regular followers, irrespective of my presence in their blogs. My absence for such a long time is this. Please Excuse me and hope my blog won't be forgotten.

I have 2 good news to be shared. The first one is am proud to announce officially that am an engineer :D :D. Yeah, my graduation day happened yesterday and it was an amazing feeling to meet all my old friends, college and lecturers. We really had a blast there. It was amazing.

The second nice thing that happened to me was now when I opened the blogger account just to see the comment of saurabh (From, stuffs I learnt today) about a great thing. Wondering what's that?? My 55 Fiction has been nominated in the Avant Garde Bloggies Award 2009 by Kanagu. What Saurabh told was that 55Fiction made it to the finals of AGB awards. I literally jumped out of the chair after seeing that! Click here to see that and search for Best 55-er genre. Wish me good luck and hope I win this :)

So guys, wishing You all a happy blogging and a wonderful time ahead. Hope to meet you all with a new 55Fiction or a story or another update. Till then, take care guys..

With Love,

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 8; the eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The year is 3867 and human race has settled in many other planets other than earth. The robots with artificial intelligence are now more intelligent than all of the human intelligence put together. The technology now enables to have a single 10.25mm chip to have all the known knowledge of the universe. The human race has mutated too fast that by this time, there are more than twelve subspecies in the species of “sapiens”. “Homo” had remained as the only genus to represent non-extinct beings in the “Homidae” Family.

Travel is at a speed greater than light but still E=mc2 doesn’t help much in time travel as imagined. Travel across solar systems is supposed to be done during week ends to visit relatives. Vineet was not much of a winner in this age and he usually dreamed of how his future would be. He had got his knowledge implanted from the Famous Massachusetts Institute of technology which boasted of being in existence for more than 18 centuries. Oh, I forgot as usual, Knowledge was implanted as study was calculated to be a time taking process. For his hobby Vineet explored across solar systems in low speed aircraft's to get a view of interesting planets and interesting sub-species.

And this was one of such trips when his space ship crash landed into a green looking planet. Luckily before his space ship went out of control he had signaled his position with a SOS signal. He stayed in his space craft for a couple of hours even after the crash before taking the risk to get out. He was thinking why the safety patrol hasn’t reached there yet. He took his first steps on the seemingly uninhabited planet. The energy producer of the space craft had stopped working. It was a bit dark as the “Star” was hidden by clouds. He roamed around and reached a sand filled place which looked like a beach shore except that the beach was missing and it was not a desert too as the sand was cold. He felt sleepy – he took his sleeping bag, got into it and slept.

He woke up feeling normal hunger. He was about to get up from his sleeping position when lot of arms clutched his arms and face. Vineet heard voices and when the arm around his face moved he was able to see eleven people with angry faces. When his implanted knowledge started getting him a few answers he was able to figure out that they were all of different sub-species of his own species sapiens. And thanks to his MIT knowledge he was able to figure out that now all 12 sub-species of the species “sapiens” were present in that place. At last somebody spoke “Leave him, he is just like us”.

He talked for some time and came to know each one of them had a similar experience of crash landing on this planet and they were suspecting some fool play. They talked to each other in a group, somebody shared his food. It was almost 24 hours since Vineet’s craft had crash landed on the planet. Suddenly they all saw a huge craft of the Safety patrol landing and soon they were carried to the patrol’s craft. All were seated in a cabin when a group of androids came in loaded with laser guns.

One of the androids spoke “Thanks gentle men for helping us. This will be painless because before you brain could sense the pain in any part of your body the brain itself would have vaporized”. Vineet would have shit his pants but instead the word came from his mouth, “Shit, what do you mean?”. The android replied “You were part of an experiment to test whether this planet is inhabitable by your species, you all survived for 24 hours or more so the test is passed”. Vineet got pissed off and said “what!!!! You test in-habitability with live beings? You people are Crazy or what?”

The Android replied “Yes, no technology has been honed to test in-habitability of your species, so we use live species that is you human beings. Moreover lab rats have been extinct for more than fifteen centuries, as far as any other queries ask your forefathers in hell, Good bye gentlemen”, "Damn with the android’s sense of humor", thought Vineet. And the laser guns moved swiftly and vaporized the twelve species.

Vineet’s brain flashed only one thought when he got up, “What’s the purpose of being in the future”. So next you kill a rat remember that its grand-grand-son could some day save your grand-grand-son..


P.S : Kindly bear with my first attempt in this genre (Sci-fi)

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