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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just another Fiction from me! I think am boring you all with my routine stuffs rather than showing difference in my writings. But this post is so close to my heart. I hope you all will start dreaming when u finish this story. This post was selected by blogadda as one of their Tangy Tuesday Pick

It was 7pm then… I closed my maths book and was thinking about watching CN (Cartoon Network obviously!). But my dad was sitting as a guard near the TV, preventing me from watching Tom & Jerry

eS eM eSSSSsms

It was my mobile’s tone… The cutest of all the message alerts I have ever had. Wow!!! A text for me….I hastily picked up the mobile from the table…

hey Jaanu… Don 4get 2 bring d cake v bot tis evg!! Tis time v gonna cut it in bus itself J C u tomo in bus den!!

I replied --
“wow in bus itself!!! Cool…. U bet… b4n…”
--“delivered to Nike”

It was from my best friend Nikita. You know how it feels to celebrate the birthdays of our dear ones!? Oh man… you cannot put that down in words, that too when you are in your teens and that too in college days. Spending a penny for a good cause (??)!!! With nothing much in your pockets... Those were wonderful excitements and thrills. Just imagine them and you will get into that mood, Arey party mood yaar.

My dad would give me 200 rupees per month. Slowly I pestered him for a hike in my pocket money, as I kept moving from first year to final year of my college. But I would plan well and spend the money so that I don’t end up bankrupt & sit without celebrations at such occasion

And the next day morning, with the backpack, I was standing in the bus stop awaiting my college bus with all the excitement to celebrate the birthday of one of my buddies appu (actually her name is Aparna and we call her appu), obviously with the birthday cake in my other hand packed well. Here comes the yellow ride!!! That’s how we call our college bus! Though its usual that we mock our college buses a lot calling all the names, we really enjoy the ride a lot daily… We play, sleep, eat, and even write the assignments. Believe me, half of my assignments were written in my college bus only.

I got into the bus and it started moving again. Nikita was eagerly waiting to see me bring the cake inside…
“hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. I waved and threw my bag in a seat.

We soon formed a small circle… Aparna was standing in the center, and Nikita was holding the cake in her hands, with other bus friends surrounding us. I lit the candle and we began the party. We soon cut the cake in the bus itself, smashed the cake pieces and threw creams on each other’s faces. We all screamed "happiee birthday dear appu" in a joyous mood, sprayed the foam around and brought the environment a glow and a glee. Then we sat down laughing merrily and I started cutting the remaining safe-guarded half of the cake and distributed it to others in the bus. I took one piece of the cake and moved towards the driver. He was a very good friend to all of us. And a cheerful person too. He never minds all the shouting and fun we have on the bus daily. And that is one reason we always share such happy moments with him too!!

Oh oh!!! Here comes the trouble…

(As usual) The Maths lecturer woke from her sleep and shouted "wont you ever change at all??? yesterday evening, I warned all you guys not to behave like animals inside this bus!!! But you never seem to listen at all... aaaanimals!!! Wilddd aaaanimals!!! ". It was Ms.Amudha, our Maths lecturer in our college. You know what? All the other department lecturers always have a complex (if am right) that the students will not respect them, or bother about them once they cross their two years in the engineering colleges. It is obvious, because there will not be any Language or maths classes from third year onwards and so we wont have an opportunity, even talk with them!! And so the first year lecturers always behave in an indifferent manner (??) towards the students and show their ‘attitude’ towards us.

She continued, "So… today I am going to take this very seriously.. you, you and you (pointing to me, Nikita and Aparna). Yes… three of you! . Don’t run away after getting down from the bus, I have already hinted about you three to the Vice-Principal many times. I will take you 3 Monsters(?!) to the VP today as soon as we reach college." (You should have seen her face then!! boy oh boy... I like it when her face turns this way)

Poor appu uttered silently, “Every stupid thing happens on my birthday!!”. Myself and Nikita consoled her in a best possible way that occurred to us! Ms.Amudha continued her sleep after this short inane session and we sat quietly in the bus after that without any other option. The bus neared the college gate, gave a jerk and stopped. All of them got down from the bus, and we three stood behind, discussed what to talk to VP and then followed our Maths Ma’am. She walked very happily as though she had achieved something great!

Meanwhile, I took my mobile out from my kit, and hastily typed a text to Anjali, the girl who sits besides me in my class…
“Wil b late, gimme attendance...”
And waited hastily to just to see
---“delivered to Anju”

I pushed the keypad of my mobile to cut the alert. Ms.Amudha was starring at me then!!
It was the reply from Anjali…

“oki oki done bt hey cum soonnn :P
& hey… did u get my msg last nit… I had asked u 2 bring a LAYS’ packet as we have d seminar 2day… u kno na? I wil fal asleep if I don’t munch!!! I cant get caught once again to tat humpty-dumpty sir 2day!!! ”

I couldn’t stop giggling on seeing her reply. I just had only a few seconds of time to send this much alone as the reply to her …
---“delivered to Anju”…

'Huff!!! This woman, She is a lady Hitler', I thought to myself and we followed her and waited near the VP's cabin. Our VP is a pleasant man in his early fifties. After a few minutes, Ms.Amudha came out, along with the VP with huge sense of pride. Dean was in his neatly pressed suit, his usual attire. He almost knew every single student in the college. So he knew us very well as we were in the so-called “hit list” always.

“Students, I know you three are the naughtiest of all in this bus”. He turned towards English ma’m and looked at her. She nodded back happily imagining that we are going to be given severe punishments. He turned to us again and continued, “I know how it feels to celebrate the birthdays of our friends. But please do not disturb others for that". After saying this, he smiled at us, and hurriedly walked past behind us to his car. Oh Wow wow wow!! is this is what you call luck? The three of us replied in chorus "Sorry sir… ". We smiled at our ma’am sheepishly and she in turn did the same for she had expected something and something else churned out…

She walked away in dismay towards the Maths Department. We three saw each other, started with a smile, ended in a laugh. After that short giggles, we waved “good byes”. We all are from different departments of engineering and so walked to our respective classrooms…

“WRU ?? cum soon…”
It was Anjali..

I took my mobile out and selected silent profile; I was nearing my classroom. I peeped inside my class through the window. Thank God, it was not Maths hour for now and gleefully entered into the class telling an excuse to Data Structures ma'am for my late entry and sat in my place. I started telling Anjali all the happenings from the morning, while copying the problem from the blackboard in my note…

A sudden jerk jolted me off the seat..oh!!! What place is this…? I opened my eyes, just to find out that I am sitting in the same old bus but... no waitthe bus color is white now… what happened ?? I sat erect, rubbed my eyes found my S/W company's tag(ID) hanging from my neck.. A dream? No no... I was back in my college days. Oh those sweet memories. And then it was my mobile again

Wow!!! A text for me. I hastily picked up the mobile from my kit. Remembering those good old days
Message: “Status call at 8.30 am… Pl assemble at C3- Conference hall.. Pass the msg to others”

It was from one of my Project members! Oh no.. not again. The bus reached ITMC78 old memories Corridor, then to my office. I got down and as usual walked deplorably towards C3 and swiped my card. I muttered myself, “I wish I get back that Golden Era - my college life again!”


P.S: Dreaming? Come back and tell me what you felt! eS eM eSSSS is the Message tone I still have in my mobile!

With Love,


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Kaka said...

even i have the same tone..:) hi5.....nice one...i understand the birthday thing also very well as i am quite used to that....nice write....:)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Oh shruthi.. I know how you feel. You know, I felt the exact same thing when I was working for a year. I never dreamt of going back to college again but it happened and
I'm so glad it did.. Life is full of surprises.. You'l never know.. Like i always say, " TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES" :).. btw, good post..

Shruti said...

Is that so!? Hi 5!
Thank you! You enjoy ur college life, that too you can do a lot in engineering! After college days, huh! You will understand!

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton sweety! So true! But you know, life after college sucks! We longed for a day's leave then! Now, we long to go back to college!

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

That is so true.. I just wish I could stay student all my life with all my friends around. The best days of anyone's life..

Shruti said...

But can we do so?! :(
We cant! Miss everything in my college!

Anonymous said...

Good post! Guess you mixed ur real joyful experiences in this story and an unexpected ending as usual...

It's really gr8 fun celebarting the b'day of our friends... that tooo with our college crowd around...

Made me to feel nostalgic about my college day!! Thanks for tat!!

Keep writing!

Shruti said...

Yes.. mixed my real life partly and wrote this! Yes miss all those celebrations! :(
U r welcome!

Thank u!

pRiYaN...! said...

yeah !its great to recall the happy events... being in final year we are enjoying each and every sec....

i would never admit to these lines

'I think am boring you all with my routine stuffs rather than showing difference in my writings.'

your always find things interesting and keep us entertaining...cheers !!!

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton for those words!
Enjoy your final year! You won't get them back!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Shrutu.. a beautiful post thr.. mst say u keep surpising everytime with a better post thn b4.. really loved it, especially the part towrds d end.. it tuk d story 2 anothr plane all together.. eS eM eSSSS :)

(Is this sum spl tone.. um not aware of it!)

Neha said...

college life, I miss it so much...and I am in love with nostalgic feeling...nice write up... things have changed so much now..sigh, wish I could go bck to my coll days too

Anonymous said...

Good one girlie.. even I miss those college days a lotttttt :( had so much of fun back then :( but then life goes on.. and dont you dare stop writing fiction. I love them. Write more fictions :)

vEnKy said...

good post suggest this for blog adda picks

Miss_Nobody said...

I have a few of those left-I'm just in my first year,so I guess I should just enjoy it!!I remember stuff I did in school though-new in college,not many friends-I'm really missing my school.

Ekam said...

Awww... I'm feeling nostalgic now .. :(
Those colg days were soooo good . I was the one who used to always wish that colg should be over soon and now that it is over , I'm the one who misses it the most:(
A colg/school post coming soon from me:P
And hey ,what's this ringtone? Where can I find it ??

Bharathi said...

You girls used to have all pretty nice nick names. Among guyz its not so common to use decent ones. If some nick name irritates a person, then that would be his permanant nick name. You could have seen a pinch of it in the post 'DEATH' :-).

And I think there might be a logical error in your story. How can you ask your friend to give attendance and then enter the same class?

PRG said...

Oh! For that elixir called youth
gives you the high of Vermouth
Enjoy it to the max that's the truth
or you will have only time to ruth.

Nice post.made me nostalgic. It has been close to 30 years since I finished college.

Yellow Tulip said...

lovely story:)

Makk said...

shruti ...

are you too engg???

well...i was wandering in my college some where ...with few guys....

(wet eyes)....with smile

Keep Smiling!!

Shruti said...

Hi vipsy :)
I surprised you? Wow :)
Thanks for those real comments! :)

eS eM eSSSS is a tweety tone :) I don't know if its special!

Shruti said...

hi sweets :)
Even i am missing my college life!

Shruti said...

Haah! Second one to tell me to continue writing fictions! Certainly i don't know whether its good!

College days are the best!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks a ton da :)

Shruti said...

@Miss nobody
Hey kiddo! U r in first year, when you are in final year, you will understand all these feelings!

lostworld said...

So cute.. "always have old memories and new hopes" .. Liked that :-)

Shruti said...

Arey yaar, even i was like you! But these boredom days in home, before system makes me sluggish! I miss my college days so much!

Tone, that is tweety SMS tone :)

Urvashi said...

Really sweet tale..n to tell u ur stuff is never boring to read..It always has a hint of difference..n the same followed in this...!!

M still in last yr colg n so enjoyin all these moments to the best..!!!! But I m damn sure tht I m gonna miss all the bday parties & crazy celebrations we had in colg..!!! Keep writing..!!!!

Shruti said...

Hey you noticed those nick names eh? :P
Yeah i have seen my class boys keeping funnier and sensitive names :)

Logical error? That may appear so! But even lecturers in our college know abt me, so they don't mind proxy's! This story has part of my own experiences in college :P
So excuse those errors Bharathi!

Shruti said...

welcome to my blog :)
I loved those lines u told about youth!Made u nostalgic after 30 years? Wow! That's fantastic!

Shruti said...

@Yellow tulip
Thank u!

Shruti said...

Yes am an engineering student! You also eh?
With wet eyes u are commenting?
Thank u!


Most interesting to read, very well written if I may say so.


Shruti said...

@Lost world
Thanks sweety!! Even i loved it!

Shruti said...

Hey thank u!
Enjoy your final yyear and have a blast! :)

Shruti said...

Hey, thanks lady! Welcome back after a long time :)

Chatterbox said...

College days were full of fun and carefree moments. We all loved them and cherish every memory associated with those days.

Great post Shruti. You reminded me of the good time we used to have celebrating birthdays in our hostel.

Keep up the good work girl.


Shruti said...

coll life rocks na!

Anoop said...

is this a fiction or a real story?? i asked cuz at the beginin, u said this is a fiction n in the middle u said 'appu' n u said tats the way u call aparna...

so...i jus got confused figurin out if this is a fiction or a real one..

khe khe khe.. anyways nice story or fiction or a real-life-incident or wateva u call it :P

Makk said...

Yeah...I am life Style Counselor & Engineer as well.

I am an entrepreneur.


Roshmi Sinha said...

Good one! A trip down memory lane... afterall, as they say, nostalgia is priceless :)

btw, I'm unable to access Shankar's blog (Ballat) for the last 3 days or so. There seems to be a problem with it. He had some Qs re: my previous post ("Grief" - A 77-Fiction)... which I've addressed in my blog. Do let him know...

P.S. Do let me know your take on my latest flash fiction...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shruti

Wow..very enchanting! I also sometimes come across such captivating dreams with the mixture of people of my life. Such dreams are so embracing.

I was enjoying the journey of SMSs with you while reading this post!


Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

hey this is awesome...i did dream the college days...

just...conference status on sms... i will never accept i receive it...:P

Shruti said...

Arey what re? See, I wrote this FICTION like my own story and this has parts of my own experience :)

Shruti said...

Hey thanks girl and will inform shankar!

Shruti said...

Really glad to hear that!

Shruti said...

Thank u so much dearie!
Yeah wish my coll days are back!

Shruti said...

Wish your boss reads this reply from you :P

Thanks siddhesh!

Anonymous said...

nice one..................

keep it up

Shruti said...

Thanks yaar!

Prithwish said...

hey shruti..
just blogohpped and found ur blog..awesome stuff..reading ur post reminded me of my own college days...indeed college days are eliir of youth, in true sense..the most cherished and memorable ones..
keep riting..u have one more follower now..:)
and do visit my blog and render ur feedback..
take care..

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy your stay here :)
True, college life rocks! Thanks for following me and keep visiting!

HaRy!! said...

kalakal po...yeah now and then when i look down at the fotos i remember the endless birthday parties late night! hav yu been in Hostel? boy thats more fun than being a day scholar!..nice memories!and sorry been busy lately so didnt comment for yu other posts..wil do it soon

Shruti said...

Thanks pa :)
Nan day scholar dan :)
Avasaram illa, porumaya vandhu comment pannu...neeye adhisayama vela pakara, ade naanga kedukalama?!

HaRy!! said...

ada pavingala...mudive panitingala!

Shruti said...

:P :D
pinna, un vaayala vela seiyarennu solrappo, apdiye inba thaen vandhu paayuthu kaadhinile!
Vela paakarenu thooka kalakkathula solitaya hari?!

Shankar said...

hey..enna di virtusa join pannitiya?? sollaveilla.... you said offer letter coming on dec???

illa future la nadaporathuku effecta???

anywayz a really nice post.....

even the same thing happened in our bus... but only once.... one mam shouted at us... you know what we did... we all students got down from the bus... and didnt goto college... the next day we wrote the letter complaining about the mam.... thats it...

Shruti said...

Hey un kitta sollama irupena da? yena dan sanda pottalum sollama join panna maaten!
First part yen coll la nadanthathu.. second part, fiction!!

Hey antha ma'am sariyana scene party,, nalla maati vitruthu!What you did was awesome! Yen coll la adellam sari pattu varathu!

Vishnu said...

am always late.. n am jus here to say tht i loved it.. still in final year.. finish pannum bodhu parpom..

Shruti said...

Hey enjoy the final years in college :)

Gyanban said...

College days are truly the wonder years..they shape so many emotions and each one of us have a different memory.

Well written.

Shruti said...

Yeah! But whatever they may be...we all cherish our college life!

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