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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mystic Powers !?

A week ago, I read a factual article regarding the mysterious happenings, which happens in many lives. But these happenings doesn't have any concrete evidences to prove them. It provoked me to write this article. Stories of scores of breakthroughs made in science and technology cannot take away from the fact that there exists some phenomenon that we still cannot explain. Here are few mysteries which science cannot explain till date.


Spirits of the dead have long made an appearance in our folklore. People have reporteGhostd seeing partitions of both strangers and departed loved ones. Though proof of the existence of ghosts remains elusive, eyewitnesses report seeing and even communicating with ghosts. In Minnesota, Taunton Cemetery a 12 year old girl was seen sitting in the rocking chair, rocking it back and forth next to her grave. In another incident, An old man who loved reading books was seen in a photo (After his death), taken by his family members in his library. Weird na?



There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist — people see things in the skies that they cannot identify, ranging from aircraft to meteors. Whether or not any of those objects are alien spacecraft is a different matter. Investigation has found known causes for most sightings, but some UFO incidents will remain unexplained. From where they are coming and where do they go?


Call it gut feelings, or a ‘sixth sense’, we have all experienced and we term it as intuition. Psychologists note that people subconsciously pick up information, leading us to sense or know information without knowing exactly how or why we know it. But cases of intuition are difficult to prove or study. Many say, it is the recorded information present in the sub-conscious mind, which results in the Intuition. But doctors say, it is not so. Intuition is beyond the reach of sub-conscious mind.


For decades, large, hairy, manlike beasts called Bigfoot have been reported by many eyewitnesses across America and Tibet. In the absence of evidence like teeth or bones, support comes down to sightings and ambiguous photos. Hence solid proofs regarding their existence. Since it is logically impossible to prove a universal negative, science will never be able to prove that creatures like the Loch Ness monster do exist in this world.


Déjà vu is a French phrase meaning ‘already seen’, referring to the distinct, puzzling, and mysterious feeling of having experienced a specific set of circumstances before. Cause and nature of the phenomenon itself remains a mystery. It has been subject to serious psychological and neuro-physiological research. Scientifically speaking, it is an act of "precognition" or "prophecy". Memory trace may lead to the sensation of matching the real life characters with the persons resembling their characteristics and this may be called as Déjà vu. Again, there are no solid proof for these.


People who were once near death have sometimes reported various orphic experiences (such as going into a dark room and emerging in a well-lit place) While such experiences are profound, no one has returned with proof or verifiable information from ‘beyond the grave’. Skeptics suggest that the experiences are explainable as hallucinations of a traumatized brain, yet there is no way to know with certainty what causes near-death experiences.


Psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) rank among the top unexplained phenomena if for no other reason than that belief in them is so widespread. Many people believe that intuition is a form of psychic power. Researchers have tested people who claim esp_pic2to have psychic powers, though the results under controlled scientific conditions have so far been negative or ambiguous. Some have argued that psychic powers cannot be tested, or for some reason diminish in the presence of skeptics or scientists. If this is true, science will never be able to prove or disprove the existence of psychic powers. ESP involves reception of information's not from recognized senses. A scientific methodology that shows statistically significant grounds for ESP has not been authenticated.


BodyMindConnection Medical science is only beginning to understand the ways in which the mind influences the body. Emotions of people can at times cause a relief in medical symptoms or suffering by believing the cures to be effective, whether they actually are or not. Using processes only poorly understood, the body’s ability to heal itself is far more amazing than anything modern medicine could create. Without medicines, diseases get cured just because of our mind-set. Isn't this something? No solid evidences are available for this one too!

All these are mysteries or questions which remain unanswerable for a long time. What does this mean? Who is the reason behind all these? Can we prejudice that some extraordinary power is acting along with the laws of nature? Again, all these are left behind as the points to ponder.

With Love,


Image Courtesy : Google Images

P.S : I wrote this article by referring some web-sites for writing this without factual errors. So if you feel that this contain views which oppose your thought's, am sorry. Its my perspective. Any resemblance of sentences published in any other web-sites matching with my writing, is purely coincidental.



My what an interesting post, I have always wondered about many of the things you have written about,
I guess it's something we shall never really know.


Anu...:) said...

Scary post:P
Well just kidding..its a nice post.
There is nothing extraordinary that acts separately for us...its in our will,our mind and our thinking,that all these exist.What you see of the world is the result of what you think.

Arnav said...

There are so many things in and around us which cannot be explained and yet they exists..
At times I feel these things make life so interesting :)

Keep Writing and Smiling :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

You missed out the most important concept of "LIFE" pa....
Science can never answer this forever at all :)

The important thing to be noted is that Science tries to answer everythin scientifically bot it often disapproves of many natural phenomenons...

nice post :)
keep blogging

Anonymous said...

am I the first one to comment..
but I didn't want to be...
well....I have some doubts....

will tell u after some more people put up their thoughts..I may be wrong..

btw a well researched post...u are providing varities to your readers..

Vishnu said...

just a quick question..
if in the future science does prove all these concepts.. will u stop believing in god??

Sourav !!! said...

Interesting post, you made me to GOOGLE few things !

Don't know if you have already visited this site, but I'm sharing it with you, really interesting !

Neha said...

what a topic...i can go on and on about it with all I have studied about this so far...the theory of mind-body-spirit...this is a very small platform to explain it all...I have gone into y past life thru hypnotherapy, and it answered many cool gal...a very different, interesting, crisp and well researched post...

Shruti said...

Something we can never know?!
PArtially yes :)
If we have a breakthrough in any of these :)

Shruti said...

Though we may discard these facts as our mind-set, people have experienced these! What you cal for mind-body connection and ESP's?!
They do happen right?! But we are unable to reason those occurances :)
Thanks for your views

Shruti said...

""I feel these things make life so interesting :) ""
This is what i too felt and did a quite small research on these panoramal sciences :)

Shruti said...

Yes you are true. But the concept of life is taken up by a lot of bloggers and that's the reason i left it!

Though science is trying to prove everything scientifically,We accept things which are scientifically proven!
But these are certain aspects which are experienced by people throughout the world,without any reason and science is trying to find it!

RAM said...

This one something different and its worth reading. Really a very good writeup and clearly your choice of words embarks that you have become a good writer. I especially like the concept of dejavu and ESP. Keep writing and do write if you have had any experiences with ghosts :)

Anonymous said...

bhoootttt..hehe.. a very scary post girlie :) but a very informative one.. true these things have no explanation yet.. I have visited two haunted places where people have seen ghosts.. and I got so scared.. cant comment on it since I have no proof of their existence/non-existence.. Nice post..

Indian Pundit said...

I read a factual article regarding the mysterious happenings, which happens in many lives. But these happenings doesn't have any concrete evidences to prove them.

Provide a link to that "factual" article.I wanna see how "factual" it is.

Anoop said...

Yea there r no scientific proof f these...
but yet its happenin. we cant say this a mystery... its happenin rite in front f us... thr shud b some reason behind it...scientific or non scientific... i hav experienced the presence f some force (god or ghost, i dono) when i was a kid..

time, god, ghosts, universe, mind these r some f the things which science could neva (?) give an explanation abt... :O

vEnKy said...

OF the mysteries you have mentioned i have felt Ghosts( seriously i am not joking),intuition and deja vu. Nice post.

Paritosh said...

I am a sucker for these mysteries, specially ghost stories. Makes for a smashing conversation when we drive all thru the night.

BK Chowla said...

Shruti,I may tend to agree with you on Ghosts and Intuitions.

Shruti said...

You have a doubt with this?!
I dunno how much i can do justice to your doubt! But i can try!

Thanks for your words of appreciation!

Shruti said...

""if in the future science does prove all these concepts.. will u stop believing in god??""
A good question.
I never said so in any of my writings. God is a super-natural powers and these are some mystic powers. they both contradict each other always and never go hand in hand!

Shruti said...

I made the witty sourav to Google few things eh?!
Thanks a ton!

Will visit that site :)
Thank you!

Shruti said...

""this is a very small platform to explain it all""
You are correct! I wanted to write many more! But it became lengthy!
You have gone through hypnotherapy eh?! It musta've been interesting eh?!

""a very different, interesting, crisp and well researched post""
Hey thank you thank you thank you!!!

Shruti said...

improve aairukkena?!
But am still an amateur when compared to other superior bloggers!!
Thanks ram :)

Shruti said...

Thank you so much girl :)
You have visited haunted places eh?! Must have been a fascinating one for you!!
Who can prove it?! Science is trying to do it! But we don't know how much it can prove :)

Shruti said...

Believing and trusting this is one's own perspective.
I read these in my freinds professor's thesis. He is doing a research on these. So am not entitled to give anything!

""I wanna see how "factual" it is""
Means? Am writing something which is not factual or you have to verify how much truth lies in there?

Shruti said...

""i hav experienced the presence f some force""
Wowww!! What you experienced? Yes, these still remain a question for many and there is no clue when we will arrive at a conclusion!

Shruti said...

I too have felt this intuition!
Thanks a ton re :)

soin said...

ufo na unidentified fried objects.. athu yengenthu varuthu pothunu unake

pra said...

I have some experiances of sixth sence ,Deja-vu and body mind connection... I am trying to find some other explanations for them. But I like to read all the other stories very much and do not like to deny their existance.just try to find some other explanation for them as well...

Ekam said...

Interesting post.Hope one day we can get answers to all this.

Shruti said...

U don't believe them eh?!

Singh Amit said...

Really it's an interesting post.. :)
I don't believe in Ghosts..But I always feel there is Body-Mind connection...might be related to meditation. Buddhist monk even can change the temperature of body by meditation.... :)
Keep writing... :)

Shruti said...

@Chowla Ji
Thank you so much :)

lostworld said...

Nice nice ! :) I see someone's taking a break from 55 Fiction.

Shruti said...

Fried objects :P
Yummy :P :P
Nice comment re :)

Shruti said...

""sixth sence ,Deja-vu and body mind connection""
You have experienced them? But can you prove them scientifically?!
How do they occur? why they occur?
These are the questions that arise!

All these i mentioned here, are experienced by people. But couldn't arrive at a reason of their occurances! That's the prob!!

Shruti said...

Thanks girlie!
I too wish the same :)

Shruti said...

Thanks re :)
Meditation can prove anything! My point is, without meditation, just the thoughts can heal a person!!

Even i didn't believe ghosts, but what i read made me change my opinion!! :)

Shruti said...

@Lost world
Heheehhe :P
Thinking of not writing anymore 55Fictions!!

Guria said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, I read yours but couldn't comment 'cause I was tired and writing a massive post, that I finally posted! Whew! :P

Now I am going to read this new post of yours and comment again! :D

Makk said...


Can you give me link of factual article you have gone through?

Aditya said...

Interesting post shruti! you brought out those examples very well.

According to me, there is nothing supernatural in this world.

Guria said...

Nice post!
But I guess, if we knew everything life would be boring! :)
And if I come to know any of these, I'll tell you and you write a post on it, won't you> :D

Jokes apart, I think the last point is the most crucial underlying every phenomenon.

Love, G.

Shruti said...

Wow! Gonna see it!! :)

Read and comment :)

Shruti said...

I din't read it Online.
Also, these are not from the article i read.
That article dealt with some paranormal sciences. I got interested and wrote this article.

So, i can't give you!

Shruti said...

Thanks re!
Don't you believe in God?!

Shruti said...

True to the point! Unknown things always kindles our interest and acts as a key to a fascinating life :)

Migh! Surely will write :)
Gonna speak with some Ghosts eh?! :P

The Aspirant said...

well all wadever u have written here is quite true nd science will never be able to xpalin dese things......

Deja Vu is d thing dat i hv xperienced numerous tyms, but who knows wad it is actualy ;)

Shruti said...

@The Aspirant
Science will never be able to crack them eh??
Lets see :)

How about sharing your Deja Vu with us?!

HaRy!! said...

ena pa? suddenly all ET mathiri post elam? did yu sight something unusual? ..Oh i wish i cud see some one like Jadoo in Koi Mil gaya.....
and hey thanks for the comment ya...didnt realise it was so funny to make yu lol :)!! great compliment really...nandri!

Aditya said...


No, I dont believe in God. :)

My Only god is Ilayaraja.

chetan said...

it's a gr8 compilation
and informative too
is it posiible that some facts re made popular with the help of media,
like 'flying objects or foot prints' , as I was free these days, and wached a similar thing shown on news channel

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

its been 6000 years in our evolution and we have not yet found out about the depts of human brain.

In paranormal science, it is said that Ghosts are just a fragment of imagination or a electro magnetic fluctuation...

but why is it that our brain senses it, what our others senses do not see??

Interesting article. Quite intriguing.

Shruti said...

Something unusual?!
Yeah, un blog padichen :P
That was on a lighter note!
One of my frens professor is doing research on paranormal sciences.
So it fascinated me :)

Shruti said...

He too penned the music for thiruvasagam, in lord Shiva's respect!!

Shruti said...

U saw in TV eh?!
Actually, i gave them the materials :P

Shruti said...

Another piece of info for me regarding this :)
Thanks re :)

Aditya said...


Of course he did. When did I say my god should be an atheist? And when I say 'my God' I meant the person I have utmost respect. :)

Shruti said...

see ilayaraja is god for you. Ilayaraja thinks Shiva as god. So eventually you trust in god
In both side ilayaraja gets cancelled.
thus proved Adi believes in God :P

(ENgineer brain :P :P)

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

i am a firm supporter of skepticism .. but these things really confuse me ..sometimes i wonder .. why cant things like ghosts , intuition , psychic powers be a result of evolution itself ! ..n i have many times felt "deja-vu" .. its kind of becoming a habit now :P

Shruti said...

Ghosts are evolution of life?!
You read sid's comment?
Ghosts are just a fragment of imagination or a electro magnetic fluctuation and our brain senses it!!
awesome na

Anonymous said...

I am afraid my comment will get lost among so many comments out here. But I believe I have to live with it..coz every post of yours is flooded with amazing comments.

I am so happy that your blog is liked by so many of us.

Keep writing re! :)

Shankar said...

A very nice post.... I love this because.. I always like this concept of ghost and life after death... I am really interested in making a research and have read a lot of stories(dont know whether they are true) about the existence of ghost in Google...

Dont think I am crazy... I have even tried the chart game once.... but didn't achieve success as I got scared half way... But will try again in the future..but waiting for someone who is interested in these and who can make a research along with me.. To be true..I am more interested in these..than engineering or games...

Shankar said...

I knew some theory about this... But I dont want to share it here... Because I dont know whether they are true.. just got great info's from google...

Prads said...

good one abt unexplainatory ones in ths world...

nice ways of explanation


do inform me abt ur next blog updates///

Aditya said...

@ Shruti

:P :P

Thats exactly how everyone proves the supernaturals around :P

Shruti said...

""I am afraid my comment will get lost among so many comments out here""
Migh!! i value each and every comment i get. All are precious to me re..Thanks for your wonderful comment. Am really happy!!

Thanks Amrit!!

Shruti said...

hey even i like this concept. When time permits we shall discuss abt this research :)

Hey idha pathi nan search panathukkum dan my friend called me crazy!!
Adhellam nenaikka kudathu

Shruti said...

Theories? Will ping you and ask them!!

Shruti said...


Shruti said...

Lolzzz :P :P

pra said...

We can not straight forwardely prove it scientifically! That's why many people don't believe it but still you can't deny them! In round about way with bending of some rules you can prove them theoretically. But you cannot prove them in laboratory!

Shruti said...

Theoretically it can be proved by bending some laws?!
Proving ghosts in laboratory!!Lol :)

You are true pra!! these things are beyond human recognition!

Being Pramoda... said...

Since the day one of the universe and human beings, there were many facts which had taken decades to be proven by science..starting frm the shape of earth to the solar system, they all took years.. Initially no one believed the scientists who cried about the facts, and were rejected by people's blind beliefs..

i would say, similarly, all these may remained unproved till date, but some day of some generation will definetly get it, if we keep on trying..

A thought, doubt, belief, of any human being can be proved by other human being, of course with the help of nature and time..

Lets wait for that ..

Shruti, This is a good post..Highlighting many unproven and interestinf facts..thanks for taking time and compiling all these..

Sorry fr being late here..but on my first read to this article i thought i needed some time to express myself clearlyy..Thanks dear..

Shruti said...

""A thought, doubt, belief, of any human being can be proved by other human being, of course with the help of nature and time""
Very true! But why nature hasn't helped us still?

Thank you for all these praising!! Am i the right person for these?!

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

A valuable post and it much helpfull to all.Thanks a lot for your post.

Karim - Positive thinking

Shruti said...

Thank you and welcome to my space :)

Shreesh said...

Well good post iam a skeptic about most of the items written here .however I have had some experiences which being so first hand couln'dt just deny it. Our commen friend kaddu has written about one such phenomemon. The person she mentions in her blog is me. Go to her blog and read a post called "Strangest Day" see if you can get some more food about it !!

Shruti said...

Hey shreesh, i never knew u are in blog-o-sphere..
Surely will read in kaddu's blog! Thanks for dropping by!

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