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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meri maa

This is my entry for Blogadda's Contest

Hi Mom,
It has been a long time since I wrote any posts on this blog, which once bubbled with so many posts compelling a serious task for the readers/my best pals in blogger-world. Corporate world is demanding too much from me mom. I don't want to play the sad tunes once again and earn your or my readers pity.
Here's the poem I wrote for you.

You thought-She's born from a dream
from the womb of ebullience
tearing through the skin of expectation
a bundle of abundance
bringer of life and light.

I think-You possess every element of nature;
knew the songs of the birds,

you understood the messages of the rain
When you look into the eyes of the sun
you are the one for whom the flowers bloom.

Every step of yours is consequenceclip_image001
there's magic in your hands
I realized this when you caress my hair,
when I cry out of pressure.

Whatever I do,
wherever I go,
You were there to console me,
Now, I dream that you are near me,
But the fact is you became a dream!

You are my world,
And you will be my world!
Love you mom!

Maa, I need you near me, to wipe out my tears, to tell me you are always with me! Where can I find you mom? I miss you so much!

Happy Mothers day to you my lovely mom!

With Tear filled eyes & all Love ,

Your Daughter,


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