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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Chris’s hands trembled as he raised his face from a microscope. His trembled hands went in search of water. He gulped down a tumbler of cold water. ‘What the heck is this! How the hell did I miss such a crucial information?’. “Eddwarrrddddddddd….come here. Its urgent”, cried Dr. Christopher Hauley, Head of Research and Development, MIT, USA. He was the headlines of the media few weeks before. That was when he found the rare and the most important drug, that one couldn’t have ever imagined in his entire life time. But it is the same drug that is going to floor him today. Edward McLean, Junior Research Analyst who is also the student of Chris came rushing in on hearing the shrill cry of Chris. Edward’s face went pale on reading the report Chris handed him over.

Neha Padwal tried adjusting the new salwar she got few days back. She felt bile juices flowing in the entire digestive system. Today her family is going to meet Ankit Sinha’s family. The Sinha’s selected Neha as the potrntial candidate/victim after filtering some 100 potential horror-scopes..err.. sorry for the typing error. It is actually horoscope, which not only reflects the position of the stars, also depicts the financial position of many girls. Than the former, the latter is the main factor the horoscope’s place is determined. Either the bin or the pooja room. Neha’s face was red. She felt shy, happy, sad, all at the same time. This is the first time, her horoscope got selected and her family has been called for an informal get-together. She felt a cold air near her ear lobe. “Hi Neha..”, ‘It is him’, she thought. “mmmmm….”.”You are beautiful. Do you like me? Shall I accept for this marriage?”. She mumbled with anxiety and happiness the same ‘mmmm’ and Ankit proudly told that he likes the bride-to-be.

“How we could have missed this vital point Chris. Am completely flabbergasted. If only….”. Chris ptiched in, stared Edward and said, ”For Christ’s Sake Eddie. No If’s, Buts’ and could have’s! Could you please think of a possible solution so that we could prevent that mishap!”. Edward took the paper, glanced it one more time and kept it in his pocket and reached for the same tumbler Chris used few minutes back. After a minute of deep thinking, Eddie raised his face only to find Chris’ deep blue eyes staring him. Suddenly all the blood rushed to his face on this stare. He always felt this effect on Chris’ stare. With all the confidence, he tried piecing his ideas. “How many people have taken in the drug eddie?”, asked Chris by caressing his bald head. “Four”, replied Edward in a hurry. Before Chris could proceed on with his questions, eddie replied, ”I will personally try to catch the four people chris”. Chris' lips widened a bit and a smile came out, with his hands reaching the tumbler.

"Kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai" ringed Neha's mobile. Ankit's face with  a broad smile 268553~A-Way-to-Express-Feeling-Love-and-Cherish-Posters flashed in Neha's mobile. She grabbed it immediately before anyone could see it. "Neha darling! Love you some much. Feel like hearing your voice. Speak something!", whispered Ankit. Neha's face flushed with shyness. This is the first time a guy is telling that he loves her. "Mmmmm....", mumbled Neha. "Honey, please speak something na?". "I too like you annn...ankittt". Ankit smiled on hearing it. It went on for days and days before their engagement. They both shared their intimate secrets with each other. Neha felt so happy. She was experiencing the power of love from her man.

The drug Dr. Christopher Hauley discovered is MaFeCet. After the most famous vaginoplasty surgery (Surgery to convert a man into woman), when MafeCet is injected into the body, the male hormone, Testosterone get suppressed and it increases the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body. Only after getting the approval from the four patients Chris injected the medicine. Only few hours back he found that the medicine spreads into the body of the male who have sexual intercourse with the converted girl. After this crucial finding, Chris' only job was to find the four person and stop them from having any relationship.

Rishi Padwal, Neha's dad kept the phone with tensed hands and wiped the sweat off his brows. His gaze met Neha's smiling eyes. Neha's saw Ankit's residence number and her instinct told the call would be regarding her engagement ring. Would Ankit's parents had made her dad to pay the entire amount for the engagement. Such a heavy amount for a night watchman would be so high. Neha reached her dad's easy-chair, sat near him in the floor and looked questioningly. Rishi kept his hand on neha's head and told the most shocking news of her lifetime. Ankit's parents saw a wealthy-educated girl for their and going to engage them tomorrow. That girl has finished M.B.B.S in USA. Neha felt the world around her were crashing on her. Her hands fumbled and like a pre rehearsed thing she called Ankit's number. But it was switched off. After 48 hours of trying, Ankit attended her call and spoke everything before Neha could open her mouth. "Listen Neha, I liked you the moment I saw you. But when I saw that girl for the first thought that crossed my mind was my career. I accept we spoke too much. Sorry for everything, Goodbye and all the very best". The manly voice of Ankit which Neha liked so much once seemed the most awkward voice she had ever heard. Ankit had created the same effect a tornado would create.

Edward came rushing in Chris' room and exclaimed, "Hey Chris, Mailed all the four guys and called 3 of them. But....". Chris beamed and the 'but' made him bit uneasy. Understanding Chris' look, Edward continued, "The last one Karun Gupta was your student". On hearing the name, Chris gave a familiar look and replied Edward, "Yeah, Karun, He wanted to experience the life being a girl and voluntarily came and injected the drug. What's up with him Eddie?". Edward swallowed the lump in his throat and continued, "Karun finished his studied and left the country". While all these conversations were going on in the laboratory, here in India, in all the gazette records Karun Gupta was being changed to Karishma Gupta. Karishma got married to Ankit Sinha. Ankit eyed Karishma who was happily sleeping by his side. He thought about all the things that happened last night and closed his face with his hands, with his cheeks turning red in shy.

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