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Friday, September 4, 2009

55 Fiction - #8

Am setting my foot in the second month of blogging! Last month the same day my first post got published! Now after a month am here with my 21st post and 36 wonderful followers! Thank you once again!

Well friends, am here again with another 55 Fiction! Am so happy that people like my 55 fiction. Its been quite sometime that i wrote one 55Fiction! So, today being Friday planned to publish this one! This 55 fiction getting published on Friday is called "55 Fiction Friday"

Those who are new to this concept, understand what is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

If only I had known before hospitalizing my son for cracked skull.

If only I had known before cracking his skull due to my rough blow.

If only I had seen before hitting my son for scratching the new car.

If only I had seen, he had scratched 'I love you dad' on my car.

I am dedicating this 55Fiction to The Crazy SiD who has gone for a brain transplantation to imbibe still more stupid things to his brain!

Hope you liked this one.. Please do comment on this 55 fiction attempt!

With Love,

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Kaka said...

lol...if only i had known u were writing a 55...:P...nice one...

Shruti said...

lolzz to you too!!

The Aspirant said...

well dis is vry well written.....

Shruti said...

@ The aspirant
thanks re!

Anonymous said...

hey that was a good one..queen of 55 fiction :)

vEnKy said...

yei shruthi ennama nee kuttina epdi skull crack agum sollu. udane ipdi thaan enna kuttadha ;)

vEnKy said...

And shruthi congrats for 21 st post rather a month of blogging. Dont celebrate celebrate your 100th post

Shruti said...

thank you re!! Queen eh?!

Shruti said...

loosa pa ne?!
Andha payyana appa dan kutinaru!!

Va venum na naanum kutti kaamikren

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!

""Dont celebrate celebrate your 100th post""
yenna solla vara?!

Anu...:) said...

Nice one :)

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!!

Bharathi said...

Nice story. 21 posts per month is amazing. I could hardly manage one to two per week now adays.
Conratulations for 36 followers and I hope you would reach 50 soon.

Shruti said...

thanks for your wishes!
Hope you understood this without reading the comments :P

Bharathi said...

Ha ha. this one is quite easy. You wrote it like 2nd standard rhymes. Most of the times I find it difficult to understand the concept of 55 fiction. Recently I read one in some other blog and I coudnt get it. I read the comments section, every one wrote, 'hey excellent, splendid, wow etc. I dont know if they really understand or if People feign understanding or if they misunderstand or if am really that dumb. No idea :-).

Shruti said...

2nd std rhymes ah?!
romba asinga paduthitengale!!

Hey really i too saw in many other posts comment section, the same splendid,wow!!
But are they reading the posts fully?! I had this doubt too!

Shankar said...

A blow can crack a skull??? I think he must be having brawn Gp's suspension in his hand...he..he....

sry... for talking about f1 here also.. but when i read cracked skull...f1 only came to my mind...

suspension of one car cracked the skull of one driver... it cracked the skull even after wearing the helmets.... the suspension made a whole in the helmet.... a very weird accident....

Singh Amit said...

it's touching.... :)

I loved it... :)


Shankar said...

@bharathi:even i dont understand some of the 55's.. I ask for explanation if i dont understand.... I thought i am the only dumb fool r there to accompany me now...thanks. ;-)

Shruti said...

dai! Ingayum F1 ah?! Mudila da! Nan sonna madri paithyam aaga pora! Freak!!
How a blow will crack skull? Gud question
the boy is jus a kid,tender! A rough blow caused that damage!

@Both shankar and bharathi
both you fellas keep on discussing abt 55Fiction
can't forget your discussions abt the spirit in my last post!!

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!!
glad that you liked it!

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

What i meant was dont celebrate 21 st post, celebrate 100th post, Kalela thooka kalakam athaan

I know that his appa knocked on his head, how come his skull crack and get admitted in a hospital ethellam too much ma. Uruttu kattaiya vechi thirudanu nenaichi adichittaara :-o

Shruti said...

ivlo theliva anuparaye!

""Uruttu kattaiya vechi thirudanu nenaichi adichittaara""
ada paavi!
avar appa da!! Kozhandha yoda brain romba soft and tender adan skull cracked :P

yeppudiiii!!!! B-)

Bharathi said...

@ Shankar: Haha ha, May be we are the only set who honestly accepted that we are dumb fools :-)

Bharathi said...

@ Shruti: You dont make me dumb that often as you write simple 55s.

Shruti said...


Thanks!! That's a great compliment i guess!!
Bharathi understands my 55fiction without seeing my comments section!

Prads said...

Nice Cracking 55fiction shruts...
good congrats for one month celebration in blogging world.

keeep rockng ..

ur Follower Only in blog,

But once following in ********

Anonymous said...

Nice one again but one should never hit a kid :)

Shruti said...

""following in ********""
whats that!

Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
thanks re! Yes! I made that imaginary father to hurt his kid :)

Aditya said...

Cool poem.I dont understand 55fiction but liked your small poem :). Good going :)

Shruti said...

its not a poem baba!! Its a short story!!

Bharathi said...

ha ha ha what a publicity

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

Nice logic babyikku 6months thaana hehehe illa evalo vayasu, seri ada vidu story ok i expect much more from after writing some many 55 ficitons.

Shruti said...


Shruti said...

hey next 55 la paaru!! Wait n watch!

HaRy!! said...

yeah i remember this story from somewhere else, but never knew it can be made so precise to make a very goood impact...oh i luv yur 55 fictions!! neenga yengayooo poitinga....kalakal kalakal , kalakal :)!! tak care...god bless yu


and hey chk out ma new post :)

Shruti said...

yes i too heard about this story somewhere! so thought of making it as a 55!

""oh i luv yur 55 fictions!!""
Thanks re hary!

""neenga yengayooo poitinga""
yengayume pola hary!! Am flattered too much!

Thanks for those lovely words!

Yes will check it now!

Sat_hi_sh said...

Got this one as a sms long ago but u have made a good 55-Fiction post in it shruthi :)

hey does my blog template load very slowly ??? coz some people want me to change it....

Shruti said...

hey thanks re!!

Reg ur template,am getting loaded properly!!

don change! It suits well

BK Chowla said...

I kind of knew of 55 but I am clearer now.Very well written and just to confirm I understood this before reading any comment.

Shruti said...

@Chowla ji
""Very well written""

thank you ji!

""I understood this before reading any comment""
Am really glad to hear it!

Indian Pundit said...

Good one shruti.

The Queen of 55 word Fiction.

Shruti said...

thanks re!!

Ahh!! Everyone calling me as "The Queen of 55 word Fiction"! Am still an amateur writer! Still long way to go!!

Keep Smiling!

Indian Pundit said...

Yeah i am smiling all the time.......thanks to u.

Have u forgotten my blog by the way?

Shruti said...

Forgetting your blog!! NAah?! Am on the way!

Indian Pundit said...

How is ur blog-a-ton preparation going????????

Shruti said...

Blog-a-Ton to be very frank,even i don't have the slightest idea of how to write that!!
My..errr...our first time!!

Gonna write tommorow only!!
How about you!

Indian Pundit said...

same here yaar...hahahaha.... all u have to write is NEGATIVES AND POSITIVES of teachers now and then

Shruti said...

""NEGATIVES AND POSITIVES of teachers now and then""
Hmmm... yeah! i dunno how am gonna make it!! Lets see!!

Indian Pundit said...

Yaar, finish it by tonight.

and post it early morning....i am sure u will be able to write

Shruti said...

i already feel like sleeping!! u started writing eh?!!

Indian Pundit said...


Shruti said...


pawan said...

I have to be honest here. I have enjoyed many of your posts, for their diverse topic dealing and also the unique way you present them with. But this one didn't appeal much to me. Because, the 55 fiction posted here, is very popular. It originated almost a decade ago, and I have known this story since the past four years I guess! I don't say that you plagiarized, but that it was an innocent attempt!

Better luck next time!
Sorry for not visiting your blog in a week, was busy with exams and stuff! And now, I am back!

Anonymous said...

kya likha hai..
55 fiction rockkss..
I seriously think I should try this atleast once..
great going..

Shruti said...

am sorry that you didn't find this post appealing to you!!
Will surely present a much better one next time!!

Hey thats okay yaar!!
I can understand that you are back with a bang!!

Keep Smiling!

Shruti said...

only 55fiction rocks eh?!
Not my attempt huh :P :D
Try it and have fun!

pra said...

I like your 55 fiction and all the discussion about it! I think I will also confess that I am a dumb fool and didn't understand many 55 fictions but I have read many which are good and easy to understand!(you,IP,Sid,Vipul's and Shilpa Gerge's last one etc...)But it is fun to try and write them! All the bedt to you for a blog-a-Ton! I am trying to write as well!
Just check my latest 55 fiction.

Shruti said...

am really glad that u like my post!!

thanks for your wishes for blog-a-ton!!
Best wishes 2 u too!!

Will check them!

Sourav !!! said...

Why are people 'lol'ing over this post .. can't they see the pain and agony of that poor boy !!!!!!!

I could feel this post really hard ... the punishment was so hard on that kid, just for expressing his love for his father so unknowingly and innocently .. this was one of the BEST reads of my life ! But write happy posts, pl ... this one did hurt !

P.S. To everyone leave ur comments after reading the post.Don't just throw ur comment to get followers and back-comments !!!!

and m following ur blog (not u) for my life now :P

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Nicely condensed form of story (I too came across this a while ago). Good attempt :)

Anonymous said...

you always rockk
55fiction seemed a new thing
so u know the expression..
the emotions touched the very soul..truly...and that can be the magic of a good writer

Shruti said...

""this was one of the BEST reads of my life""
this comment made my day!!
Thanks for understanding this!

""and m following ur blog (not u) for my life now :P""
Lol :D

Shruti said...

""you always rockk""
Is that so?!

""the emotions touched the very soul""
its a pleasure to here that!

Keep smiling!

Shruti said...

thanks anna!

Sumeet.Shah said...

anger has seen downfall of many and yet another in the story of yours!!!! we shud learn to control our emotions.

Gud one

Sumeet.Shah said...

did u chek "Social Media: the next BIG thing". Its my new post. Comments please over it

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!

Shruti said...

hey, i checked it long time back and wrote comments!!
But it vanished in thin air!!

Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky said...

But did he blow or throw him to the wall like...... Are you sure of it :P

Shruti said...

Man!! He is as strong as an iron!!

RAM said...

Simply amazing yaar.I was really moved by the story.Its difficult to create an impact on someone just with 55 words.Your work is stupendous :) Keep going

Shruti said...

hey am flattered da!!
THanks for your visit! Am glad!

Urvashi said...

Hey I hv read this earlier too ...but in the form of a long story.. Nice attempt to put it under 55 Fiction section..... BTW i hd heard of 55 fiction till date bt got to know wat it means jus today... Thanks..

Happy blogging..One month n u hv reached far way gal...... :)

Shruti said...

Hi :)
welcome to my blog..
""Nice attempt""
thank you so much!!

""i hd heard of 55 fiction till date bt got to know wat it means jus today""
Glad that you learnt about 55Fiction through my blog!!

""One month n u hv reached far way gal""
Thanks re!! :)

Sourav !!! said...

Well, a long read .. but an interesting one ... to be honest you could have made it shorter! No one now has so much time to read such long posts ... and neither is anyone so honest with their comments! I'm not a critic or a reviewer, just wanted to tell u this !

Your 55 word story is the best way to summarize any issue, U have ur own TALENT of hitting the spot with sharp words, U don't need essays to support what u say !

I don't believing in comparing times 'then and now' .. situations, students, level of competition, money matters, etc then were absolutely different(as you've said too) from now what it is !

And it's not actually right to compare a set of people from a profession, we still have lovely teachers around .. they give their best, do what they can to read a students mind and give their opinion honestly ! Teachers are individuals too, don't take up it as an issue, they had some usless teachers back then too, ask your parents they would obviously tell you !

Again loved Kevin and the mam's story, which was a 55 !!

Good teachers don't teach, they guide you .. they make you learn the right thing in a manner that you can have them in your mind all your life, not only till your next semester exams !

Then or now, we'll always have great teachers and the next best and most respected people after parents ! :)

Hope I wasn't rude, and I made my point clear, it's always my pleasure to read you more ! :) love with me and life

take care !

Shruti said...

Took your advice and will try to reduce long essays!

Glad that you liked my 55Fiction!

Shas said...

Wow! 22posts in jus two months. Am still stuck at 22 even after three n half months.

So, should i call you 'Queen of 55' or 'Miss 55'from now on....lolzz

Shruti said...

22 Posts in one month!!

Be in home 24x7 and if boredom haunts you, you will end up writing even a post a day,accounting 30 posts per month!! :)

""should i call you 'Queen of 55' or 'Miss 55'from now on""
I shall be happy to get crowned as 'Princess of 55 Fiction!!'

Sourav !!! said...

I'm sure you had make out what mistake I did, instead of posting on the last post, I posted it here !!

Sorry .. the poor silly me I am :P

Shruti said...

again you have did the same!!
But thats ok!
Atleast from next post don't forget to write comments on the respective posts!!

Vineeta said...

What a composition of words and feeling! I liked it sooooooooo much! Glad to find you on blog :) btw.. I am also your follower now!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!
Glad that you liked it so much!
Thanks for following me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vetty...

U have been so vetty that u have counted ur every foot steps in this blog.... :-D

BTW, gud writing de... Guess U got inspired by a similar story... Coz I have heared this one in a detailed format sometime before...

Shruti said...

Romba damage panadha da! Footstep yevlo azhaga irukku paru! :P
Andha detailed format ah dan 55fiction ah yezhudhinen

Anonymous said...

So copy adichitenu sollu!!!! :-P

Shruti said...

Avlo detailed format ah 55Fiction ah yezhudhi paru! Idhula copy adikka onnume illa!

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Hi buddy...

Is it your own creation or got inspired from a PD book story....coz i read it elsewhere.

But the narration is great.

Shruti said...

Hey actually, it is a long story, i took the essence of it and wrote a 55Fiction!

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