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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lesson for Life!

Hi. I read this article recently. It changed my perspective of approaching things. Just thought of sharing it with you! You won't regret for being here and reading this post of mine. Here comes my latest post..

Tarun belongs to a very rich family. He always spends lavishly on his father's money. One day, his father took him on a trip to the country side with the purpose of showing him how poor people live in poverty. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip, the father asked his son. "How was the trip Tarun? Did you enjoy?"

Tarun replied, "It was great, Dad"

"Did you see how poor people live?", the father asked.

"Oh yeah", said Tarun

"So, tell me, what you learned from the trip?", asked the father.

The son answered, "I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end… We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us; they have friends to protect them"

Tarun's father was speechless. He was really spellbound by his reply. He wanted him to learn about how people live without large amount of money! But he learnt something else.

Then his son added, "Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are"

Tarun learnt the LESSON OF LIFE!

Isn't perspective a wonderful thing?

It makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don't have

Appreciate and be thankful to every single thing you have and value every single relationship you have!!

My mom is incomparable. She taught me everything and its because of her, Now I tell everyone proudly, 'I am what I am'. I have the best dad who loves me irrespective of whatever mistakes I do. Though I Fight with my sister and shout at her, She is the best. I have a best set of friends who love me (Atleast to what I know, they like me). I thank the Almighty for all the best I have!

I believe in a proverb,"The pen is the tongue of the mind", hence i started writing. I can feel the difference in my style of writing from my first blog to this one! Its all because of my blogging buddies! I also thank you people for extending your appreciations you gave for all my writings till date.

I go with William Shakespeare in telling my thanks to everyone by quoting, "I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks"

With Love,

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Krishna Leela

Hello everyone! Thanks for your support till date. Am feeling really elated after reading all the comments that appears on my Comments section. Those who read my blog from the very first post would have known that my posts will mostly contain

  • 55 Fictions (By this time people would have got bored with them..)
  • Some Tags
  • My musings!

So this time thought of writing something from the epic - MAHABHARATHA.

We know about the Pandavas and the story behind the the great 18 day Kurukshethra war! Among the 5 Brothers Dharma Alias Yudhishtra is the one who never told any lies under any circumstances. Its because of that reason, the chariot in which he travels doesn't touch the ground (Einstein is unanswerable for this one!!). Am not here to discuss about science or anything else. Just wanted to share a story or it can be considered as the ploy of Lord Krishna!

It was the 17th day of the the war Kurukshethra. Bheeshma was on the bed of arrows, still Dhronacharya was there. Seventeenth day could be the judgement day! Krishna was planning meticulously and was advising Arjuna about the pros and cons of the dharma behind war and relationship, which confused him. Aswathama and Dhronacharya came to the battlefield on behalf of Kauravas! Ashwathama is the son of Dhronacharya, the Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas. Ashwathama is a very good archer and the plot he devised for the battle bemused both Krishna and Arjuna. The battle saw the wonderful battling display of Dhronacharya and Ashwathama. Arjuna was visibly shaken as he has to fight with his guru! He approached Krishna for the solution.

Krishna: What Partha (another name of Arjuna)? How is your mind-set?

Arjuna: Krishna, Am afraid. I have to battle with my guru. Am panic-stricken! I don't have the belief.

Though Krishna advised Arjuna he knows the strengths of both Ashwathama and Dhronacharya. So he contrived a plan to win both of them in a tricky manner. He wanted to tell something to rock Dhronacharya. He wanted Dhronacharya to believe the plans he mused. In the battle field an elephant with the name Ashwathama died from attack. Krishna wanted to use that to make Dhronacharya tremble. Krishna wanted to relate the death of elephant to Archer Ashwathama.

Compared to Ashwathama, Dhronacharya was a better archer. So Krishna wanted him to fall for the arrows of Arjuna first. He approached Yudhishtra and told him the machinated plan. But Yudhishtra refused thinking that Krishna is making him to commit the biggest sin - Telling a Lie. According to Manu Dharma "He who is responsible for a death of any living being irrespective of his direct involvement, shall thy be considered as the biggest sin". Yudhishtra recollected this quote to Krishna. Dharama putra told, "O Krishna, even if I tell the truth about the death of the elephant it will result in the death of Dhronacharya. Please don't make me to commit the sin of my life". Krishna persuaded Dharma to tell those lines, the lines which is going to be dreaded for Kauravas. Yudhishtra told those lines in a higher voice. The lines were:

अस्वत्तामा हथम् कुण्जरः

अस्वत्तामा - Ashwathama

हथम् - is dead

कुण्जरः - Elephant

These lines convey the meaning, Ashwathama is dead, which is an elephant.

You may wonder what is the Krishna's leela here! When Yudhishtra was telling "अस्वत्तामा हथम् (Conveying the meaning - Ashwathama is dead)", Lord Krishna took his Conch, Pancha Janya, and blew it. Thus making it difficult for Dhronacharya to understand the last words of Yudhishtra, which had the exact meaning of the phrase. The words which Dhrona heard imparted the meaning "Ashwathama is dead". Dhrona was completely jolted after learning that his son died in the war against Pandavas. Before getting back to his senses Dhrishtadhyumna's (Brother of draupadi) arrows pierced his pectus. The moment Dhrona's last breath escaped, Yudhishtra's Chariot hit the ground with a thud.Arjuna was greatly saddened because he wanted to capture Dhrona alive. It is said that Drona's soul, by meditation had already left his body before Dhristadyumna could strike

Though Krishna didn't meant anything wrong for Dhronacharya, its the role played by the conch of Krishna that played a pivotal role in this Kurukshethra war. This was the only incident in the whole Mahabharatha where a life is lost because of the verity. Did the phrase "Truth alone triumphs" is true in this case?!

I don't know how many of them liked this. But still thought of sharing with you all. Do write all your opinions about this post in my Comments Section!

I am dedicating this post to the Greatest Blogger - Indian Pundit, who asked me, infact fought with me and made me to accept that 'people understands the religious value of gita!'. It provoked me and here I am with this post!!

With Love,

The Gita Verses present in this post have been translated by my friend Sripriya and without checking the meaning am publishing it! So please forgive if it has some errors

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

55 Fiction - #7

Well friends, am here again with another 55 Fiction! Am so happy that people like my 55 fiction and as my friends commented, my comments are sky rocketing! This post is also special for me as my Followers increased from 5 (before 15days) to 25!! My comments also increased to 550+ and my visitors count reached 660+..

I must thank everyone, each one of you personally for making my blog a successful one! This is my first venture in penning articles!

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

Here comes my 55 Fiction.....

The phone rang...

"Akhil here.."

"Am Rita! Akhil, I enjoy this awesome climate by lying in my bed. Am flying in clouds, I'm extremely happy..."

"Rita, Listen...."

"Naah Akhil, am sensing all these amidst combating those Red Demons.."


He dialed....

"Rita, hear....."


"Rita please hear me...."

A still voice replied, "Rita passed away doctor!"

I Solemnly dedicate this article for persons who died in Cancer and the families who lost their dear ones!!

P.S : Many told me to write this in a paragraph. But I wrote this one again in the same manner because its in a conversation format!

Hope you liked this one.. Please do comment on this 55 fiction attempt of mine..

With Love,

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Evening...

Hi Friends, am here to write something different from my other posts (Mostly 55 Fictions!). Just thought of writing a recent experience I had in Chennai! Check it out!

This Friday evening I went to T.Nagar for some purchase along with my sister. I was selecting some salwar khameez and suddenly a lady appeared out of nowhere. She came and took the chudi I have already selected. I approached her, "Aunty I have already selected this dress". She replied, "Oh is it? My daughter will love this dress. Why cant you select some other dress?". I was irritated, but controlled my rising temper and replied, "Why don't you do the same? I am telling you I selected this dress, but you are asking me to select something else. See, this is not fair!". She immediately called the floor manager and started complaining! The manager neared me, "Good evening madam. How can I help you. By the way what's the problem here?". I told him everything and called the person who was having the dresses I selected. He came forward and confessed that it was the lady who was creating the problems. The manager took the lady with him and was speaking something. I was tensed heavily because of the problems, my sister came near me and told, "hey relax, she is a crazy. Leave it and start selecting dresses. Its getting late.". I nodded and started selecting the dresses. Suddenly I felt someone is nearing me. I raised my head and ended finding the lady nearing me again. "hey what you are thinking of yourself? All these youngsters are very adamant Stupid's. How old are you? hardly some 20 or 21 right?" I nodded my head saying 'yes'. "Haan! But you have been brought up in a very wrong way. Don't you know how to respect elders? This is how you behave with elders? Will you do the same with your mom?". I got roiled. My sister replied, "Aunty, what's bothering you? Its you who created all the problems?! But why you are talking about our parents! We too know how to shout and make a scene but we don't want to behave like you!", she turned to me, "what you are seeing? Come, we will move. We are not here for any fights like others!". I was feeling very happy since that lady was speechless after my sister raised her voice.

After this incident I asked my sister to stand at the entrance and I went to take my scooter from the parking area. There was a heavy rush when I entered there. It appeared to me as if someone called me. I turned around and saw none. So I started my scooter. Suddenly I heard someone telling "Hey mom, wait here.. I think That's Shruti". When I heard someone uttering my name and stopped giving throttle and turned back. I saw a guy approaching me. 'OMG! I have seen this guy somewhere. But where? In college? Naah! School? May be. Yes! He is the one!'. He came near me.

"Hi.. You are Shruti rite?"

"Yes am! You? But I have seen you somewhere."

"Hey, You forgot me? Am Anand. We studied in trichy."

'Yes. I got him. Its been a long time rite!'

"Errr... Am sorry Anand. How are you?"

"Thank God you remember me. Your face didn't change. So only I recognized you!! Girl, you are taller than me"

I Smiled and continued, "Hehehehe... Leave it da. Tell me how is aunty, uncle, your sister aarthi and Balaji"

"I am spell bounded! You remember everyone!! How Shruti?"

"Hey c'mon re! I remember everyone and everything! You shifted to chennai?"

By the meantime, Anand's mom came near me and asked, "Hi shruti.. How are you?"

"Am fine aunty. How are you?". The conversation went on and we walked towards the entrance where my sister was waiting. When I reached the entrance, I saw my sister flushing with anger!

"Hey dog, where you went off? Everyone was seeing me as if I got lost somewhere. Who is this?"

I couldn't help myself and I started giggling! "Hey am sorry ma. See Anand came to chennai! My classmate in trichy! Met him down there so it got late. Am sorry!"

Anand and his family were our neighbors in trichy and he considered my sister to be his little sister and used to call her Kutti (Small). He was very happy. He came near me "Hey is this kutti? She grew up na?!"

"Hi Kutti!"

"Hi na..(brother)"

They were speaking about their childhood secrets. She thought anand to be her bigger brother and would confess many things. Suddenly he turned towards me and started asking questions.

"So tell me how is aunty and uncle?"

We both saw each other not knowing to reply my friend!

I tried diverting the topic, "So got placed? When is DOJ"

I never knew he was noticing our facial expressions, "Shruti! I asked about aunty and uncle!"

"Anand dad is not in station"

"Aunty is still a teacher huh?"

I didn't know how and what to tell him. "hmmm.. Naah!"

"You mean she is a house wife huh? By the way, you both came alone for purchasing? Why aunty didn't come?"


"Shruti? What happened?"

"mmmm... Naah! Nothing! Am fine"

Suddenly the lady stormed from the shop with another lady and saw me and Anand speaking. She came near me and spoke loudly "Oh God! These girls always roam around with lovers. They hug them closely and sit in bikes"

I thought 'OMG! She thought me and anand as lovers!'

She continued, "We can't find even a single good girl around here! All roam around with their boy friends! This girl and her sister fought with me inside the shop for a single dress! I too accepted my mistake and left it. Even I thought they are good girls. But after seeing this girl with this guy, am understanding everything!"

I was confused, 'Anand is my friend. Even his mom was standing near us. Am standing near my sister! How dare she thinks like this?!'

She was still speaking, "... She didn't come with her parents. Her sister also helps in her love I guess! See that guy, he is looking very decent. She cheated her parents and came off with her sister for seeing this guy!"

I understood she was saying wrong things about me only for the fight that happened inside the shop.

Anand face turned red with rage. He stepped forward to have a brawl with a lady. I caught hold of him and asked him not to make it a big issue. Anand's mom also told the same. That lady saw me like an extraterrestrial being. Only then I realized I was holding Anand's hand. 'OMG! What I have done. I have given flakes to an empty mouth!'

"Ahhhh... I told na, they are lovers! See that girl is holding that guy's hand! This girl......" (She was speaking something.. Am not willing to listen any such crap! I wanted to tell her, anand is my childhood friend!)

I went near her, "Enough aunty! Stop it! Even my friend's mother is standing near. Can't you see that? If am cheating then why the hell should we speak in front of our parents! Without knowing anything how come you blame me? Do we know each other before? Who gave you the rights to speak about me haan? Reply me! "

She replied casually, "haa! am seeing 1000's of girls like you everyday! They all cheat parents and come here and roam around! You are one among them. You are holding a guy's hand. You are moving in a society! You don't have that basic manners? Blah blah blah......"

Something in her words struck me hard! I bid goodbye to anand and his mom and reached home. After reaching home I was munching over the happenings of the days. I remembered I was feeling something disquieting about the lady's speech!

Yes. Its the word SOCIETY brought in a raw feeling inside me! Being a girl I know how to behave with guys and how to maintain my limits! Why people are behaving like this? Shouldn't a girl speak with a boy in public? Can't the guy be a close friend? Why girls are restricted for this? Even my mom has known all my friends. Speaking with a guy in public means its LOVE! OMG, Why people are still like this! Even I accept that some people in the name of 'Lovers' do certain atrocious things even being in public. But we can't stamp everyone is like that!

I don't know if the same condition prevails in all parts of India. But in our state its still there, When people are going to realize the true meaning for friendship? I remember a poem about friendship, i would love to quote it here and am dedicating it to all my friends!

Friends will come and friends will go,
The seasons change and it will show,
I will age and so will you,
But our friendship stays, strong and true.
- Author Unknown -

I hope I did justice for the 'Art of Writing' by taking up this real-life topic. Please feel free to express your views in my comments section!

With Love,

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Friday, August 21, 2009

55 Fiction - #6

Hi friends!

Am so happy that am here with my FIFTEENTH POST. This is a great feat in my blogging life. 15 posts in 17 days and a whopping 450 comments till date! I feel very much elated and i have written a 55fiction again for this 15th post. Hope you will like it and encourage my writings like before. I have left my foot mark in all these 15posts! I thank everyone who played both as critics and encourager!

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

Here comes my 55 Fiction.....


The room blacked out.

"Power cut", his fear began..

He encountered the eerie silence of night!

He went in search of Candles..

A Chill went down his spine, after seeing those eyes.

"Someone is here for killing me.."

His stomach knotted in fear!

Room illuminated..

He searched for those eyes.....

Ended up seeing a Mirror!!

Hope you liked this one.. Please do comment on this 55 fiction attempt of mine..

With Love,

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 Marvels - About me!! (Tag)

Hello friends.. Its been more than a week since my last tag was done. But again I got tagged by Amrit, a new friend! This is the most toughest tag I have written so far.. It made me to use my brain so much!! I was happy that I discovered myself after a long time.. Must thank you Amrit for the self-realization I made!

So here comes my 8 Wonders!


>>News channel

>>Tom and Jerry In CN

>>Will watch songs


>>Airtel Super Singer, both senior and junior (I love this show very much)

>>Neeya Naana

>>Jai Shree Krishna


Hurray!! Got 8 TV shows!!


I have added both Juice shops and Hotels!

>>Pizza Hut

>>Krishna Sweets - Rasam Restaurant

>> Cafe Coffee Day

>>Saravana Bhavan

>>Marrybrown (Only French Fries)

>>Fruit Shop on Greams Road

>>Creamy Inn

>>OMG!! I could find only seven, so the eighth can be a good vegetarian hotel. But generally I love Home made (In particular my mom's cooking!!)


>>Got up lately with a severe back pain

>>Finished cooking

>>Went to Library for taking some novels

>>Searched my I-Pod Charger the whole day and got it somehow

>>Went to Violin class

>>Met my School friends (Huh!!!)

>>Spoke with dad for a long time and fought with my sister.smile_devil

>>Started this post after Amrit tagged me, But couldn't find the answers!lightbulb


>>My Date Of Joining

>>My dad's transfer

>>To get seat In IIM's Or Symbiosis and to study MBAsmile_shades

>>To hug my mom and tell her how much I miss her!!smile_sad

>>Read a edge of the seat thriller novel

>>Visit my Hometown

>>Want to purchase Honda Civic or Acura TSX!! My favorites!

>>For This month's Twenty Second smile_regular


>>Longer nights so can sleep well

>>Chilly climates

>>Getting scold from mom for taking bath in Chill watersmile_tongue

>>A cup of hot tea

>>Cold breeze hitting my face

>>Raining mildly

>>Vicks Vaporub (Arey, I will often get Cold during this season! Yet I love it!)


>>Atleast learn a single software before entering the company

>>Prepare seriously for CAT, SNAP!

>>A cute house with a lawn

>>To make my parents happy!

>>Get beautiful Chudi's!! (I love it!!)

>>To see Surya's Aadhavan, First day first show!

>>To get a new violin!! (Wish my dad see's this and get me one!)

>>Have to reduce my weight! (gained after college dayssmile_sad)




>>My mobile


>>Salwar Khameez



>>Writing (I love writing these days.. Am learning many new words!)


>>Come on re!




>>Sebba (Tamil word)


>>Scene po! (Tamil again!)



>>Don't think Someone/Something so close to you.. At the end its you who is going to get disappointed

>>Even if we try, we cant change the fate : Whatever should happen, will happen (Gita)

>>Life is short, so don't waste your time by concentrating on others life!

>>Nobody can be like mom! Though they are close relatives, we cant trust/believe them always!

>>Don't try to advice others! They will do what they want even after hearing your advices

>>Don't lose your self-confidence. Think "You can and

You will!"

>>Be what you are!

>>Never Volunteer to help someone until they ask you to! (A recent experience with a close friend made me to come to this conclusion!)






>>Kailash Manasarover





>>An Ilayaraja's song

>>A cup of hot tea

>>A surprise gift from an unexpected person at this time!

>>A chat with my college friends

>>A long pleasant walk

>>Someone to do dinner! (Tired of doing all these works!!)

>>A creative idea for my next 55Fiction!

>>Something better to turn up in my life!! Bored of this routine!!

HURRAY!!! Kudos to me!! I finished this tag! Now its my turn to tag my friends.. Am tagging Shankz, Bharathi, Indian Pundit, Pra, Amit, Sumeet, SiD, Pawan, Shilpa Garg, Musings of a lonely traveler, Kasabian girl, Vipul!! If your name is not in the tagging list,don't bother.. Just take it and do it!

Enjoy doing this tag!

So how was my answers? Please do comment!

With Love,

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