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Friday, August 14, 2009

55 Fiction - #4 - Mera Bharat Mahan

Hello friends!!

As the nation is racing towards the celebration of our Sixty Second Independence day tomorrow, I saw my fellow bloggers coming up with beautiful articles. I was impressed with IP's "The Inconvenient truth and the Inconvenient mantra" and Sumeet Shah's "BOTOX Please!!!! India needs a Facelift".

Both are wonderful posts which portrays our country's positives and negatives attractively! I wanted to tell my hearty wishes for bringing up these Wonderful topics! So I was thinking about the content that I should write today.. Suddenly I came up with an idea of writing a 55 Fiction. I penned this story myself and tried hard (really hard yaar!!!!) to make it as a 55 Fiction!

Here comes the details of the 55 Fiction: 55 fiction can be called as "Micro-Fiction". It contains characters, a plot where the story revolves! It should contain only 55 words or less than that! Here comes my 55 fiction....


"Maa.... Tomorrow is my Birthday! Will Dad come? "


"Reply mom"


Alok started sobbing..

"Stop crying Alok.."


"Understand Alok....You should be proud of your dad"

"I want my dad"

She hugs Alok and think of Sameer, "Come back home Sameer, We need you"

Sameer won't be coming home.....

He died in a war against terrorism!!!!!

I solemnly dedicate this article who died eventually for Saving our Mother India in OPERATION VIJAY (KARGIL) and all those who are still struggling in the borders to protect our Nation from terrorism and foreign aggression! This dedication also extends to all our freedom fighters and army men!

Hope that you liked my creation! Please do comment on this attempt on mine.. Please tell me your views about this and also your suggestions!!

Proud to be INDIAN!!!

With Love,

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Sumeet.Shah said...

Thanks for referring to my post. The story u hav written is very emotional though it is a hard-to-swallow truth of many Indian martyrs/families. Liked that u dedicated a post to all those who are/were/would be fighting to their last breath on the border!!! A lac salutes to them from me and the entire country!!!! Happy Independence Day

Shankar said...

nice fiction again..this time in the form of independence...

I liked the pic which describe the colours...

Happy Independence day....

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

nice post...:)
emotional and captivating story..
Happy Independence Day :) :)

savitha said...

Emotional one re.. Happy independence day. It'l surely be a tribute for those who sacrificed their lives for our mother country. Jai hind

Prads said...

gr888888888888 salute to our jawans who shed their blood for our Nation..






RAM said...

Hey great one yaar. Really moved by this blog. A great salute to the soldiers and also to you for writing this blog. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY :)

Indian Pundit said...

Great post Shruti.

Loved it.

Cheers and happy independence day tomorrow.


Else u all will be celebrating Pakistan's


Indian Pundit said...

Thanks Shruti for your kind words.

i am always impressed by u.

Cheers and a great 55 word fiction too.

Sometimes i feel how insignificant i am when i read about our brave jawans.


Shruti said...

i know it!! I was thinking really hard to make my post very special this day!!
Thank you so much!

hey shankz thank you so much!!Am glad that you liked my post!

hey ya amit!!
thank you so much!!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

I solemnly dedicate this article who died eventually for Saving our Mother India i

Please correct the word died to martyr, no one dies for the country.

A standing ovation to all the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the country.

Shruti said...

thank you so much!

Thanks prasee

thanks ram! Am happy that someone got really touched by my post!

Shruti said...

thanks Indian Pundit!!
Your post really captivated my hearts and was completely moved!

Indian Pundit said...

U gotta read Rane's recent post.

u may learn something valuable

Shruti said...

thanks for your comment

Shilpa Garg said...

A good 55 fiction for Independence Day!!
Jai Hind!! :)

Shruti said...

thank you!

arun said...

good one....liked the novel idea of 55 ...n a really inspirin thought before the independence day...great wrk...keep it comin

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

wonderful dedication..and a very touching 55 fiction..

Happy independence Day

Jai Hind..!

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment.see you around..

Shruti said...

a surprise visitor to my blog!!
Glad that you visited and u liked this 55 fiction!!
do check my other 55 fictions too!

Shruti said...

thank you so much for those precious comments!

Akhil Raman said...

First of all ,I wish you and everyone else a very Happy Independence Day. Shruthi , all the Martyrs have been revisited again today with this Blog. It's very good initiative by you to recall them.

Jai Hind...

Shruti said...

thank you so much yaar!!! Glad that you visited my blog!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

You have roped patriotism and poignancy by a fine thread. I can't resist marvelling over your mastery over wordies... Keep blogging :)

Mind checking my Tagged post :)

Shruti said...

thank you so much for these encouraging words!
still am learning new words..
hope you remember the adage: ART IS LONG AND LIFE IS SHORT!!

Shashank Shekhar said...

Indeed! and in this short life, let's live big and independent... Just looked through your blog. Good one! I like the idea of 55 fiction, can do a lot on that lines!!! :) Keep writing...

Shruti said...

Thanks for dropping by! Am extremely glad that you liked this 55fiction!

pra said...

Very nice post Sruti! Salute to allshahids!! I like all your 55 fictions. Keep writing them. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Shruti said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
And BTW, am SHRUTI and not SRUTI :)

Srivatsan said...

Hey,nice story!
Read all your 55 fictions.All are good.
Keep writing!:)

Happy Independence!

Shruti said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
Yes planning to write more 55Fictions!



A very moving and touching blog,excellently written and a pleasure to read.

Also thanks for your visit and comment very much appreciated.

Shruti said...

welcome to my blog!!
am glad that you felt that my blog was good to read!!

keep coming!

Bharathi said...

Good touching story. If I can give an honest comment, i predicted this end while reading the story :-)

Shruti said...

the title itself would have told everyone that, the ending will be like this!!

Anonymous said...

I should call this as a post with both patriotism and poignancy blended together... and a very apt dedication at the end...

Sad truth is that we ppl remember these ppl only during the occasions of Independence day and Republic day... But they are the ones whom should never be forgotten...

Shruti said...

But, are we remembering everyone everytime?

Anonymous said...

No doubt!!! the answer is 'NO'... Are you my dear friend?????

Shruti said...

""are you my dear friend?????""
Idhu yenna kelvi...

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