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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 Marvels - About me!! (Tag)

Hello friends.. Its been more than a week since my last tag was done. But again I got tagged by Amrit, a new friend! This is the most toughest tag I have written so far.. It made me to use my brain so much!! I was happy that I discovered myself after a long time.. Must thank you Amrit for the self-realization I made!

So here comes my 8 Wonders!


>>News channel

>>Tom and Jerry In CN

>>Will watch songs


>>Airtel Super Singer, both senior and junior (I love this show very much)

>>Neeya Naana

>>Jai Shree Krishna


Hurray!! Got 8 TV shows!!


I have added both Juice shops and Hotels!

>>Pizza Hut

>>Krishna Sweets - Rasam Restaurant

>> Cafe Coffee Day

>>Saravana Bhavan

>>Marrybrown (Only French Fries)

>>Fruit Shop on Greams Road

>>Creamy Inn

>>OMG!! I could find only seven, so the eighth can be a good vegetarian hotel. But generally I love Home made (In particular my mom's cooking!!)


>>Got up lately with a severe back pain

>>Finished cooking

>>Went to Library for taking some novels

>>Searched my I-Pod Charger the whole day and got it somehow

>>Went to Violin class

>>Met my School friends (Huh!!!)

>>Spoke with dad for a long time and fought with my sister.smile_devil

>>Started this post after Amrit tagged me, But couldn't find the answers!lightbulb


>>My Date Of Joining

>>My dad's transfer

>>To get seat In IIM's Or Symbiosis and to study MBAsmile_shades

>>To hug my mom and tell her how much I miss her!!smile_sad

>>Read a edge of the seat thriller novel

>>Visit my Hometown

>>Want to purchase Honda Civic or Acura TSX!! My favorites!

>>For This month's Twenty Second smile_regular


>>Longer nights so can sleep well

>>Chilly climates

>>Getting scold from mom for taking bath in Chill watersmile_tongue

>>A cup of hot tea

>>Cold breeze hitting my face

>>Raining mildly

>>Vicks Vaporub (Arey, I will often get Cold during this season! Yet I love it!)


>>Atleast learn a single software before entering the company

>>Prepare seriously for CAT, SNAP!

>>A cute house with a lawn

>>To make my parents happy!

>>Get beautiful Chudi's!! (I love it!!)

>>To see Surya's Aadhavan, First day first show!

>>To get a new violin!! (Wish my dad see's this and get me one!)

>>Have to reduce my weight! (gained after college dayssmile_sad)




>>My mobile


>>Salwar Khameez



>>Writing (I love writing these days.. Am learning many new words!)


>>Come on re!




>>Sebba (Tamil word)


>>Scene po! (Tamil again!)



>>Don't think Someone/Something so close to you.. At the end its you who is going to get disappointed

>>Even if we try, we cant change the fate : Whatever should happen, will happen (Gita)

>>Life is short, so don't waste your time by concentrating on others life!

>>Nobody can be like mom! Though they are close relatives, we cant trust/believe them always!

>>Don't try to advice others! They will do what they want even after hearing your advices

>>Don't lose your self-confidence. Think "You can and

You will!"

>>Be what you are!

>>Never Volunteer to help someone until they ask you to! (A recent experience with a close friend made me to come to this conclusion!)






>>Kailash Manasarover





>>An Ilayaraja's song

>>A cup of hot tea

>>A surprise gift from an unexpected person at this time!

>>A chat with my college friends

>>A long pleasant walk

>>Someone to do dinner! (Tired of doing all these works!!)

>>A creative idea for my next 55Fiction!

>>Something better to turn up in my life!! Bored of this routine!!

HURRAY!!! Kudos to me!! I finished this tag! Now its my turn to tag my friends.. Am tagging Shankz, Bharathi, Indian Pundit, Pra, Amit, Sumeet, SiD, Pawan, Shilpa Garg, Musings of a lonely traveler, Kasabian girl, Vipul!! If your name is not in the tagging list,don't bother.. Just take it and do it!

Enjoy doing this tag!

So how was my answers? Please do comment!

With Love,

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Shankar said...

hey nice tag..will complete it soon.... and shall i give u one suggestion....

dont put as award 1..award 2....etc..etc..Instead make a title award and paste all the code under one coulmn.. it will look better...

Shilpa Garg said...

Thanks for tagging, Shruti!
Will do it!! :)

Shruti said...

i don't know how to do that!
Teach me please!
will ping you

Shruti said...

You are welcome!

pawan said...

Unfortunately I was tagged by Amrit for the same tag!
I guess I have to work with my tags now!

Good one!


Anonymous said...

Nice answers...liked reading them...Vicks Vaporub??... LOL

Thanks for tagging me...this tag looks like a fun one :)

Shruti said...

You add my name too and do this!!


Shruti said...

@kasabian girl

Fun one?! Then enjoy doing this!


ABHISHEK SiM said...

oh i didn't you were from chennai!

yo_chennai \m/

Shruti said...

yes am from chennai!

Prads said...

hey super shurts.

nice 8 marvels da super ....
funny to read...


Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

oh more tag, one more wow wow

Scene po??? means wat??? kinda use that in my language...

is ur birthday on 22nd???


Shruti said...

thanks yaar!!

Shruti said...

u like getting tagged eh?!
very well...

Scene po means-- Wow super! It ll mean like that!

Naah..22 some other day :D

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

Hi Shruti :)

Thanks for tagging me..
I will complete it soon

nice answers :)

I also love Tom and Jerry

playing violin, cool!!

My best wishes for you for MBA

"Be what you are!" it's gr8 learning

Kailash Mansarover.. gr8


Shruti said...

hey thanks buddy!!
same pinch that you too like tom n jerry!!


do that tag soon!!

Indian Pundit said...

Thank you......thank you......thank you so much for the tag.

Nicely done.

Will soon post it.


Shruti said...

thanks for the visit and expecting your replies for this!!


Kaka said...

neatly done....and nice answers...tom and jerry is an all time favourite...wts on the 22nd???when is aadhavan releasing...looking forward to it...all the best for mba prep...hopefully u get where u want...8 things learnt from past....i completely agree on 1,2,5,8...:)

Shruti said...

Thanks for the visit kaka..
Aadhavan is expected for diwali i guess!! Rocking combo!!
Hoping for the best!!
Yes!! i learnt alot!!!


Congratulations on finishing this tag. I enjoyed what you wrote , you certainly know what you want from life and that is good
Good luck.


Bharathi said...

You are actually right. this is a nice tag to answer.

8 things I learn from the past:

I have same number 2 and last one. Number two made me an agnostic.

8 places I would like:

London: Hmmm. some people like that. I dont know if you would like it. BUt I hate that place.

8 things I currently want.

I am a fan of illayaraja too. genius he is.

Will do this tag asap.

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Hi Shruti!

Thanks for tagging. Will finish it soon :)

Krishna Sweets - my favourite too (especially during my College days in Coimbatore, I visit more often)

We all walk with the maestro one or more moments in a day.

Nicely done Sissie :)

Shruti said...

thanks for the visit!
life taught me so many things and that helped me in deciding things!

Thanks for your wishes!

Shruti said...

i must really thank amrit for giving me this tag!
many like this!

>>hey great that the things we leant are same..
But i learnt them in this age :(
too hard to digest certain things!

>>U know something? I was thinking for the 8th place..couldn't think...someone was telling that wrote it!! :P

>>I love ilayaraja!! he is a maestro! I love hearing all those songs!!
same pinch yaar!!

Expecting your replies soon!!

Shruti said...

you are welcome!
I love the taste and the ambiance of RASAM restaurant!
u jus go and experience..Am talking about Chennai!


Shankar said...

tag completed..u can check out my blog....

And my validity is balance...... So i cannot reply to you in mobile....

Shruti said...

saw your tag and commented!!!

After not receiving reply for my message i know ur validity must have gone!! Its ok..

savitha said...

It was an interesting tag shruti.. Really nice. You may forget the person but don forget the lessons.. I know u wont.. Al the best :)

Shruti said...

forgetting the lessons which struck a chord in me won't get erased from my mind!

VeNkY said...

nice tag i wonder why all you girls watch that dreaded sun music and other music channels when u have a song ready for download even my sis does i t. And i am following your blog so i will be a regular from now on and you are relived of updating to me.

Shruti said...

have you seen jaya max?!
i love compiring stuffs...pure music!!
I love hearing to Ilayaraja's yaar!!
You jus listen to it for a day den you too will become like us!

Sumeet.Shah said...

Hey.... Thanks for the tag. Will do it soon. You check my new post.... "Letter from Swine FLU to all Puneites"... Hope you like it.

Shruti said...

will check it out for sure!!

Shankar said...

adi paavi..adhukula 5 awards..... i got only far.....good going...keep it up...

pra said...

Hey... Nicely done! But it seems so hard! I will try to do it soon!

Shruti said...

heheheh :D
thanks da :)
credit goes to you!

Shruti said...

nothing is difficult...
just give a try!!
You will do it better!!

Anonymous said... did this really nice. So a lot of thought went for the first one!

So you are waiting for your joining dates! Good luck Shruti. Keep us posted. Aiming for MBA. Great!

You like Tamil movies? I ma in chennai for two years now and not yet learnt Tamil! :)

Shruti said...

hey ya!! Thanks for the comment!!
i was thinking like anything for the first one..coped up somehow!

yes..waitin for those doj!!let me see if i end up in my dream colleges...anyways thanks for your wishes!

i see movies of all languages if its gud! I like surya so much :P

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

hi shruti

I have completed my Tag

do visit ...)


Shruti said...

will surely check out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruti..just tagged you with another tag on my blog...check it out

Have a nice day:D

Srividya said...

hey...ver nice...
wats on 22nd??

Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
hey thanks for tagging me and will check out!

Srividya said...

pls do inform me if u get the tickets...!!enna sariya?

Shruti said...

will message you that one..
after aadhavan gets released we both will hit the theatres lik vaaranam aayiram!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey shruti.. thnx 4 tagging me.. bt now tht u read my rply on shankar's blog; u missd mentioning tht what do u prefer- me committing suicide or murdering u instead :p

Shruti said...

Neither suicide nor murder!!
Just finish the tag!

Sumeet.Shah said...

Date of joining???? Which company and what have u studied?? Grt Yaa!!! All the best for ur future!!!!!

And u still havent checked my new post!!!!!

Shruti said...

It seems you didn't read mine fully!
Will chec out yours!

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