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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do We Know Everything??! (My Opinion)

By now everyone must have seen blogs with attractive quotes and messages that completely rock you from the bottom! No wonder am here to do the same.. But whatever I have written in this post is truly my own perspective of things!

India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; She lives and has still something to do for herself and her Children of this nation!

-Sri Aurobindo

India is a land of great heritage and a land with morals. But do we know everything, even if we know everything are we respecting those heritage? We should be proud in announcing the world that its our country and our great Sadhu's who has imparted the Art of Meditation and Yoga to the rest of the world. Everyone comes here and learn that art to make themselves hail and healthy! Also meditation increases our concentration power and helps in realizing oneself! I wanted to quote Bhagawad gita here and also its explanation. This Sloka is the conversation between arjuna and Lord Sri Krishna.

This Verse comes from the sixth chapter, DHYANA YOGA which portrays the importance of yoga and self-realisation

yada hi nendriyarthesu
na karmasv anusajjate
yogarudhas tadocyate

"A person is said to be elevated in yoga when, having renounced all material desires, he neither acts for sense gratification nor engages in fruitive activities"

But how many of us are aware of all these in our Bhagvad gita? My mom taught me Bhagvad gita when I was in my eighth class only for the sake of winning a competition. But later, she wanted me to learn the entire Gita which will provide wonderful vibrations for our inner self. But after my mom I wanted to learn this and hence joined the class. But to my dismay I found none in my age group and those who came to the class was aged 60 to 70! The reason is the lack of interest,awareness and the diminished moral values.

People these days value more for money more than anything, even more than relationships. I must mention My blogger friend Bharathi's article about money minded people with the topic "Money Fetish"! I too accept money is needed for our life, but money is not everything. Segregating people based on money is atrocious! Inflation has affected the middle class people the worst. The basic staple food and vegetables take up the entire monthly income.

People into commerce field must have heard about a quote:

Previously, "it was pocket full of money and basket full of products.."

But inflation resulted in, "basket full of money and pocket full of products!" - Analyze it, you will understand the reality!

Is the budget is being designed for a common man?! The answer is NO!!Budget before 7 years seemed to be normal and welcoming. But off late what happened was the increase in prices all over the country which left many of us perplexed. "Richer becomes richer and poorer becomes poorer"! We too know what is happening around our country and what is happening in our politics! But how many of us have the courage in asking them what the hell is happening in our country. If someone asks ,may be we can get a solution! Who will be that person to provide dawn for our country?

We don't even dare to ask what's happening in our neighborhood! Recently I happened to go out with my neighbor for some shopping by bus. While I was standing in the bus stand a middle aged man came near me and dashed my shoulder. I felt anger rising in me. But my neighbor pushed me to the other side. Seeing this that man came again and dashed with me and told some opprobrious words. I decided am not going to leave that man. But my neighbor told me that being a girl I shouldn't fight with a man in public. Knowing my neighbor's advice to me, that man came and pulled down my dhupatta. I slapped him instantly and started shouting, I completely lost my temper. Prejudicing this situation already my neighbor, in order to protect herself went away leaving me alone. A guy, probably 23 years old came to my rescue and asked me to move away! This is a very simple incident, if my neighbor (being some 10 years elder to me), thought of asking that man and helping me, the situation wouldn't have worsened. But she didn't dare asking him! Why the mentality is like this?! Shouldn't girls speak or protect themselves in public? We are bold enough to handle the situations, but being weaker sex we aren't allowed to get the rights entitled to us.

Racism is the talk of the town now. Why should we goto other countries in search of knowledge when it is available in plenty in our own country! We forget that its our country who taught the world concept of calculation! If we stay in our own country, all these brutal killings and revilements could have been forestalled! But Foreign degree and the dollar veils them the true face of vilifications! It would've reached the peak before people understand the reality!

RECESSION is another factor which is still a night mare for fresh graduates like me. The entrance exam of a government organization saw a 47% hike in the number of students appearing for the particular post! Younger coevalses like us, study in our country, go to higher studies in foreign countries. When they get placed in some MNC's earning a few lacks per month. The taste of money makes them go after it forgetting our Mother India. "Money has never made any man happy and more the money more the probability of you losing a good night's sleep". They realize it only when something dear to them slips away!

Its our own country which is providing us the ample opportunities for all classes of people. We study here, gain knowledge, goto other country and uses that knowledge in bringing up that country! Why cant we employ those noesis to our own country and make it as a super power?! Google and Wiki map and the two satellite mapping tools present till date. But our country in view of celebrating the anniversary of scientist Vikram Sarabhai is going to launch Bhuvan. Unlike the other two webmaps, Bhuvan will focus only on the Indian sub-continent. Bhuvan, meaning earth, is the addition to the numerous scientific innovations by SAC and is a satellite mapping tool.


Google Earth Bhuvan
Zoom levels up to 200 meters Zoom levels up to 10 meters
Single layer information Multi-layer information
Images upgraded every 4 years Images upgraded every year
No alternate viewing options Options of viewing on different dates
Uses international satellites Uses Indian satellites

This is the information I saw in yesterday's TOI, Chennai Edition! I really got goose bumps after reading this information! We are advancing our technological innovations in a multifold! Thanks to those brains that are maneuvering behind BHUVAN!

Aren't we blessed to be born in India? I feel proud to be Indian!

  • Why do we require other countries to provide us jobs?!
  • Why cant we become a entrepreneur(Am mentioning only the people having plenty of money, who gets confused about the best investment!)?
  • When are we going to prove the cozy politicians that we are not stupid's?
  • When can ladies feel secured?
  • Will we have young, Vibrant, powerful leaders?

These are the questions that ponder me always! Will I ever get answers to these questions? I leave the Future, as I believe "Future has the best possible solutions of our today's problems!"

Lets hope that our country faces illume soon! Sooner the better!

I don't want to criticize anyone. These are the thoughts that I muse myself. Just wanted to reflect my thoughts as words. Hope I did justice to the subject I have taken. If I am wrong in someone's eyeshot, then Excuse me!

With Love,

Image courtesy:Google Images


Prads said...

shurthi nice MSG frm u during this 62nd india birthday ...

i want every Indian in this world to read this blog..

Mainly "BRAIN DRAIN" ppl who uses their brains for other countries. and wont work for their mother land..


if u allow me can i publish this blog trough the net and orkut so every Indian should read it..


Musings of a lonely traveler said...


Such a vibrant, rather a volatile post by you. I agree with you in all your views; if only we retreat into all those wisdoms of our country, where comes the question of unemployment and seeking-jobs-abroad?

As for your punishment to that middle aged guy, he deserves much more than what you gave.

Your questions are really thought-provoking that every Indian should start at their individual level to make better India. Above all, we should have unified visions which could be attained only by a powerful leadership. We lack that miserably.

Good post Shruti! :)

Shruti said...

thanks for your comments..
may be you can post the link in orkut or in net so that people can visit the blog!
but no copying of contents!

thank you so much..
yes these are some of the questions that keep on circumvolving in my mind...
will e ever get answers for these questions?!
that middle aged man would have been dragged to the police station only if that guy dindn't come to rescue!
but how many girls are taking up the situation in their hands?!

anyways thank you so much for your wondrous comments!

keep smiling!!!

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful of you to post these questions...many a times I have wondered about the same too...I read many posts related to independence day but personally I like yours best..the message you send out is so loud and clear..

Good post and keep it up!!

Shruti said...

thanks for dropping by my blog!
am glad that you visited..
yes, we all think about it, but don't know what the solution is!

Am also glad that you liked my post among all!!

keep visiting!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Nice post Shruti,
I really hate people who tell us what to do or no.
There are thousands of people around me who are not at all honest from their heart, but teach me honestly.
Similarly in ur incident, I wish you had trashed ur neighbor more than the man.

Shruti said...

i wanted to thrash that guy, but that guy infact protected him frm my slaps! or else he would have knocked the doors of danger :D

Thanks for the comment!

RAM said...

Shruthi, really a different post from you.Never expected such a informative and thought provoking blog. A very good gyan for all of us. Couldnt argue anything about the post as most of the things you said is right. A point to make it here, One solution for everything is "Education for everyone" irrespective of cast,creed,sex,financial background. Really appreciate your effort in making this blog and hope to see a beautiful India void of those problems listed by you soon. After all we are running our life in faith and hope :)

Shruti said...

thanks for your comments!
ur solution-education for all...
we are all educated now..having degree in our hands!
but what are we doing to our country?! We are keen on getting our monthly salary and taking care of one's own family! But what i need to say is,Every individuals must have the courage to ask the people who runs the government!
but atleast we can stop the atrocious happenings that take place in our societies to girls!

Future has the best answers!
lets wait and watch or will try to do something!

Thanks for ur views!

RAM said...

Yes, but how would a common man without any knowledge can question the govt without a proper background. A person should be well rich or educationally sound to question the higher authorities.So what i am saying here is, only a good education which provides good values and discipline can really brings a change in the society.It is each ones responsibility to make it sure that India is 100% literate.

Shruti said...

i accept your point...but after getting educated man's view will be to earn money! Money makes them crazy and the ultimate goal of educating everyone fails!
that doesn't mean people shudn't b educated, education must be with a cause!

Keep smiling!

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

Thought provoking post..
it's nice to cover so many relevent topics.

I do agree that money matters but after a certain extent, our attitude, our relationship play major role for a happy life. But we are in constant mirage of money.


Shruti said...

thanks for your comment!
the moment we realise that money is just a part of our life,some of the best relationships would have left us!

Indian Pundit said...

Hi Shruti

Excellent article.
Really good one.

i am really sorry about that incident. Very sorry indeed.
What SHOCKS ME THE MOST is the behaviour of your neighbour.

How could she just go away????
Never in your life go anywhere with her. REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!

Also who told u that girls are "weaker sex"???????????????????????

You are weak if u want to be weak.

You are strong if u want to be strong.

Cheers and feels good that u slapped that DOG!!!!

You stay safe.

Shruti said...

thank you first of all!!

She just went away because she don't wanna get into problems! I don't need anyone to come along with me cos, i am bold enough to handle the situation!!
like i replied for sid,That man would have surely felt that he knocked the doors of danger only if that guy dint come for rescue! not mine,actually for that DOG!!!

Thanks for ur views IP! Am glad that you commented!

keep smiling

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

hey shruti, I have completed ur tag
just visit my blog... :)

Shruti said...

checked and gave my commentsZ!

Amrit said...

Hey Shruti..what a co-incidence. I hopped to your blog..and was reading the posts. And at the same time you commented on my blog.

Thanks for dropping by my bloh and I am really glad that you found it interesting. :)

You have got an amazing space here...was reading your experiences in Chennai..the school one.

Will soon find more comments here. Keep writing

Amrit. (

P.S Seems your comment section does not allow commets from wordpress..its only allow blogger. It would be great if you can change that. I am using my blogger account here...but this blog is extinct since ages.

Shruti said...

even i was shocked to see your comment the moment i dropped comment in ur wrdpress!!

keep visiting!

pawan said...

A perfect post, I liked the way you interlinked the sayings and your writings!
You have a great deal of knowledge on Indian Indian heritage which nowadays many of us do not posses. DO write more about it, it would be good to read!

I have tried using Bhuvan, but it didn't work, I'll try again!

A informative post!


P.s: The second part of my story is out now!
Do check!

Shruti said...

thanks for commenting..
btw, The prototype of Bhuvan will be ready by the end of November and ISRO is hoping to officially launch the service by March next!!

so try it out by next march!!

thanks for your honoured!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

you have totally impressed me by the thoughtfulness of this post..and i am totally with you in the points expressed by you here..

i am glad you made me read this one..


Shruti said...

thanks for the visit!!

pleasure is mine!!

jamos jhalla said...

Thanks for blogging[ THE] BEAUTY OF [OUR] INDIA

Shruti said...

thank you so much for the visit!

Bharathi said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning my name and post. Nice way to express your concern on the society. I think the next step should be to do something in action.

Shruti said...

good to have you back...was missing your feedbacks!!
thanks alot!!

Bharathi said...

I was on a short holiday to kodai and Im back now.

Shruti said...

hope you had a great trip!

Bharathi said...

Yeah I did. Thanks.
Probably I can give an award like 'FASTEST BLOGGER' as I get replies in minutes. :-) jus kidding.

BK Chowla said...

Shruti,must say a very well written post.Alot of time must have gone in to put it together.Yes,one can not change one's neighbour.

Shruti said...

hehehehe :D
thank you so much bharathi!
btw, u dint see my 55fiction meant for independence day!!

Shruti said...

@chowla ji!!
thank you for your visit!
Naah it didn't consume my time because these thoughts will be der forever!!

Indian Pundit said...

Sister Shruti.......r u angry??

Shruti said...


Venky said...

wow nice post. I think that Bhuvan may be a double edged sword, i fear it can help the wrong people to plan, u know what i mean.

i liked the quotes especially the money one because i am a commerce guy.

I am sure that guy must have been drunk or he must have thought you were soft target, you gave him what he deserved a slap damn those suckers.

I have also started reading Bhagvad Gita its knowledge is unparallel.

We have our own share of racism as well. Why do fairness cream sell the most, why are people from North east have been discriminated and to add to that casteism. They are so deep rooted

Shruti said...

thanks for dropping by!
yes i understand the reason you said for BHUVAN!!

hahaaha!! Nice to know that some commerce guy understood those lines of mine! I remember those words my mom will tel befor she takes up her economics class!!

to my dismay i found that stupid guy voluntarily did like that and he s not drunk!

Glad that you understood the value of Gita!!

thanks for your comment!!

pra said...

That was a wonderful post Shruti! I agree with you in almost every point you raised.There is absolutely no need to go abroad. Do not loose your identity to money,lifestyle or comfort!We all should think hard about that!' Not wanting to get in trouble is not a good attitude.I think IP is right about your neighbour!We are facing many problems due to this atitude!!

Vipul Grover said...

A very intellignt nd well writn nd well cmpild post shruti..

howevr thr r sum points where u've gone too ideological; away from practicality nd pragmatism.

Like, asking ppl 2 stay in India nd stdy. Ideologically i support u. Bt this is not a practical solution.

Today we talk of boundaryless nations, we see wrld as a global village.
No one cn prosper in a fragmented way, cooperation is a mst.
The high skilled strata of emigrants help our national economy immensely thru repatriations. If they hd remaind here, it could have led 2 disguisd unemployment(wn more ppl thn requird wrk on a job) or absolute unemploymnt(wn ppl dont hav a job).

By moving out they r earning nd sending back lot of money.

Howevr its true if sch highly skild professionls decide 2 stay back nd innovate in India, without wrrying 4 monetary gains, in long term it will b vry helpful.

Shruti said...

thanks for your wonderful comments!!
Attitude is the main blemish! But when are these people going to learn?!
again the answer lies in future!!

Shruti said...

thanks for your visit and wonderful points!!
I too accept World is becoming global village!!
if we speak of no boundary and still all about co-operation why do war is still happening at the borders?! So many precious lives of the soldiers are taken away! That means still it is on the process!!

Anyways thanks for this visit!

Studying in abroad--I accept that for research oriented purpose abroad will be a better option! But for MBA's i think that is unfair! When we have prestigious institutions here why do they go there?!

Shankar said...

@shruthi: I accept that no one is interested in studying gita now a days and our heritage is not cherished.

But to tell u the truth I am bored and may be pissed off with N number of bloggers writing on N number of problems about our country....

Who will be that person to provide dawn for our country?
"why u r asking this question??" why it cant be you???why you wait for someone else to recitfy your problems..??? one is reading bhagavadh gita because it is not given in a simple way..or it is not refined for a common man to study....lots of books with lots of explanation are available... but who will study with such patience??? but there is a solution...

put yourself in that position... Think something which is most uninteresting for u... and when it is boring for u will u read it or do it???

gita may be interesting to u,but u cannot demand that it should be interesting to everyone...So it has to be given to people or fed to people in an interesting that it reaches everyone and our heritage remains valuble...

I accept the concept of calculation is from our place... But can u say how many institutions in India are worth enough for studying???How many good lectures are there today i country.??? how many take up teaching as a service and not as a profession??

Take ur many good lecturers are there....

Here we have very few good institutions like IIT,IIM which can provide quality educations..can the two institutions serve millions of people??? and In america or australia each university is as good as IIt and IIM.... and moreover the population is less.... This is the only reason for everyone to go to other countries and study....

Vipul Grover said...

See shruti in international realtions things r not tht easy as v may feel.
I mght b ur biggest enemy, gathering weapons 2 fight u frm all ovr the wrld, bt still u might b my biggest trading partner.
Strategic relations nd Economic relations really make the things obscure.

Now cuming 2 ur assertion tht why go for stdying outside for MBA. Which prestigious institutions r u talking about? We actually dont have enough educational infrastructure 2 accomodate increasing population.

Brain Drain is about those who stdy here nd go outside 2 wrk. If one has an option 2 stdy outside in a better insti it is welcum. the argumnt is tht they mst rtrn 2 help d country 2 progress or help in watevr way while staying outside.
Bt yeah i cn take ur argumnt as far as majority of those who go 2 australia 2 stdy.. they r basicaly into hotel managemnt nd doing vry sub standard courses tht they pursue here too.

Shruti said...

thanks for visiting
Btw, i never asked anyone to study Bhagwad gita and i have clearly written that its my own perspective of things!
and i won't get bored that much easily and i something makes me or pushes me into boredom, I ll explore it only to understand "why do i get bored of this?".. Again here, its my view...its my attitude!btw, i never demanded everyone that t shud b interestin for them too!!
Attitude of people differs and there goes a saying like this :
"Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars"
this is called attitude!!
u feel gita to be difficult in the way it is made,but i take it as an opportunity to enhance my sanskrit knowledge! Again you ll ask "y u need sanskrit?", again its basically my interest!

How many good lecturers here?!
i accept completely with you! But when everyone goes abroad and do their master's who ll be here for the next generation to teach them?!
i love to teach! If i don't get my DOJ, am gonna do M.E with PhD and continue my career in research and teaching! i Have not written this post JLT!! All are deep inside my heart!

I didn't tell so much jus for an argument!
i mean it!
Am really sorry if i have hurted you by any of my words!

Shruti said...

thanks for replying to my answer!
Am still a kiddo learning many things!
Glad that i knew something from you!

Mr said...

Quiet an awakening thoughts ! neatly presented with right clarity that is well analyzed and understood ! Liked the pics you have used too ! Keep it up !


Shruti said...

thanks for dropping by my blog!
Thanks for your awesome comments!

keep visiting!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Shruti... a very thought provoking one too... Really hard to find a girl who speak about country, recession, entrepreneurship and racism... Glad I have found you here in this blogging world...

Guess U are a daring girl who are brave enough to protect ur own rights atleast... Girls should have atleast this braveness to protect themselves... Gr8 applause for ur brave act...

Brain Drain.. One of the most Costliest Loss that India is facing decades together... Our gr8 souls of India learn everything here, use all resources of us, and pay the tax to some western country while they earn... Actually they fail to know that it's the priod of time that India needs them more... Only solution for this birth of an Entreprenuer in every field...

Shruti said...

Hey thanks a ton buddy!!
Yen girls andha topic pathi pesa maatangala?
Brave ah? Adhu therila yenakku, aana yarachum kadupethina, i won't mind brawling with them ;) Beware f me ;) :P :D

Entrepreneur in every field. This is what i want too!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha... neenga girls pesuna dress pathi pesuveenga... ilati jewels pathi pesuveenga... apadiyum ilati ennaya mari appvi pasangala pathi pesuveenga.... intha topics pesi naan kelvi pattathu illai.... :-D

Oh... kadupethina kaaliya maariduveenga pola... :-)

Entrepreneur in every field. That is what I too want... Even I want to be one...

Shruti said...

Hey, U know something? I don spk abt dresses..Chdi is enuf, what's there to spk abt that??
Jewel!! Ahhh, I am satisfied with what i have. Am not a jewelery shop!!
So I like speaking all other topics..Starting from politics, recession to cricket I will speak!!

Kadupethina yenaavenu yenakke theriyaathu :P

U wanna be an entrepreneur?Wow bala.. U are awesome!

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