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Friday, August 21, 2009

55 Fiction - #6

Hi friends!

Am so happy that am here with my FIFTEENTH POST. This is a great feat in my blogging life. 15 posts in 17 days and a whopping 450 comments till date! I feel very much elated and i have written a 55fiction again for this 15th post. Hope you will like it and encourage my writings like before. I have left my foot mark in all these 15posts! I thank everyone who played both as critics and encourager!

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

Here comes my 55 Fiction.....


The room blacked out.

"Power cut", his fear began..

He encountered the eerie silence of night!

He went in search of Candles..

A Chill went down his spine, after seeing those eyes.

"Someone is here for killing me.."

His stomach knotted in fear!

Room illuminated..

He searched for those eyes.....

Ended up seeing a Mirror!!

Hope you liked this one.. Please do comment on this 55 fiction attempt of mine..

With Love,

Image Courtesy : GOOGLE Images


Kaka said... was very good...u have been reaching milestones then:P....keep blogging...cheers

Anonymous said...

nice one...the end was again really cool:)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say...I like looking at the eyes in the dark..Nice image :)

Shruti said...

yes reaching milestones only...
Glad that you liked this!


Shruti said...

@kasabian girl
glad that you liked this very much!
even i liked that image very much!!


Shashank Shekhar said...

Indeed a good one Shruti! :) Keep writing! :)

Shruti said...

thank you re!

keep visiting!

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

gr8 one!
thriller one..:)
you have become princess of 55 fiction..


Shruti said...

hehehehe :P
thanks yaar!!
Princess huh!
where's the crown? :P

Bharathi said...

Good one. I liked it. It would have been more interesting had the twist been much stronger.

pawan said...

Congrats on your 15 posts :)
Nice one, interesting and the picture added the spice!

Keep writing.

VeNkY said...

nice one. What a stupid guy hehehe.

Shankar said...

this was great one....shruthi.... damn good..

@venky: i guess that guy's name is venky.... lol..... just kidding....

ABHISHEK SiM said...

hahaha... omg! twist pe twist!

keep writing. congratz for the 471 + in such a short time. :)

Shruti said...

This was the possible twist i could think for this!!
Yes, You are right!
It will be good if it is still stronger!

Shruti said...

thanks for the visit!
Thank you! Without all your encouragement i couldn't have done this!

Shruti said...

hehehe :P
Lolzz at shankz comments!

Shruti said...

hey, U liked it huh!!
Thank God!
Thanks for those words!

Shruti said...

thanks yaar!!
Don't forget, You are also one of those 470+
keep visiting!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

Heh heh heh...sach bol is this self experience...:P

Prads said...

hmm realy super ACHLUOPHOBIA

nice nice words framing like "eerie silence"

good shruts..

keep rocking


Shruti said...

if its self experience i would have written my name there!


Mr said...

Your 55F's are light hearted and enjoyable !

and am sure wat category your 55th post would be ;)

Mr.R aka Lakshmi Rajan

Shruti said...

thanks da!
You were supporting me from the very first day!!

Shruti said...

welcome back!!
U guessed my 55th category huh!!
Great yaar!!
keep guessing!


My you have been busy, I must say blogging can be very addictive and it's lovely when you get comments.
Keep them coming.


Shruti said...

Yes i feel great when i get comments for the efforts i made in writing a article!!

Vipul Grover said...

Nvr ask me 4 an HONEST comment, it cn be lethal ;)
Joks apart, a nice one.. strting rmindd me of Pawan's ongoing series.. Thnk God here thr was again no blood..
And yeah congo on raching the 15th post in 17 days.. If u chk my blog, u'll find, thr elapsd 2 yrs b/w my first nd 15th posts.

Shruti said...

Hey, lethal comments always helps in improvisation!!
Nice one eh? Thanks!!
Everyone who reads this will again feel lik pawan's series! But it was intended for something else!
Thanks for the wishes!!
I Somehow managed to write continuously!!

Thankz ya vipul!!

Indian Pundit said...

Great one shruti.



Shruti said...

thanks :P

savitha said...

That was a nice twist.. enjoyed re
:) congrats for this is your 15th post..I wish u reach miles and miles.Keep goin.

Shruti said...

thanks for visiting!!
Glad that you enjoyed it!
Thanks for your blessings!! :P

pra said...

That was a great achievement Shruti! Congrats! I like this one as well but compare to your other 55 fictions this is weaker!
I have completed the tag you gave me! Just check it out! I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!!

VeNkY said...

@ shankar
en why me intha kosu tholla thaanga mudiyala pa

Anonymous said...

Wow! 15 post in 17 days and comments galore you are really creating waves in Blogosphere I must say.... GR8

The story was really "eerie" but just as Vipul commented on IP's blog ... I think improvisation is nice but a prose should be presented as a prose I mean...

Shruti said...

thanks for your wishes.. But i learnt i didn't satisfy your expectations!!

Will come back with a gud one next time!

Shruti said...

Shankar ah paathu kosu nu sollitaye venky!!!

Shruti said...

Thank you for your wishes..
yes i too saw that comment and will try 55Fiction in that manner!!

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

hey shruti

I have attempted to write a 55 fiction..
just check out...:)


Shruti said...

okay amit..Will check it!

Anonymous said...

So one more veteran for 55 Fiction...huh!! :)

You have tht knack of making a twist in your story. As you did in the last 55 fiction as well. Great! You would be a great story writer and of course must be a greast story teller! :)

Honest feedback re! :)

And I am simply amazed with the number of comments you get...gosh! 15 posts and the number of comments are sky rocketing. This shows how much you are loved here.

Take care buddy....and keep smiling re! :)

G-Man said...

Shruti...Thank you so much for visiting my blog and telling about your 55.
Every Friday I host an event called Friday Flash 55.
You should come visit and read some of the other contributors fine entries. You may find it very enjoyable....Galen

Musings of a lonely traveler said...


Another thriller from you in 55 words. I too wonder the quantum of comments on your posts. I wish you to have 1000 comments by your 25th post. Keep blogging sister :)

Shruti said...

Am blushing!!
Don't know what to reply for your praises!
Story-teller eh?!

Hmmm, i feel happy that people like my writings! Even i can't believe after seeing these number of comments!
Thanks re!

Shruti said...

Surely will visit your blog and See those fictions!
Btw,thanks for your visit!

Shruti said...

thank you so much anna!!
I wish i too have 1000 comments in my 25th post!!

Thanks for the visit!

HaRy!! said...

thats real awesome write!...ho am startin to lov these fictions now! cya around...keep visitin now:)

Shruti said...

Thanks for the visit.
Keep visiting and you will start writing these fictions!

Anonymous said...

Awesome peace of writing.........
really nice. :)

Shruti said...

thank you so much yaar!

Anonymous said...

hehe.. that was a good one too :) You are good at Fiction 55!!

RAM said...

Ohh this is truly amazing one yaar.Nicely written and brought a mixture of both terror and humour in one piece.Good work

Shruti said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Not so good! Ok kind of 55 fiction Shruti...

As I have read ur latest 55 fictions that are too good, these early attempts of you seems to be not that good... If I've read this at the time of posting, may be I would have said good....

Shruti said...

I can understand! These were my stepping stones!So it have tinges of amateurishness!

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