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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Indian Dream

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The topic for Blog-a-ton 3 is 'Indian dream'. This post made my rusted brain to work a lot and refer a lot. Wow, by writing this article, i learnt a lot about our economy and India at present. How we were once and how we are now? Vast difference. Come on, get into the article and tell me how is it.

Let me start this article by telling some known-unknown facts about India. This inclusion tells the world how great we Indians are.

"We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made."

- Albert Einstein


These India facts were recently published in one of the German Magazines which deals with World History

  • The World's first university was established in Takshasila in 700 BC. More than 10,500 students1 from all over the world studied more than 60 subjects.
  • The University of Nalanda built in the 4th century CE was one of the greatest achievements of ancient India in the field of education.
  • Sanskrit is the mother of all the European languages. Sanskrit is the most suitable language for computer software - a report in Forbes magazine, July 1987.
  • Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to humans. Charaka, the father of medicine consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago. Today Ayurveda is fast regaining its rightful place in our civilization.
  • Although modern images of India often show poverty and lack of development. India was the richest country on earth until the time of British in the early 17th Century. Christopher Columbus was attracted by her wealth.
  • The art of Navigation was born in the river Sindh 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word NAV GATIH. The word navy is also derived from Sanskrit 'Nou'
  • Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. Time taken by earth to orbit the sun: (5th century) 365.258756484 days.
  • The value of "pi" was first calculated by Budhayana. He explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem. He discovered this in the 6th century long before the European mathematicians.
  • Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India.
  • According to the Gemological Institute of America, up until 1896, India was the only source for diamonds to the world.
  • USA based IEEE has proved what has been a century old suspicion in the world scientific community that the pioneer of wireless communication was Professor Jagdeesh Bose and not Marconi.
  • Chess (Shataranja or AshtaPada) was invented in India.
  • The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC.

Amazing isn't it? Proud to be an Indian. This topic, "Indian Dream" can be presumed and interpreted in many ways and the beauty lies in the way we interpret it. I am going to write this article in two perspectives (Of course its purely my opinion). They are :

  • India's dream
  • Dream of an Indian-Me


I have a dream, India, as a country in my dreams.

  • It is true that one person can not solve all the big problems–say removing corruption from society or to educate every child or to fix all broken roads, but One person can still do lot of Small things and if each of this ONE PERSON does these SMALL THINGS, the SUM-TOTAL will be very LARGE.
  • There, in ancient India existed great universities like Takshasila and Nalanda where students not only from India but also from far-off countries came to study diverse subjects. But what is the present scenario? All of them are willing to carry their studies abroad. The reason? The Standards of Indian universities diminished (To some/many extent). And, the attraction of getting a degree from a foreign university tops them all. We acquire and possess a vast knowledge. But do we apply all our knowledge in the right area and for the right country?
  • Brain drain is another terminology going rounds. If everyone one of us cite the reason : India doesn't have the opportunity for the field I excel in, what will happen to our country's future? Instead why don't we create opportunity for ourselves in our country, thereby preventing and motivating the future generations to serve for the country.
  • I want to live in a country free from terrorism and a secure place to live in with people proud of the country’s leadership. Terrorism doesn't mea2n the invasion of foreign elements inside our country. Within state atrocities and the lack of a secured life within house disproves my wish. When a take a daily, I see numerous articles about murders and Child Molestation. Murder for gain, sexual abuses, Female infanticide still prevail in our country. I want a terror free nation, like Gandhi ji wished, a nation where girls can feel secured and walk alone in nights wearing precious ornaments. Long way to go na?!
  • Clean society is what I want. Am I sounding selfish here? No am not. One of my neighbor came from US of A two weeks back and was telling my dad how clean the road was. When their country can be so clean, why can't ours be? We can roam around freely without twitching our nose for the stinking garbage's. I can witness the drainage water seeping in slum. Atleast we can do our duty properly, by not throwing garbage's in the road.
  • Corruption is again a big term which is bringing a bad name for our country among all other nations, yeah we are Number one in corruption. Money speaks everywhere. These days, people are running out of time and when they want to get a thing done soon (Starting from Govt. organizations to private companies), we pay money which is called corruption on a bigger note. Who are responsible for this? We ourselves are the cause and solution for this problem.
  • Finally, for me the mother of all dreams is a motherland where political liberty of each of its citizens will be valued most and where protest will be considered legitimate.


India is the worlds largest democratic country. Is Indian democracy an experiment in governance or a huge muddle? Time has the answer. How our Indians today form a sea of humanity which has been flowing for ages, different in many ways yet having a common thread, a common feeling - INDIAN. India even with its great problems despite difficulties yet survives its own trials and pains. People here are enjoying peace, freedom which can't be imagined by people in other countries.

Economic i_am_the_indian_dream_tshirt-p235821781226946548q0vu_400growth for India is basically linked to societal transformation in the knowledge products and service sector. Of course this in turn fortifies agriculture and manufacturing sector through innovation and value addition. We have to move towards information and knowledge society involving explicit knowledge. Information and communication technology have to be vastly deployed in our transmutation strategy along with State-of-the-art technologies like Biotechnology, Nano-technology.

Our Former President, Kalam told "Instead of the person from the rural areas going to urban towns in search of jobs in manufacturing and services sectors, PURA ( Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) facilitates creation of employment in the rural areas itself. PURA achieves this by providing physical, electronic and knowledge connectivity to a cluster of villages thereby leading to their economic connectivity and prosperity. I would suggest the ICT companies to spread the establishment of new Unit in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and PURA complexes.". That's one of the best proposal, which can take our country to new heights by 2020 as he envisioned.

By the end of this century, there would be novel trend towards convergence of human thinking with the world of machine intelligence that we, the human species initially created. When there would no clea30min_destin_moon_248r distinction between human and computers, how would the molecular biologists help us to retain the supremacy of man over machine? Weird thinking, but it may happen in the near future. Our technology and our Mission to moon, Chandrayan (Though it failed), made the world to turn their heads and see us. NASA praised ISRO for its invention and Chandrayan's discovery in moon.

Information Technology and Communication together formed ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Then Information Technology merged with Bio-Technology and led to the formation of Bio-Informatics. Now Nano-Technology is knocking the doors of science. It is the field for future that will replace microelectronics with tremendous application potential in the areas of medicine, electronics and material science. When Nano technology and ICT meet, integrated silicon electronics, will be devised born. This may lead to material convergence. With material convergence and biotechnology linked, a new science called Intelligent Bioscience will be born which would lead to a disease free and more intelligent human home ground. Merging bio-Nano-info technologies can lead to the growth of Nano robots. Nano robots when they are injected into a patient, it will diagnose and deliver the treatment solely in the affected area and then the Nano-robot gets digested as a DNA based product. I read all these in a college journal sometimes back. Wrote it with the help of my notes.

Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result into action. It means only if you have a dream thoughts will come. If thoughts are there, you will do the action. So you have to start a goal vision in your life.

-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

If it has some errors, am sorry :-(. This is wholly my perception as a single Indian. So Kindly excuse.

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With Love,


Image Courtesy : Google Images

P.S : I wrote this post by referring Magazines and some web-sites. This contains some excerpts from our former president's speech at the Infosys Global Education Center, Mysore.


Guria said...

Wow! So much research went into it and what a lovely presentation of views. I'll go back and read it again. I liked it!

Shruti said...

""lovely presentation of views""
Thank you!

Read it and tell me!! Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Kaka said...

cool!!!!!!i loved the one where u highlighted the contributions made by india and indians.....nice write....i totally agree with u where u said if everyone along with caring for himself does a bit for his country can turn our country into a better u can make sure he and his family dont litter....:)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Shruthi, That was good. I liked the thing you told about child molestation which is so bad. Corruption-free, Clean and Brilliant India- thats what we all want..You have done your work with that Shruthi Enthusiasm as I like to call it..
Kalakuringa po

Good one.. all the best

Shruti said...

Yes when every individual does his job perfectly, our country will be leading in every field!

Thank you and welcome back.

Shruti said...

Hi sweety :)
""Shruthi Enthusiasm""
A new title for me eh? hehhehe.. Glad that you liked it Raji :)

All the best to you too!

Guria said...

I read and I re-read. I liked everything you said. The optimism, the facts and the faith. True Dreams. do you realise you have done a 'Past, Present and Future'...
Great going girl! You rock!

Love, G.

Shruti said...

""I liked everything you said""
That's a true compliment for me.. I am encouraged everytime i see your comment!

Yes i analysed past,present and future.

Thanks again!

Mustaf said...

What a thorough research you have done!! Have read a few posts on the same topic today, but this is quite different.

And that analysis of India's dream was such a complex analysis (not the presentation but the topic itself), don't know how you pulled it through. And if we look at our neighbour countries we can realize how dangerous a problem is like brain-drain.Total no of Indian staying abroad might outdo the number coming from those countries, but percentage wise I think they are much higher.Poeple leaving the country and no development in the country makes the country itself going worse to worst. I hope we realize this before it is too late:(

BTW, one suggestion though without being asked for it. Not doubting any of the facts you have put it, but in such cases it is always a good idea to provide those references, it adds much weightage.And this is applicable in case of any professional write-ups,too.

Simply superb :)

Daisy Blue said...

A well researched post I must say !

Vipul Grover said...

A well researchd post Shruti.. Cvring diffrnt perspectives added 2 it:)
Mentioning PURA and calling for bridging the Urban-Rural divide was a nice thought.
A nice post on whole.. all the best:)

Anonymous said...

seriosuly you put your heart into this..and i am the worst Indian ever,,I knew that Chess was India's invention,Nalanda and some more here and there..aur of the facts were new to me...imagine if I as indian do not know so MUCH about my country imagine other nationals..they toh might be unknown to all these totally..but then this was printed in a GErman magzine you that is a relief...

nce post i need to read it again...with lots of time just for this...and all that :)

all the best

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Different eh? Thanks :) While doing some research i myself learned a lot!

So did i do justice to the complex topic?

Your point taken :) Will try to do it from next post!!
Thanks :)

Yellow Tulip said...

woww..very informative and interesting dearL:)...enjoyed a lot:)....

all the very best:)

Shruti said...

@Daisy blue
Hi :)
Welcome to my blog!
Thanks for your comment :)

Shruti said...

Hi :)
""Mentioning PURA and calling for bridging the Urban-Rural divide was a nice thought.""
They are the need of the hour for our country right?

Thanks a ton for those nice words

Shruti said...

Hi yaar :)
Welcome to my blog!!

""I as indian do not know so MUCH about my country imagine other nationals""
That's the state of Indians at present. Pitiable state.
""this was printed in a GErman magzine""
Yes, no indian magazine dared to post these amazing facts!!

""i need to read it again...with lots of time just for this""
That's a true recognition for me and my writings!

Shruti said...

@Yellow tulip
Thank you so much yaar!!
Thanks for those wishes too!

Guria said...

I was reading your psot again! :P
So leaving a comment again...
The way of talked about your dreams as an Indian, and used 'I', it endeared me more to the post. Everybody has written 'they'! It is our responsibility too. 'We' is right. :)

Love, G.

P.S. I might comment again. If you don't want me to, please say so. :P

Shruti said...

Girlie :)
You are such a sweety! I never know my post was worth a re-read!
'I' in a society becomes 'We'. So every individual takes up the responsibility, we may end up doing wonders!

Commenting again? Wow! If you think its worth that, you can!! Each time you find sometyhing new in the post and comment! Am beaming! Can you see through the monitor?!

Anonymous said...

well shruti...I tell u something about a small boy....
on diwalis he was a lot of sweets of various tastes and shapes and sizes...
but he liked kaju katli the most....and so always kept them sideways to eat them in the end...
I am that boy....and your blog lies amongst the kaju katlis of the blogs I follow...

I will comment again after I read it...
plz don't fret at me like this...
I am actually not getting much time nowadays..

Shruti said...

Rahul baai!!
I was missing you and your comments in my blog!! Glad to be one of ur Kaju katli :)

No probs!!
Take your own time!
Take care :)


I applaud you for this most wonderful blog. much research must have gone into this and it was so wonderful to read and educational.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

first I am not your bai...I am your bhai...OK..
bai means small sister
bhai means bro....

Anonymous said...

two the post was awesome as I expected..
I liked the way u presented your ideas besides the quality of content..

and today I tell you what I have OBSERVED about you...
you are a wonderful writer...why?... because u write so simply...there are people who 'try' to be good at writing by writing even the simplest things in most complex of ways... your simplicity is your specialty... and so I change your name in blog...

Anonymous said...

interesting and elaborative post Shruti... :) I liked it for the way you have presented it and the amount of work you have put behind this one...

/*Clean society is what I want. Am I sounding selfish here? No am not. One of my neighbor came from US of A two weeks back and was telling my dad how clean the road was. When their country can be so clean, why can't ours be?*/

have you neighbour about how much guilt he will feel for throwing a paper or spitting on our roads compared to American roads.. we have a long way to go in cleanliness and public hygiene..

as far as other things I accept them... we have the potential.. and hope it's fully utilised...

vEnKy said...

Yei first facts ellam forward thaane ;).Never the less not the kinda post i expected from you but ok.

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton lady!! You are encouraging me always!!Thank you!!

Shruti said...

Ahhh!! Thanks for correcting me!! Am not so good in Hindi..

Shruti said...

""I liked the way u presented your ideas besides the quality of content""
Hey thanks for appreciating the presentation!!

observance of a Skeptical Observer --> Shruti - Simply scintillating!
Thank you so much! I never know am good at writing!!

Shruti said...

Hi kanagu :)
Thank you!!

""we have a long way to go in cleanliness and public hygiene""
Very true! But how long!? If we need our country to excel in everything, we need a clean and healthy surrounding!

Shruti said...

Forward ah? :(
Yedhachum oru forward idhellam pathi kaami!? :(

""not the kinda post i expected from you but ok""
What you expected? Was this that bad? :O :O

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Thanks for stopping by and the encouraging comments . Much appreciated.

A very detailed post. Loved it.

The best part for me was " India facts were recently published in one of the German Magazines ". I had 4-5 slides on the same in my video but had to chop it as YouTube balked at my 12 minute video ; had to get it below 10. I'm really happy that you have used it -- there are so many things we should be proud of.

Again, Great post...

Shruti said...

hi :)
""there are so many things we should be proud of""
proud to be an Indian!!

Thanks a lot!

HaRy!! said...

sure the research yu hav made mite bring yu the award pa!! Let Kalam's dream come true!! if so then "India Rokz" !! all the best

Shruti said...

Hey thanks yaar!!
Award for me?? No kidding na!! There are many good posts around!!
India always rocks!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

You are a sweet girl Shruti, ur innocence lies in ur simplicity. You will have no writers block or anything.

Even this post is a winner here.
'Simply the best'

The opening with Einstein is the best.

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

You took three hours to write this post...
good patience, I would have given hope in first hour only. :D

Shruti said...

Hi :)
""You will have no writers block or anything""
I too wish the same!!
My post is a winner?!
Thanks siddhu!!

Thanks a ton for your appreciation!

Shruti said...

I wanted to give my best! So took 3 long hours!! I wrote it with many breaks in betwen!!

Thanks again!

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

Facts that make India gr8, Dreams of an Indian n then India's dream ... Magnificent approach !

vEnKy said...

@ shruthi

the facts you published in India- as a country that is a forward message that forward even had that Albert Einstein quote. I got that forward few days before Independence day.

It wasn't bad shruti, it is just that i expected more from i thought it would have a 55 fiction.

pawan said...

A lot of this post went into detail and touched many points. Though superficial, I liked the post for its enriching content. For once I became enlightened. Nice Post.


Singh Amit said...

Very Intelligent post... Shruti :)
All things u have mentioned prove how developed we were in terms of scientific and societal areas.
Brain-drain, migration of people from rural places to cities are really matter of great concern. I earnestly feel...Scientific development has a pivotal role in the development of nation....So the slogan..Jai jawan..Jai Kisaan..Jai Vigyan seems quite significant to acheive the Indian dream.


BK Chowla said...

Shruthi,you have put together the best and the ideal picture.I only wish at a part of it happens,we will be different people.

soin said...

romba time yeduthu formala yezhuthureekeenga..but the human convergence can never

Shruti said...

""Magnificent approach""
Thank you so much!

Shruti said...

May be! I got them from a a website having German quotes and points from a leading magazine!

55Fiction? I thought about it! But i wanted to write this article by analyzing past,present and future!
So i couldn write a 55F!
Sorry for disappointing u da!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
""I liked the post for its enriching content""
Thank you so much for your wishes!
All the best!

Shruti said...

Hey thank you! Am getting these words from a scientist!

""Scientific development has a pivotal role in the development of nation""
Very true!

Thanks :)

Shruti said...

@Chowla ji
If a part of this, my dream happens, we will rule the world with advanced solutions for every field!

lostworld said...

Shruti.. Kudos babe !!!

That was an encyclopedia of a post.
I loved all the tit-bits & info.

Good luck for Blog-a-ton 3. Keep going.

Shruti said...

Why human convergence can never happen?! Have you read a tamil sci-fci novel by Sujatha? Its titled "Pesum Bommaigal"! It proves everything! With the advancement of technology we are sure to reach the new horizons!

Shruti said...

@Lost world
Hi girlie!!
Welcome :)
""That was an encyclopedia of a post""
Hey thanks a ton sweety!!

Thanks for your wishes too!

Bharathi said...

Hey, I never knew that Algebra, trigonometry and calculus came from India. I was blaming westerners while studying. (jus kidding) well researched post.

I agree with your corruption point. I liked when you said growth of our country depends on the way we work. good thinking.

All the best for blog a ton.

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Heheheh! I love maths!!
Glad to hear those wishes from you!
Thanks yaar!

Neha said...

amazing gal...very well presented post...all ur hard work and efforts are seen here...hope u win...good luck...

PS: thank u for including sanskrit language here...a great tribute to our rich culture and history :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Shruti,

I must tell u that the efforts that u had kept in writing this article are appreciable...Thank You Very much for such a good post about our incredible india..

Thanks for the initial snippets too.. yeah, they all are true and we must be proud of them..

and what else i can say about the dreamers and indian dream,, u spoke my heart almost..

brain drain is the major problem and i agree with u regarding the dream terminology..

Thanks for this gal ..

Pushkala said...

Interesting facts! Well-presented.
Loved reading this post.

I'm on my patriotic euphoria today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great girl.. you must have done soooo much of research for this post.. this was really like an encyclopedia. I feel we should put your post for Indian dream in wikipedia.. loved every bit of have left no topic untouched :)

Chetan said...

good one
and a gr8 approach-
1:india's dream
2:dream of an indian

Shruti said...

Hi girl :)
Thank you so much!! Sanskrit is the best language-see even Europeans love it!

Shruti said...

Yeah, Incredible India!!The word i missed in my blog!Proud to be an Indian!!
Thanks a ton girl!

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog!!
Thanks for your comment!
""patriotic euphoria"" eh?! Great to hear :P

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Thanks :)
""I feel we should put your post for Indian dream in wikipedia""
Ahhh!! Am jumping here and beaming! Thanks a lot for those words!!
Thanks yaar!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Thank you!

Harsha Chittar said...

Hi Shruthi
I read half of it morning, i wanted to comment only after reading the whole post, which i just finished now, so here goes

India as a Country
Made me proud, felt really good reading that part.

Dream of an Indian
All of us want to live in that perfect country, clean from all the dirt.
We keep forgetting that WE are INDIA.
We keep forgetting WE are the citizens living with dirt around us.
The sad part is we have all the knowledge, we know what is wrong, yet we sit with your legs stretched.
I dream of the day, where people throw garbage in the dust bin, and not in front of their neighbor's gate.
I dream of the day, where your America returned neighbor picks a broom and starts taking the initiative, than sit complaining.

India's Dream
Wake up my friend. Throw that blanket away, the world is laughing at you. Run after your dreams, show the world your dream, your country's dream

- Harsha

Harsha Chittar said...

To sum it up
Blog well written.
Thank you for making me feel proud as an Indian.
Thank you for showing there is a bright future.

Whysoserioustoday said...

Hey Shruti
Loved teh post ... to be frank I wana give ya 10/10 for tht Einstein quote u used .... loved it ... well researched post ... oso i believe ppl get attracted to foreign countries more because they du not have detailed info abt India n the benefits we can get here :)
I like :)
good luck :)

Shankar said...

A nice and well researched post... a lengthy post worth reading..Did you know points were really good and i liked it a lot..

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Welcome to my blog!

Thanks a ton for such a long comment!!
""where your America returned neighbor picks a broom and starts taking the initiative, than sit complaining""
I wish she does that!

""Run after your dreams, show the world your dream, your country's dream""
This should be the attitude of every Indian!

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton for dropping by and following my blog!!

Shruti said...

Hi girl!! Welcome to my blog after a long time!!

Thanks :)
10/10 ???? :O Am i seeing it correctly?!
Thanks for your wishes!

Shruti said...

Hey da, thank you so much!!
Did you know yaro irrelevent nu sonnanga! Andha nallavan yarunu theriyuma unakku :P

Miss_Nobody said...

That was pretty well researched.I learnt so much.Nice post!
Love your blog :)

Aneet said...

Nice post but I was always under the impression that trigonometry came from Egypt!

I am glad it is from India... having said that why am I so bad at trigonometry?!??!??! :P

Indian Pundit said...

Nice work.
A novel on "Indian Dream"....hahahaha

Lots of research.
Lots of info. Good one.

Now, why i didnot participate.

Actually,i was "under attack" since 2nd oct. night.
Attacked by HIGH FEVER.
Slept the entire day(almost) on 3rd.
Was Too sick and tired to write anything.
My condition was really pathetic. Made the mistake of waiting till 3rd to write.

Prads said...

good good perception shruthi ..
am happy atleast few ppls here to think abt India with no brain drain and corruption free...

Surely ur perception becomes true.
india will become TOP n future..

kind of inspiration post this one .


Shankar said...

irrelevant but worth reading nu anda nallavan sonnan....anda nallavan yaarunu unaku theriyuma?

Shilpa Garg said...

A well researched post!!
Great going! :)
Keep it up! :)
All the best!! :)

Shruti said...

@Miss Nobody
Hi girlie :)
Welcome to my space! Glad that you learnt a lot from my blog :)

Ahhh!! U love my blog? Wow :) Thanks *_*
Thanks for following my blog girl!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Welcome to my blog!!

Trigonometry from egypt?!?! Any special theory behind it?

Ahh I love maths... Seems trigonometry scared the hell outta u!

Shruti said...

Welcome back!
Is my post a novel?! I dunno!

Down completely? Oh migh! IP.. Blog-a-ton missed u terribly!
Take care and come back in a jiffy!

Get well soon!

Shruti said...

Thanks yaar!

Shruti said...

No comments :D

Shruti said...

Thanks girl!

Sojo Varughese said...

Looks like u did a lot of work trying to figure out what Indian Dream means to you. What you culled out from the German Magazine about India made me proud to be an Indian. Thanks a lot for that moment :)

I know if all of us join our hands together, we can fulfil India's Dream :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Shruti,

U have been tagged ...plz chk my space..:)

Rohini Prasanth said...

ooooh.. the long line of comments should convince you how good a writer you are.

Very well written and analysed. I like your thoughts. All of them, i could relate to. :)

All the best for blog-a-ton.Hope you get tons of praise.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl.. congrats for the blogadda pick :) :)

aativas said...

Very informative and well worded post!

Aditya said...

Nice research. You worked hard girl :)

RAM said...

Wow what a blog! The best of the lot i can say. You have matured a lot as a blogger starting from your experiences in life continuing with those 55 fictions and now this beautiful post. I totally agree with all your views and kudos for collecting some rare facts which I dont know till now. Keep posting wonderful posts like these :)

Shruti said...

Hi re :)
Welcome to my blog!!
Thanks a lot for those kind words!

Yes, we all must unite for making all our dream come true!

Shruti said...

Yeah! Will cheack it and do!!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
Hey thanks a lot buddy!!

You could relate to all of them eh? Yes! I loved those thoughts!
Thanks a ton!!

Shruti said...

Yeah!!! Thanks...
Am happy on it

Shruti said...

Hey welcome to my blog!!
Thanks a ton girl

Shruti said...

Thank you!!

Shruti said...

Thank you thank you!!

pra said...

Very informative and well researched post Shruti! Well done!! You have discussed almost all the points of the subject!

Shruti said...

Thank you prashansa!

Guria said...

Girl, you seem to hitting centuries now with every match (or post) it seems!
Kudos to you!
But then, you indeed are that kind of a writer, touch the heart every time, compelling to comment over and over again! :)

Write something naa? Another 55, wanna read! :P

Love, G.

Shruti said...

Hi girlie! Good morning!!
Thank you, thank you for wishing me to get centuries with every post!

55Fiction eh?! Hehehe!! Will write! Thinking of a good concept! :)

Anonymous said...

very well researched and very well presented

Shruti said...

Hey welcome to my space!!
Thank you so much!

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

Hi Shruti,

I do appreciate your efforts for gathering such information and you did really fabricated the current situation. This article could have achieved completeness had it been bit more comprehensive. May be because you have command on technological domains, the other domains like Agriculture(Farmers suicides), Societal Inequalities(Victims of development, migration), widening gap between rich and poor, Environmental degradation etc got bit less weight-age in the article.
Just think once.
:) :) :)

Shruti said...

yes you are correct. I wanted to write to the topic. But i diversified the topic and added those technicalities!
Will keep in mind about your suggestions

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