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Thursday, October 1, 2009

55 Fiction - #15

Hi friends! This is my 15th 55Fiction. Thanks a lot for your support till date. Hope I will live upto all your expectations in this 55F too!

Those who are new to this concept, understand what is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.


"Hi Mom"

"Come Anoop, how was your day?"



"Tomorrow Social test.. 5 Chapters mom"Sad

"So what? Prepare well"


She went inside Anoop's room. She was shocked to see him sitting amidst piles of papers.

"Anoop Am proud of you. You study so hard!"

"Yeah mom, I gotta finish preparing bits. 3 more chapters to go"


Hope you liked this. Please do comment on this 55 fiction attempt!

With Love,


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Anonymous said...

hehe.. reminds me of one of my frnd who used to have an index chit for all the chits which carried info about what each chit carried :D good one again queen!

Shruti said...

Index chit eh?! Too funny!!

Thanks a ton girlie!

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

I remembered my college days...cracked 10 papers in one semester and scored a distinction...wowiee!!!

Shruti said...

With distinction eh!!

Anoop said...

is tat anoop me? :O
OMG :(((

khe khe khe... but i don write bits ;)
i also need to start writin 55Fictionz...

Neha said...

my style of copying was hi-tech...I used to use gprs on my phone ;)

cool one btw..

Shruti said...

Its a mere co-incidence!
U don write bits?! Haan?! don't lie!
C'mon,,start writing!!

Shruti said...

Advanced technology ah?! Migh!!
That's how u became a lawyer?! :P :O

Ekam said...

Nothing can be better than your calculator :D
I hope no one from my colg is reading it:D
But ab kya farak padna hai :D

Anoop said...

oh..coincidence?? then tat was a great choice f the name... ;)

n m not lying... :| :P

hmm..i ll start wriitn soon.. very soon.. seems u hav written lotta fictions.. only fictions i guess..

Shruti said...

Even my calci would have all values pre-stored :P
This 55F is bringing out everyone's talent! :P

Shruti said...

""seems u hav written lotta fictions.. only fictions i guess..""
Have written a lot!
But this anoop is not a fiction! And am speaking with the real Anoop! :D :P

Anoop said...

expect a competitor very soon :D


hey can u do a favor? r u afraid f bots?? y u wanna keep this word verification thingy? do u mind takin tat off? :D jus a suggestion..

its such a pain, u see

Sat_hi_sh said...

Wow ,ur blog seems to overflow with comments :)

hmmm not ur best 55-fiction attempt of late bot liked it anyways :)

keep blogging :)

HaRy!! said...

finally yu got the flip side :) funny!!! ha ha i know yu had the funny bone....kalakita po!! intha mathiri bit ezhuthi nee matikitiya? ha ha

☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

lolz ... preparing bits is a tiresome job or so i have heard :P

Being Pramoda... said...

heheh...very funnyyy..:)

When i watched such incidents in movies, i always wanted to witness it in real life..i.e witnesing a person who keeps bits with him..hehe..but its never happened yet.. :(..hhahah

Mustaf said...

ho ho ho..this is something so many of us could connect to.Once my mom asked the time that people spend preparing those chits in those microscopic letters, they would have studied the paper in lesser time.

My answser was no matter how much you study, there is always the risk of forgetting, where the chits are always with you, until and unless you are caught!!:P

vEnKy said...

@ shruti

Super post, really nice one. One of your better 55 fictions.

@ Neha

o_O stumped after seeing your technique, look at how technology is helping ;)

@ EKam

Calculator how? how? how?

i am technologically so backward :(

Indian Pundit said...

Hahahahahaha....thats a good one.

Nice work.


Prads said...


nice theme,,,,,

Hardwork never fails...

keep rockign


Bharathi said...

The only instance I wrote a bit was to my Hindi exam in which I suck to great extent. I didnt get caught doing that (I kept it inside my geometric box and copied efficiently) but I failed misserably inspite of copying from bit :-(
Nice one again from you. Thanks for reminding me of my schoold days.

Shankar said...

ha..ha.. A nice funny one... shruthi..that guys is similar to me...

Guria said...

Is the above Anoop the same one grown up??!! :D

Didn't you know about Index chits, boys in our class taught us everything we needed (or not) to know!

Made me remember alot of funny incidents with this chit business in exams.

Another Great 55, dear Queen! :P

I'm looking forward to the 16th! :)

Love, G.

Sourav !!! said...

No way !! How can u know me so well :P and u call this fiction, jus coz u changed the name :P

Samadrita said...

Hehe that was funny.In engineering colleges this habit of preparing chits on the eve of exams is very common.But I tend to think it's kind of foolish.I mean hello if you'd have just pored over your chapters even once it might have saved you all this hard work.

Anyway good one. :)

Shruti said...

Yes, will take the word verification!! Competitor huh??!! Wow!!
Expecting a healthy competition!!

Shruti said...

""ur blog seems to overflow with comments""
Yes, am overwhelmed :)

""not ur best 55-fiction attempt""
Oh :( :(
Will write a better one next time!!


Singh Amit said...

Nice one.. :)
You reminded my college days.. :)

Shruti said...

Someone tickled my funny bone :P
Naan idhu varaikkum copy adichadu illa pa!

Shruti said...

""preparing bits is a tiresome job""
Experience speaks eh?! :P
Great to hear ;)

Shruti said...

hehehehe :P
Thanks :)
I have seen many in school and colleges!

Shruti said...

""how much you study, there is always the risk of forgetting, where the chits are always with you, until and unless you are caught""
Heheheeh :P
Whatta explanation?!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks da!!
Aana some told this is not good!! :(

Shruti said...

Thanks re!!

Shruti said...

Thanks re!

vEnKy said...

@ Shruthi

i think something is wrong with them hehehe

Shruti said...

""I failed misserably inspite of copying from bit ""
Hey, so sad yaar!!

You are welcome and thanks for your appreciations!

Shruti said...

Andha paiyan unna madhriya?!
Nenachen indha comment ah!

Shruti said...

Index chits is a new thing for me!! :P

""Another Great 55, dear Queen""
Am blushing :)
Thanks a ton!!

Shruti said...

hehehehe :P
Thanks :)

Shruti said...

hey thanks girlie!!
We cant expect everyone 2 study na?!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks buddy!

Shruti said...

That's called attitude!!

vEnKy said...

@ Shruti
i was just kidding, how better can it get.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Shruthi.. this is a very cute and sweet one !!! naala iruku

Vishnu said...

nice.. nangalam calculator dan..

Shruthi said...

heheheh.. funny. the best part about 55ers is the last 10 words, I guess that's also the most difficult part isn't it. great blog Shruti! keep 'em coming :)

MultiMenon said...

ROFL.. funny guy I must say..Infact the olt time I tried to copy in life was whan I was in 4th grade..din study for my EVS paper and made elaborate plans to copy.. :P Arranged and made out ideas with buddies..

and I go the exam hall aND get seated..and guess wot??that very'am comes up to me and asks me to move to the front..screwed up the exam..lost that thiught too.. :P

am blogrolling ya.. :)

Take care


Shruti said...

Ne yedhum thappa sollala... Thinking positives from negatives is called attitude!
I meant that!

Shruti said...

Thanks sweety!

Shruti said...

Calci dan lab la useful :P

Shruti said...

Welcome here girlie :)
""I guess that's also the most difficult part isn't it""
Yes!! I struggle and churn out those last words!!

Thanks for dropping by and liking my post!!


Shruti said...

@Multi menon
Hey, welcome to my space :)
That's the fate!! U left copying in 4th grade?! Migh... So u r studious eh?!

Thanks for blog-rolling me :)

Samadrita said...

You're tagged in my last post. :)

Shruti said...

Will check out!

Aditya said...

haha bits for 5 chapters? he is very old fashioned :P . I took photocopy of the whole book as micro xerox and took it in my pocket :D

Interesting 55 fiction. I love people like Anoop :D

Btw when did I forget your blog :(( . I have commeneted on every post of yours :| ..just that I am bit late that others :P .. because I am bit busy too, searching for jobs :P

Abdul said...

nice.. nothin to review about.. but as interesting as the nature (shortness) of 55f, it is so inadequate.. i mean it is nice bcos its small but its not so nice since its little.. maybe ud be nice if u write 5-6 55f in a single post.. too greedy huh? :)

Shruti said...

Micro Xerox?!
I have seen some people doing it in my coll days!!! :P

P.S: I couldn't see you in my last post!!
Searchin job?!

Shruti said...

Hi :)
I can see you here when i write some 55F!! How come you are getting tipped?!

""maybe ud be nice if u write 5-6 55f in a single post""
Migh!! I get head-ache after writing a singl 55F!! It involves too much of brain work!

But I am happy to know u like 55F so much!!

SiMbA tAgO said...

a complete protocol of an engineer ....

Shruti said...

Welcome to my blog yaar!!

Protocol of an engineer eh?!

Anu...:) said...

Comedy piece...:P
Nice are maintaining your change from sad themes la?:P

Shruti said...

Yes, break from sad endings!!

Aditya said...

Micro Xerox?!
I have seen some people doing it in my coll days!!! :P

P.S: I couldn't see you in my last post!!
Searchin job?!
ATB Adi //

Mine is the 6th comment in your last post my dear. :)

Thank you. :)

Shruti said...

Oh migh!!
Am sorryy adi!!

Aditya said...

never be sorry ;)

Shruti said...


Swaram said...

ROFL :D Really gud ;)

U r just getting better an better girl :P I envy u ;)

@Avada: Index chit! Some smart move there :P

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton!!
I too envy the comments and awards u get :P


You have come up with a novel way of writing blogs, very clever and I enjoy them very much.


Shruti said...

Hi :)
Thanks!! Glad that you are enjoying my writing!!

srividya said...


Shruti said...


Makk said...


Shruti said...

:) ?!?!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! :-) :-) :-)

Ethukku bit ellam... Exam hall poi anga yaaravathu answer sheetaye vaangi ezhuthikka vendiyathu thana.... Global warming... so paper waste panna koodathu shruti...

Shruti said...

Ne irundha paper ah ye pathu adichirpenga...
Global warming? Unga porupunarchi ah paathu pullarikkudhu

Anonymous said...

paathu paathu... romba arichu ratham githam vanthirama.... :-D

Shruti said...

Ayoo appa saami! Mokkaaa!!!!

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