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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read on..

Everybody gets emotionally drained when something against their will happens. In short all of us have a bad day. People like me (Just out of college, waiting for DOJ's or expecting a good offer to come their way). Working class waits for appraisals and when they don't get it, they are really off their mood. I had the so called bad day and have drained all my energy because of a weird incident.

Today its one of my similar bad days, I was sitting at home doing nothing other than straining my eyes on my system for vague information and I came across this biography of Genghis khan. From what I had already known he was a wretched cruel man with a big army at his order to ransack every city he ordered them to attack. But when I read through the website I was shocked that he was the son of a tribal leader and on one of his bad days his parents were killed and he was captured by some ruthless enemies and was chained with a shackle in his neck like a dog for more than 10 years. Imagine that for a bad day. He escaped from there and then raised that big army that he used to bully around later on in his life and he created the single largest empire in history and that sustained for 150 years after his death. Though Alexander is more famous he had a smaller empire and it just vanished in thin air in less than 10 years after his death.

Wow I thought, we crib so much for a meager thing of not getting a job or do best in assessments. What has happened to us, why do we feel distressed even for the slightest smirk? Then I got it, we are just pampered spoiled kids of the society. A kid who may have got a good life would obviously be cribbing about being put to even a small discomfort and a kid who has fought hardships would neglect that small discomfort. And what do we call that kid who gripes for every small thing? A spoiled brat!! The same thing applies to us; we have just become spoiled brats induced by this corporate cushion. Any small discomfort and we are ready to raise a red flag as if it was the death of us, where as we don't know the real meaning of discomfort.

I still remember the day when Kerri Strug an American athelete sprained her ankle on her big day at the 1996 Olympics and still went ahead jumped the vault to bring USA the first ever group Olympics gold medal in history of Olympics. What would have she thought after spraining her ankle? Did she think she had a bad day and just left it at it? No she took her injured ankle and in the next jump scored enough to get that gold medal bringing tears in hundreds of eyes across USA that day. But we being normal people and not so great as Genghis khan or even as strong hearted as Kerri Strug cant we have enough positive attitude left at the end of the day and say well today didn't go so well and I will do it better tomorrow or compensate for it tomorrow.

I saw a coolie pulling a cart in in a part of Chennai, I thought if this guy doesn't get work a particular day he may smoke beedi and sit on his cart but if he doesn't get work for a week he wont have enough money for even food, imagine a bad week for him and the same bad week for us, lets say we don't get paid for a week we still would be driving our cars and still eating good food, but I am sure we will raise a havoc about it. Does that coolie imagine about promotion or appraisal? May be he thinks he can save enough to buy a bullock instead of hand pulling his cart. But why do we not get satisfied? Why do we want more? Why do we make a big issue on small discomforts? That's what I call spoiled brat.

We have so much pessimism present in our selves that we don't neglect even small discomforts or try to over come it. We have become so soft on our heart that we want things smooth every where, we have so much greed that we compare ourselves with others to get more out of the corporates pockets, but rarely take an initiative to say even if the current is against me I will swim to the shore. When we go ahead and compare some ones better day and gripe about it, why can't we compare someone else's worse day and get happy that ours was better?

So please the next time before you decide you had a bad day, think if it was so bad that it cannot be compensated? Make a determination to beat the heck out of the "bad day monster" tomorrow. Beat it so bad that it spends the next few days fixing its nose. And as for me, as I reread this article, I learned a lesson… writing is easy doing it is tough.....

With Love,


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kanagu said...

1st :D

Anonymous said...

u really made a point here..
a real good one :)
(I don't have anything to say actually_

Vrij said...

Very fine post! I always believe that when we crib about our work, we just need to think of those municipal workers who sift through our shit to clear the clogged drains. Even the thought gives us the creeps.. and so as u say, its just best to beat the bad days out of our way!

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

we are just pampered spoiled kids of the society.
and a lot of other of other lines totally caught my attention.
the coolie. genghis khan. every1 has dreams, hopes and then there is us. we don work hard enuf and then we expect everything.
and then we hate ourselves for it. lol.
keep psoting shruti. a gr8 51st post. :)

kanagu said...

really nice post Shruti :)

some valid points and you have presented them so well... we are really thankless for the beautiful life we have got...

crying over small discomforts.. and not making much effort to get the things straight..

whatever we say.. we can't justify the violence shown by Genghis Khan.. because daily many children were going thru such shames.. :(

Mahesh said...

I felt gratified by reading about the corporate bashing. I am against corporatism and commercialised consumerist mindset.
Though the topic is highly debatable and quite relative, it is contemporary and happening.

vEnKy said...

Shruthi really good thoughts for the first time i completely agree with your thoughts.

pRiYaN...! said...

to know my visit my blog


The Aspirant said...

i agree wid last line of course....

i dunt say abt small things, but sumtyms pessimism becums quite over us......nd at dat tym wen we dunt get sum1 to say such wrds, den it becums more on d head......

gud wrk.......nd hw cn u ppl read so much on net?? :P

Darshan Chande said...

A very good point, Shruti. Actually, you see, it's owing to our human nature. It is said na, ke humans are never satisfied with the things they have. Person "A" earns 200 Rupees a month and person "B" earns 20000 Rupees a month but if you look at them their satisfaction level will be at par with each other. Rather we see that the more money one has, more unhappiness one suffers from.

Personally I feel it's a shame that people belonging to the same species are living in such disparities. Such great difference in the lives of poor and the rich can be seen only in humans... And we say we are the most intelligent species! Intelligence only means miseries!

Don't know if you will like it, but I feel like putting here one of my poems I had written 4 years ago about disparities... Here it is -

Disparities (October, 2005)

A shabby-clothed, bare-footed,
languid, poor, little boy of nine,
or ten, begs on the railway platform
for a hand to help him lift
the sack, weighing, I suppose,
not less than Twenty kgs.
Upon being favored, he runs
up the FOB, the sack on his head,
out for working.
I recall the other boy, of the same age,
studying in Convent, going places
by cars, exuberantly attired.
And just then, thousands of rich
and poor boys, I see, standing before me,
And tears shine in my eyes; for
I am ashamed of being human.
Thanks :)

Chatterbox said...

A well written thought provoking post.
Keep up the good work Shruti!


Anu...:) said...

Bulls Eye! You've got it right! We just go on cribbing about things we don't have..rather than making our own way or finding any solution and fight back.
We've all become silly whiners...trying to avoid looking into the eyes of fact we all want everything to be easy...if some difficulty arises...then thats the end of it.We never realise that change is temporary.That we should face the problem rather than be an ostrich and dig our face into the sand.

Very nice post! oh by the check out my new post! :)

Mustaf said...

I did not know so much about Genghis Khan, truely I can never imagine myself in that situation.But having said that, I also believe human being themselves don't know what they are capable of until and unless they are tested i.e. if you or me are put into that same situation, we even might do wonders but we don't realize that.There are only few people who know their capability.

And we are pampered a lot, we get everything for granted, that's why we don't realize it.Some time we get success without actually putting effort and sometime we don't get it after putting so much hard work.We don't say a word about the former incident, but crib our heart out abt the later, hypocrite we are?

And did not understand the coolie comparison much, need to read that para 2-3 times, will comment about that later

Sid 'Ravan' Kabe said...

hey thats an interesting tale to tell...

As Barney Stinsen say, 'When I becoming sad, I stop becoming sad and become awesome instead'...:D

Shruti said...

Yes :)
U are first this time too :)

Ekam said...

Very rightly said. Problems or a bad day we face , we sometimes thing, nothing can be worse than that. But when compared to others, its like nothing what we face.

Shruti said...

U don't have anything to say?!?! :O
Now I don't know what to say :)

Shruti said...

Even i wanted to write about the municipal workers. But the post became too long! Good that u mentioned them here :)
Thank u!!
Keep Visiting!!

Shruti said...

Aren't we all are pampered spoiled kids of the society??
That's why we complain about everything!

Shruti said...

Hey I didn't argue that Genghis khan is 100% true! But i wanted to tell, he faced larger discomforts than we all complain about and alas he came back with a bang and ruled!
That should be our attitude (attitude of Genghis khan in a positive way) :)
Thanks re :)

Shruti said...

I know u will argue with me in this topic but u said its happening!
Thanks :)
Its happening everywhere! Even with me and u! We are not exceptions :)

P.S : Ur hand became ok?

Shruti said...

Ne ketta madhri different post yezhudhirkena?!?!
First time u accepted everything! Great!

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton for bestowing me with those awards :)

Shruti said...

@The Aspirant
That's my habit. I will start searching on something, but will get ended upon something. Will read whatever interests me.. Quite weird isn't it?

soin said...

its like the people lower to u in society are there to make u feel better.. and those higher above u look at u and feel better.. sort of cruel..someone having to be sad or poor so that we can be happy or rich..but hey thats the way it

ηανєєη said...

There is an untold past for every story ....
and as far as "wanting more n more" is concerned .. i think of it as a good habit ... cos those who dont want more ... are either dead or something similar

cos those who wanted more... made computers , planes , internet, phones, even the wheel n usable fire.
optimism is the key ... but where is the lock :o :P

nice writing though ...keep it up

Singh Amit said...

Awesome post..Shruti... :)
I echo with your thoughts and have already posted a post "Stirring of Soul" on my blog...
“Stirring of soul” defines and decides yours mettle.


Shruti said...

Hi :)
You are very true yaar... everything starts with money.. These days people complain about everything.. Starting from happiness to money.. They don't understand the fact that money and happiness don't go hand in hand.

I loved ur poem so much...the difference of the two sects of kids are beautifully portrayed :)

Thanks to u too!!

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton dear :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi shruti..

good post and an emotional read for me..

yeah, pessimism os obviously thr in every kind of man kind..

bill gates can compare with us, we can compare with coolie, a coolie can compare with a begger..and with whom a begger can compare with???

my point is..we shd never compare with anybody..we should not stop thinking about our defeat just becasue our co-person has got even bitter defeat on another we do that, at the end, we are no one to the world..

everyone should know their own limits of life, should accept the facts of one's own life, should develop the ability to accept the life as it is, and also, one should get the ability to make a better life with the possible ones..

but i dont say my word for a comparitive world..we are very much togther in the world, but yet, we are all alone at the end of the day..

sorry to differ with you, but i know u r a kind of gal, who welcomes my this opinion..

and thanks alott for the info abt the player and abt the good army man..inspiring.;)

have a good day..:)

BK Chowla said...

It is a debatable point.We crib when we miss certain things.We should appreciate the efforts made by a Rickshaw puller in Madras.
But,But,in my opinion is that one has to be aware of the surroundings,one has to crib one has to dream one has to has to make it big in life,one has to crib and dream big.

Shruti said...

That's why I called us Pampered, spoiled kids of the society.. We are not used upto the defeats and when we face the problems we start complaining about them

Will check them out!!

Abdul said...

every inconvenience is an adventure- someone..

ur right.. but its borin to feel good all the day.. once in a while its nice to have a bad day.. we can jus look at us and see hw fucked up our life is, look at the skies and say " are u done or do u have more for me?", give an understanding smile to self, call a friend and say " machan groundku vada". ha.. good life.. even though its fucked up.. :)

Bharathi said...

Nice thinking. But for me, there no one called normal person. If we put the efforts and ready to learn, we will succeed. Only laziness will make a person normal.

Secondly, bad days and good days are common in everyones life including animals. So is happiness and sadness. It will be there irrespective of our status in this society. Even the most powerful man in this world will have these.

Finally, I dont think these achievements will bring happiness to them. Its all in the mind. i believe if one can develop a perfect mindset, he can be happy even in thorn bed. if he dont have that mindset, he cant be happy even if he is the president of America.

Sorry for being philosophical. i do that crap quite often. bear with me :D

Shruti said...

Everybody has potential within them.. Its upto them..Everyone should understand their potential :)
Even if we don't get good results we should look on the negative sides and try to make them as positiv!

U don't understand that coolie thing?! My!!

Shruti said...

Welcome back 2 my blog...
Commenting forgetting the revenge??
"'When I becoming sad, I stop becoming sad and become awesome instead'"
I liked this

Shruti said...

Well said Girl :)


Excellent post, yes we all get one of those days but tomorrow is another day and in most terms is a great improvement on the day before, well written.


Shruti said...

Richer and poor? I accept money makes things in these point is accept wat u have and live happily wit t and never compare...
do compare things on healthire grounds

soin said...

well girl all this is good for talk only.. humanely this is not possible..we can try yes.. we do..but u know its the basic human nature..denying it is

Shruti said...

Yaar :)
Wanting more is good in terms of knowledge and not with money :)

Thanks :)

Shruti said...

I think i have checked ur post already!!
Thanks re :)

Shruti said...

Girl..why u r comparing urself with the ppl below u? Aim higher should be our motto...
Why the beggers cant compare with the coolies, coolies with us and we with BG..
Bill gates is not the only brainy whiz..

Comparison should be there. But not with the money. It should be on a healthier grounds.

Even am not opposin ur thoughts...just an argument!

Shruti said...

@Chowla Ji
"dream big" and achieve ur dream...Aim high should be our motto :)
Thanks a ton 4 sharing ur views :)

Shruti said...

Hey, we should have mixed emotions..but should we think only about our bad? Whatever v experience is nothing when we read the difficulties of people..
My point is don't bother and emphasize much on ur bad things!

I liked the way u said ""machan groundku vada""...How nice it feels! :)

Shruti said...

Buddy, i really expected a philosophical approach on this topic and u didn't disappoint me.. Philosophically ok, but can everyone follow them practically?

Babli said...

I appreciate for your excellent post. I liked it very much and I fully agree with you.

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton!

Shruti said...

You read the last line in my post?!
I said, ""writing is easy doing it is tough""
So Easy,,,,

RAM said...

Hey wonderfully composed blog :)

Shruti said...

Thanks yaar

Shruti said...

Thanks da

Bharathi said...

I think its our choice. Anything new seems to be non practical. This world is certain to give good and bad mixed. no one can change it. But if we want to come out of this, we need to find ways.

Neha said...

very nice post shruti...completely agree with whatever you mentioned in this post...I have had a similar post in past...:)

Shruti said...

We have to find ways.. true..
But approaching a way to come out of that, in a philosophical way? Will it help us? Cos many a times, things said and done varies..

P.S: Am asking too many questions to u? Am sorry..

Shruti said...

Thanks sweety!
U had such a post?!

Neha said...

not exactly, but yeah, it was about how you can see ur life...u can make it beautiful if u want...

and critic? girl please...always feel free to give me your honest comments...i would love that if u criticize me...i feel if u don't like my post hen either say that honestly or don't leave ur comment at all rather than leaving a fake "wow" or "nice post" appreciation...

thank u for ur last comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

hey shruti..
I am deeply affected by the points you raised through this wonderful of yours...

can u allow me to write some more on it...I mean on the same topic....

can you publish that post of mine as a guest post in your blog(just a humble request :)

Shruti said...

Yes, we can make it IF WE WANT! But do we want?

And regarding the last comment..
If i found a post interesting and worth a full read I will read them and comment. I never fake my comments girl!!

Shruti said...

Wow :) :)
With pleasure Rahul! Am expecting that from u and write it soon as I will publish that as part two in this.

Neha said...

I appreciate Shruti that u never fake ur comments...and beware? well girl, remember my current post? there i said i like weird things? one of them is criticism..:D

and 55 fiction, well as u must have noticed i hardly write fiction...the last story was my third attempt...but will surely try n write a 55ver soon...:)

nice to have met another honest blogger...

Shruti said...

That's fantastic :) Will show my other face to u!! :P Lolzz

Am waiting for a 55Fiction from u! I never asked anyone 2 write before.. I read ur fiction stories and u have the capability of writing!!
Proceed girl :)

Neha said...

n yeah, damn cool template and blog award slide show...loved it :)

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton sweety!

Bharathi said...

I have no problem with questions. It indeed helps me sometime.

You are here to find out a solution for a practical problem. Some times it succeeds and some times it fails. why you have to brand it as philosophical or not. Let the world do that. And you dont have to care about what world do to you. And yeah. This is only my opinon. You need to think on your own for a better solution. For your information, i havnt found a solution yet. But I can say that I am in the process of doing that. I would be happy if it helps.

Shruti said...

Good, that is your perspective.Let me think about my view :)

Shilpa Garg said...

Interesting post!
And thanks for sharing about Genghis Khan! Didn't knew about his early years!!
Oh yes, we all have bad days...but the best would be to snap out of such moments/situations...may be call up somebody and laugh...laughter is the best medicine and also it boosts your immune system in the process or play Farmville on Facebook! :D
It will surely de-stress you and brighten up your day!! :)
Smile and Cheers! :)

Shruti said...

Hehehe :P
Know what? This is the best funniest comment i got such a serious post :P
""play Farmville on Facebook! :D""
Wow...Kya idea lady ji :P
Thanks a lot shilpa :) Ur comment really brought a bigggg smile on my face :)

Guria said...

I gather what you wanted to talk about is "to be happy with what we have got" and "optimism"...
Very well done!
About the last line... doing is indeed tough... but you know why? Because gathering the will to be it or do it is the toughest. But once you have the conviction or the will that's when anything's possible :)
Good thoughts Shruti! :)

Shruti said...

'Where there is a will there is a way'
Thanks Guria

lostworld said...

A very very nicely written post. Agree with what you had to say. Especially - easier said than done. But then unless we try, we wouldn't know will we.


Yellow Tulip said...

very inspiring and truly said dear:)...its really hard to think of doin so but once done it becomes the most pleasurable moment:)....lovely post

Shruti said...

Thanks a ton girl!

Shruti said...

Thanks sweety!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruti

A little late but still i must say - nice post and nice facts put in here.

To me its like:
If god brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

I believe and hold on thinking of this.

Good writting.


Makk said...

As a counselor

I have seen many cases, people say they have struggled in their life, i just smile because they even don't know what is struggle in real mean.

Good post. You spilled your frustration over your self.


Keep Smiling.

Shruti said...

""If god brings you to it, he will bring you through it""
Nice thinking and thanks for the visit

Shruti said...

I don't like thrusting my problems on others :)

HaRy!! said...

Hmmm yep i sure do agree with yu on this...we tend to crib on small things and exclaim" Am i the unluckiest person on earthe" , but one minute if we think and look around we wud realise how blessed we are to eat 3 times a day.... nice post pa..luvd it very much and yu did it well with the facts...and example..which is more important...hey yenga nama blog side kanam:)

Shruti said...

hey thanks a ton yaar!! un blog updates ye yenakku varala hari!

Anonymous said...

A very gud thought that we often forget in life... but this is not really that shruti kind of telling it... somethingggggggg is missing.....

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shruti

You probably expressed the truth. But what an irony of the Life! And no wonder sometimes life is so distressing. But I believe that Hope is something should not forget and follow the heart.
Nice post!
All the best!!

Shruti said...

Shruti kind of telling?What's that?
Will improve next time!

Shruti said...

Glad that u understood this post :)
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Shruti kind of tellling...
Cant be explained... only be experienced...

Shruti said...

U experienced eh?
Will try to write better

Anonymous said...

Yep... I experienced... Thats y I say it...

Shruti said...

Great to hear that!

Anonymous said...

Great optimistic post girlie :) loved it.. I wanted to quote this other example of a man I saw on TV.. it seems his ambition was to climb Everest (or some such mountain) but unfortunately, he lost both his legs.. so he completed his dream by going on a wheelchair.. can you imagine his willpower? Keep writing such sweet posts girl :)

Shruti said...

Wow, the example u cited here was awesome :)
Will continue writing such posts.. but will they be sweet? I dunno!! :P

Makk said...


I guess sharing is some thing which carve out nice outcomes..

wat say??

Swaram said...

U hv a valid point here Shruthi and well expressed in words too :)

Reminds me of that guy Sachin who ws deaf and dumb but performed Lavani in the show 'India's Got Talent'! There are many such ppl and we hv got to learn lessons from them!

Shruti said...

Somethings can't be shared with anyone. and the best possible solution, according to me, comes only when I sit and analyze and arrive at a solution myself!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks a ton girlie!!

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