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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cricket Fervor

In my last poem many didn't understand the concept and found it difficult with the first read. So this time, I wrote a poem with the words that occurred to me. I don't know whether they can be termed as poem!

Musing on those seconds
Those moments of torment
Concerning over the fate of the game
Those last few overs, OMG!!!

Last over, Pitch changes, Changes in pace,
Tensed faces on ground and dressing room,
Glistening sweat drops in players face,
Add extra spice to the relinquishing Bile juice.

Every time he pass the wicket
Every time the other shouts out,"Howzzatt!” for an lbw,
Our hearts skip a beat, a lump in throat,
The tension keeps Piling.

The never-said prayers suddenly recalled
The heart hastens against time.
Some just close their eyes, bite nails
Unable to bear the stress.

The few final fleeting moments
Where one billion hearts hotfoot together
One billion supplications wish the same
When all of us unite despite all odds

This happens every time- be it ODI, T20, TEST matches
Every time they,no, we play
We - the Indians..
And we play cricket!!

This being a Cricketing season and me, a big Fan of cricket, wrote this so called poem. This is dedicated to a lot of people.The list is below.

  • Sachin Tendulkar - Master-Blaster lasted 20 years in cricket and he is still going strong.
  • Rahul Dravid - The much hyped 'WALL' who recently joined the 11,000 club and crossed Don Bradman's record.
  • And the awesome bowling performance of Zaheer (Without toooo many no balls), Sreesanth (5 wicket haul in the comeback match), Dhoni (Having the guts to select Sreesanth), Bhajji and Ojha (The debutant)
  • Lastly to TEAM INDIA for its brilliant performance in the second test for winning SL by an Innings and 144 runs!!

P.S : For non-cricket lovers, something else will be posted when am free. Kindly excuse me if am not visiting your blogs. The reason is my Internet browsers are messing up and am missing all my friends updates. Will start my routine follow-up's from Sunday.

With Love,


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Enjoyed the poem though personally am not a cricket fan but takean interest when the Ashes are being played.


Ravan said...

erm... the poem is nice and i can c d poem is in mood of the current nation...

m a known no comment on content...poem is nice...:P

vEnKy said...

I wouldnt known if you havent said it was a poem.Dhoni for not bending down u have to dedicate for that. He is Vanga muni sucker!

Roshmi Sinha said...

Good one :)

Shruti said...

I told na, its SO CALLED POEM :P
Dhoni....I know u hate him...but still...

Shruti said...

All non-cricket fans commenting on mine.. U like ashes!?!

Shruti said...

Ahem Ahem!!
I understand...Btw, MSD is India's captain and its not Sachin :P

Shruti said...


BK Chowla said...

Good,I like it.

pRiYaN...! said...

chikpuk chikpuk na train start aakudhu!!!

lubdub lubdub na Indian team batting start aakudhu !!!

(Congrats INDIA for their splendid performance !)

Chetan said...

hey shruti
gr8 poem,
its really good that u started writing poems,
you write very well

keep smiling

RAM said...

Go India Go... Win more matches,
Go Shruthi Go... Write more poems like this :)

Abdul said...

nice to see India win matches.. but its nicer to play than watch.. and cricket is the least exciting game to play..

Neha said...

I love anything on cricket - i will for sure love...

do I need to say anything else?

anyways it is a known fact that u r a very good y to repeat the same praise all the time na...too monotonous :D

Harini said...

Loved it!

Shruti said...

>>Chowla Ji
Thank u!

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Although Shreeshanth did not celebrate his five wickes, your post celebrated that...I got a chance to watch this wonderful 100th Test victory of India (as I was in India)...:)

Shruti said...

Yeah!! Go India Go!!

Shruti said...

Thank you re!! Poems are really tough to write!

Shruti said...

That's the spirit man!! But please, u don go for batting!

Shruti said...

It can be the LEAST EXCITING game to play, but for me, its the MOST EXCITING GAME to watch!

Shruti said...

Heheheh :P I was blushing after reading your comments!

Shruti said...

Welcome to H&M
Thank u girl... Keep visiting!

Shruti said...

Wuuu-huuu!! Come on lets celebrate!!

Aditya said...

Super poem :D I am a die hard fan of cricket and a dir hard critic of Dhoni :P.

Abdul said...

so sad..

Prads said...

Nice quote abt Our Religion "Cricket"
Happy to hear ths frm u shurts

but one Correction "DHONI" was nt felicitated upto his level in this blog

No probs
Hope u write one solo blog abt MAHI


Shruti said...

o_O y sad!!

Shruti said...

u r a critic of dhoni??? me too :D

Shruti said...

Am neither a dhoni fan, nor i hate him!!

The Aspirant said...

well, its quite awesum one..........
myt b missing some rhyme scheme but to cricket lovers lyk me, nthing matters..........:P

Shruti said...

Even rhyme doesn't mattered to me while writing this :P :D

ηανєєη said...

Nice .. not a test fan n Ex-one day fan .. but T20 brought me back to cricket

Shruti said...

Hey Actually one dayers are also thrilling!

Bala said...

Good poem... that too on my favorite sport... :)

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