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Monday, November 30, 2009

55 Fiction - #24

Here is my 24th 55-fiction. What is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time. Come, lets get into the action!


Eyes met eyes over a novel on the train. They exchanged glances, conversation, addresses. She was mesmerized by the way he spoke. It was perfect, she thought. They kissed goodbye in the corner where no one could see. He promised to visit after her return from vacation.
She returned home to find her house ransacked.

With Love,


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Notification

Hiya friends.
Its a rare thing that write some guest posts. Am just an amateur writer of a 3 month Old blog. During these days, I have seen some amazing writers, penning down some awesome stuffs. One of them is My dear Misfit girl(That's how I call her). Many of my readers, read hers too. For others, Let me tell about this amazing, enchanting writer, who sprinkles her sarcasm and mix them with her widespread Knowledge in every posts. Yes, She is Guria, who owns a beautiful blog - Maverick Misfit. She asked me to write a guest post and the poor me accepted and wrote a short story. I bespeak all you guys to Visit her Blog and read the story I wrote for her and let me know your views on that. The link is : A Loser

With Love,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cricket Fervor

In my last poem many didn't understand the concept and found it difficult with the first read. So this time, I wrote a poem with the words that occurred to me. I don't know whether they can be termed as poem!

Musing on those seconds
Those moments of torment
Concerning over the fate of the game
Those last few overs, OMG!!!

Last over, Pitch changes, Changes in pace,
Tensed faces on ground and dressing room,
Glistening sweat drops in players face,
Add extra spice to the relinquishing Bile juice.

Every time he pass the wicket
Every time the other shouts out,"Howzzatt!” for an lbw,
Our hearts skip a beat, a lump in throat,
The tension keeps Piling.

The never-said prayers suddenly recalled
The heart hastens against time.
Some just close their eyes, bite nails
Unable to bear the stress.

The few final fleeting moments
Where one billion hearts hotfoot together
One billion supplications wish the same
When all of us unite despite all odds

This happens every time- be it ODI, T20, TEST matches
Every time they,no, we play
We - the Indians..
And we play cricket!!

This being a Cricketing season and me, a big Fan of cricket, wrote this so called poem. This is dedicated to a lot of people.The list is below.

  • Sachin Tendulkar - Master-Blaster lasted 20 years in cricket and he is still going strong.
  • Rahul Dravid - The much hyped 'WALL' who recently joined the 11,000 club and crossed Don Bradman's record.
  • And the awesome bowling performance of Zaheer (Without toooo many no balls), Sreesanth (5 wicket haul in the comeback match), Dhoni (Having the guts to select Sreesanth), Bhajji and Ojha (The debutant)
  • Lastly to TEAM INDIA for its brilliant performance in the second test for winning SL by an Innings and 144 runs!!

P.S : For non-cricket lovers, something else will be posted when am free. Kindly excuse me if am not visiting your blogs. The reason is my Internet browsers are messing up and am missing all my friends updates. Will start my routine follow-up's from Sunday.

With Love,


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

55 Fiction - #23

It has been a long time since I wrote a 55Fiction. So I thought of writing one now. Understand what is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time. Come, lets get into the action!


It wasn't a good day. The kid had fever,maid didn't come, MIL is coming home. Her bones ached. It wasOneFineDay_logo treacherous. She wondered why she had agreed to do this job and felt rage flaring up inside. She quickly hid it with a faint half smile.

"Perfect, Madame Lisa hold that smile" said DaVinci.

P.S : Mona Lisa (also known as La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a 16th century portrait Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. It is perhaps the most famous and iconic painting in the world. painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance. The work is owned by the Government of France and is on the wall in the Louvre in Paris, France with the title

With Love,


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Monday, November 23, 2009


I wrote this yesterday night, and since my Internet connection played hide and seek with me, I couldn't post it duly on night.

I was lying back and looked up at the night sky with a crescent and millions of stars along with many celestial bodies out of our vision.
Have you ever noticed them?

Its really a pleasure to watch the starlit clear night sky.
Have you witnessed such a thing and wondered about the beauteous nature?

I thought if only I could extend my hands a little more, I could probably grab one of those tiny stars and place it so close to my heart. This really seems to be a miracle. Many a times we see the clear-star lit skies. But only a few times, we enjoy those and smile ourselves.
Have you enjoyed those Miracles?

Then the fact that these stars and other celestial bodies are millions of light years away from us and that they generate more than Million Joules of energy seems so unreal and always fascinates me. The underlying fact that these stars are just piece of the debris from a big bang seems untrue, yet that is the real fact.

Have you ever looked at one such star and felt as if it was moving away from you?
Have you ever seen any object in the sky during one such gazes?
If you have seen one such, then, Have you ever followed the motion of that across the night sky and wondered if you have sighted a UFO?
Have you wondered about aliens from other planet in those UFO? (Similar to the Jaadhu in Koi Mil Gaya)
Have you ever seen a shooting star?

Today, I have seen a shooting star or something like that I believe. I saw a streak of light, which actually brought me back to senses. I thought about it further and concluded that my eyes and heart together played a trick on my mind. An incident of nature playing with my imagery. BUT I believe it was a falling star and I had a insane gut instinct that my wishes will come true (It is believed that if u wish for something when we witness a shooting star it will come true and now I’m not going to let out what I wished for)

I love this night. Chill breeze caressing our face, the hustling of leaves, an eerie silence that sometimes send a chill down the spine. I love the dark night sky. In fact my favorite color is black and gray. Black colored sky with gray clouds with the crescent. I love the way the night sky looks. It looks like a dark granite floor scattered with thousands of sparkling diamonds. And it feels so good that you actually forget all your worries and enjoy the moment. It makes you feel a chill like the sensation you get on touching a steel plate in nights (It will be cold). Apart from that you can really feel the warmth spreading across our soul. You will feel directly connected with the heavenly bodies.

I am a nocturnal person (Most of you would have known this fact, from the time I write and publish my posts). I love nights for the way its quiet and when you look out of the window you can realize yours is the only lamp lit apart from the street lights. I love the music they play late at nights on the music channels with lyrics that make sense. I am going through this phase where I consider moon as my best friend. I spend moments on my terrace talking to moon, speaking of my dreams, my thoughts, my aspirations (They may appear crazy/weird, but they aren't). All those moments I feel as if am speaking with my mom.

Today is one such night when I was speaking with my friend and suddenly I saw my mom's face among the clouds. I rubbed my eyes, thinking my eyes started playing a trick and still I figured out her face among the diamonds in the granite, as clear as always, smiling at me. Tears kissed my cheek and I realized them only after my taste bud detected the seeping salty water - My tears. I felt my lips were trembling and my mind pleaded my hands to reach out and hug her. I still saw my mom's face, those caring eyes asking me not to cry, in a distance where I couldn't reach. Her face suddenly vanished among the reappearing clouds. I searched her again, again and again after those clouds moved away.. But ended in a dismay.

God, I wish for many clear starry moonlit nights ~~ So that I can see my mom among the stars.


P.S-1 : SO NEAR, YET SO FAR - Stars or my mom??
P.S-2 : If you feel this as my rambling, do not comment.

With Love,


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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost in....

I wrote whatever I felt this moment. You may wonder why I am rambling. Even am wondering the same. Bear with me buddies! If you like musings, go ahead, if not, wait will next post!

The faded white sheet stared back at me. It was one of those embellished letter-pads, with little smiley's on it. Some anecdotes at one end. It looked cute. But the major portion of the sheet facing me was white, faded in ages though. White, the color that symbolizes purity, innocence. But faded white? I let out a small smile at my wavering thoughts.

The pen I held in my hand, well I was not exactly holding the pen, I was twirling it, was throwing it in the air and catching it with my single hand. Well, the pen was a cheap one. It wrote in a grayish black color. I scribbled my name in a small piece of paper that lay on one side, to check whether the pen worked. I always liked writing my name, or should I say, scribbling?

BBBB I was all set now. The paper, the pen. But.. I did not know what to write. All I knew was that I had to write something for my blog. I must write something new, something interesting, something thoughtful, some stories may be.. But no, philosophy sounded good. But I write too many stuffs these days. So I should write something you all will love, something simple and sweet. Or maybe it should be complicated, sprinkled with words that would need a dictionary to understand. Maybe. But more than everything I wanted to write for myself. Writing became my passion, my love or I can tell, its the killer. Wondering? Writing kills my loneliness, my wavering mind and the most important-it prevents me from thinking about my past. It is making me to explore, think and write things which I have never-ever dreamt in my life.

It was nice. The feeling I had experienced, the warmth that spread inside me when I read something I wrote. I am missing them a lot these days. I write things, but only some satisfies my expectation. Reason? I don't know! Sometimes am lost for words, sometimes lost for ideas, sometimes it is with right expressions, sometimes perfect plots, sometimes everything altogether and this is one such occasion. I want those soul-embracing, warm-filling writings from me. I am missing that-Ideas and words.

The pen continued to twirl in my hand. The faded paper looked at me longingly. It felt as if, it is approaching me to write something on them. AM THINKING WEIRDLY! The sun was high today, The fan was creaking by letting out warm air, Kadri Gopalnath's Saxophone playing mildly in the background, The horns from those heavy vehicles sighing continuously and me-sitting in a corner of the room, thinking about something. Is this a writers block? No, it is not. I thought about something to jot down. But when I took the pen, I was lost- for proper phrases, words, not ideas though. My mobile blared shattering the stillness inside me. Someone called me at this time. I kept the pen down, got up, took my phone, went to balcony. When I came back, the pen was lying there, on the notepad. The music continued but the track was changed, The Fan has been switched off. I found myself lost again as I did not have words to write on that sheet. The words, ideas/thoughts/story that framed inside me are somewhere else right now. SOMEWHERE - out of my thoughts, out of my reach....

With Love,


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day. An angel came by and approached God.

Angel : Why spend so much time on that one?
And the Lord answered that angel.
God : Have you seen all the specifications I have to meet to shape her?
Angel : No.
God : She must be washable, but not made of plastic, have more than 200 moving parts which all must be replaceable and she must function on all kinds of food, she must be able to embrace several kids at the same time, give a hug that can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart and she must do all this with only two hands.

The angel was impressed with this and shot back.
Angel : Just two hands....impossible! And this is the standard model?! Too much work for one day....wait until tomorrow and then complete her.
God : I will not. I am so close to complete this creation, which will be the favourite of my heart. She cures herself when sick and she can work 18 hours a day.

The angel came nearer and touched the woman.
Angel : But you have made her so soft, Lord!
God : She is soft. But I have also made her strong. You can’t imagine what she can endure and overcome.
Angel : Can she think?
God : Not only can she think, she can reason and negotiate.

The angel touched the woman's cheek....
Angel : Lord, it seems this creation is leaking! You have put too many burdens on her.
God : Correct yourself, She is not’s a tear.
The confused angel asked, "what is it for?"
God : Tears are her way of expressing grief, her doubts, her love, her loneliness, her suffering and her pride.
This made a big impression on the angel; “Lord, you are genius. You thought of everything. The woman is indeed marvelous!"

Indeed she is! Woman has strengths that amazes man. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens. She holds happiness, love and opinions. She smiles when feeling like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying, cries when she is happy and laughs when she is afraid. She fights for what she believes in. Stand up against injustice. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer, when she can see a better solution. She gives herself so her family can thrive. She takes her friend to the doctor if she is afraid. Her love is unconditional. She cries when her kids are victorious. She is happy when her friends do well. She is glad when she hears of a birth or a wedding. Her heart is broken when a next of kin or friend dies. But she finds the strength to get on with life. She knows that a kiss and a hug can heal a broken heart.

There is only one thing wrong with her---She forgets what she is worth...

P.S: I love this article personally.The best I have ever read so far!

With Love,


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Poem - My first Attempt

I was speaking with one of my well wisher few days back in Facebook. She told me that I am deviating a lot these days from my usual styles of writing. Even I felt that and wanted to try something different. Believe me guys, it took me one full day 2 think what to write, one hour to select a theme and 5 hours to write and modify it as a poem. So please bear with me and read this pathetic attempt.


The man shall leave his father's house
And cleave unto his wife
Loving her with the greatest love
Laying down his own life
He shall nourish her and cherish her
And she shall give him reverence
Both submitted in the fear of God
Rendering due benevolence
They shall not be two, but shall be one
In body, soul and spirit
Defrauding not and keeping faith
Let none interfere with it
For the man's desire shall be for her
His wife shall be by his side
And he shall live for her all their days
As Nature does with the pride.

I really wonder what made me write this!!

With Love,


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Sunday, November 15, 2009


It has been a long time since I wrote some articles which makes me to giggle, while writing. This article doesn't contain those moral, philosophical stuffs that rake your brain which you are reading in my blog off late. I want to thank my fellow blogger Bharathi who initiated to retrospect myself. From that moment, I am analyzing each and everything that happens in my routine day-to-day life. The effect of my retrospection is reflecting in my posts as philosophical stuffs accompanied with moral stories.

This article is titled as 'ULTIMATE TRUTH'. You may wonder why did I keep such a title. I don't want you guys to ponder upon the topic itself for a long time. This post contains some points. After reading the complete set, you will surely feel, "Arey, How true!?! Shruti is correct! I have experienced this myself". Off to the post/points!

**Whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

**To Err is human, to forgive is not a COMPANY policy.

**The road to success…….. is always under construction.

**In order to get a Loan, you first need to prove that you don't need it.

**All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive or fattening.

**Since Light travels faster than Sound, people appear brighter b=fore you hear them speak.

**Everyone has a scheme of getting rich….. which never works

**If at first you don't succeed…. Destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

**You can never determine which side of the bread to butter. If it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side.

**Anything dropped on the floor will roll over to the most inaccessible corner.

**42.7% of all statistics is made on the spot.

**As soon as you mention something, if it is good, it is taken back.. If it is bad, it happens.

**He who has the gold, makes the rules ---- Murphy's golden rule.

**If you come early, the bus is late. If you come late, the bus is still late.

**Once you have bought something, you will find the same item being sold somewhere else at a cheaper rate.

**When in a queue, the other line always moves faster and the person in front of you will always have the most complex of transactions.

**If you have paper, you don't have a pen. If you have a pen, you don't have paper. If you have both, no one calls.

**Especially for engineering Students---- If you have bunked the class, the professor has taken attendance.

**You will pick up maximum wrong numbers when on roaming.

**All PTC buses are crowded. Corollary----- PTC buses in opposite direction always go empty.

**The door bell or your mobile will always ring when you are in restroom.

**After a long wait for bus #20, two 20 number buses will always pull in together and the bus which you get in will be crowded than the other.

**If your exam is tomorrow, there will be a power cut tonight or you will have Indo-Pakistan match/Manchester United-Chelsea clash!

**The last person to be fired or quit is responsible for all the errors until another person is fired or quits.

So you grinned atleast in a single point na? These are very small things we would have experienced. But when we read them in words, those moments will be cherished for sure. Have a great Sunday!

With Love,


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Friday, November 13, 2009

My Musings

Yesterday I went to my cousin's place after a couple of months. He is blessed with two non-identical twinscards Anuttara and Shraddha. After chit-chatting with my SIL I was playing with the kids. The former came to me, held my hands and uttered, "Shruti (I won't expect respect from kids :-P), wait here.. we will show you some magic". Saying so, she murmured something in Shraddha's ears. The latter went inside the room and came with cards. Both of them gave me a broad smile and dragged the small table to the center of the room. When I started asking them about the work they are about to do, Shraddha told, "Hey Shruti hold your nerves, pack your curiosity for a few moments. Just sit and watch our magic". I was awed by their command and sat silently. My SIL giggled at me. I ignored her and watched these kids.

They started constructing a 3 storey building with the pack of 52 cards. They laid each cards so perfectly that it automatically attained the form of a perfect triangle. After giving some final touches, they turned towards me. Their eyes shone with curiosity and expectation. I let out a big WOW that they both got astonished with my reaction. Anuttara came near me and said, "Hey Shruti, bend down, I want to ask you something". I sat in the chair and she climbed a stool lying nearby to whisper in my ears. "How was it shruti? Tell me frankly. Don't try to convince us". I was completely moved listening to this. The reason is, I never expected such a matured speech from a 5 year old. I hugged her and gave a peck in her cheeks. I went near them and said, "Listen sweeties, I love what you have did and it is so beautiful. We will keep this as a monument. Ok?!". They clapped their hands and jumped in Joy.

My cousin came hurriedly into the room. He tripped on the small table and the cards were shattered. We both expected them to burst into tears, devastated by what had happened to all their hard work. My brother felt really bad and he broke down saying sorry. But they surprised us. Instead, of crying, they collected all the shattered cards. By laughing and holding hands, they went near him and uttered, "Its ok dad". They went into another room and started constructing the building again!

I realized that they had taught me an important lesson. All things in our life, all the complicated structures wekids spend so much time and energy creating, are built on card like things, which can shatter the moment a strong wind blows. Only our relationships to other people lasts. Sooner or later, something will pop up and knock down what we have worked so hard to build up. When that happens, only the person who has somebody's hand to hold will be able to laugh. The Power of Holding Hands of someone (Mother, father, sister, brother or it can be a friend too) have greater strength which can overcome any storm.

With Love,


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A story of Fate

I believe every relationship in this world is built upon Fate. Read the below story, and tell me whether you agree. Here is the story:

There was a scholar who was about to marry his fiancee. On the day of marriage, his fiancee changed her mind and married someone else. The scholar was devastated afatend fell ill. His family sought all kinds of medical treatment for him, but he didn't show any sign of recovery. They were about to give up hope on him when a wandering monk approached them. After learning about the scholar's condition, the monk went near the scholar's bed and took out a mirror from his bag and showed it to the scholar.

In the mirror, the scholar saw a vast ocean and the naked body of a woman, (murdered) lay on the beach. A man passed by, looked at the body, shook his head and left. Another man who passed by, saw the body, took off his robes to cover the body and left. Finally came a man passing by who saw the body, dug a hole and laid the body carefully to rest before burying it.

The scene in the mirror suddenly changed. The scholar saw his fiancee in a nuptial chamber and another man was lifting her wedding veil... The scholar blinked at the monk, confused. Slowly the monk explained, "The woman whose body you saw on the beach was your fiancee in her previous life. In your previous life, you were the second man who gave her his robes to cover her body. To repay your kindness in this lifetime, she loved you for a period of time and became your fiancee. However, ultimately the man whose favor she has to return for the rest of her life is the third man who buried her. And that man is now her husband.

Enlightened, the scholar sat up and recovered from his depression.

It is truly amazing -- this thing called "Fate". There was a movie in which the theme song went like this, I forgot the movie: "You can say it is a big world, you can say it is a small world. But for the promise of this lifetime, we shall spend our entire lives to fulfill."

All of us are in this big grand masquerade, among the throng of people, we seek expectantly in that electrifying moment when our fingers touch, the masks are removed to reveal our true selves. Before this moment, we were drifting aimlessly, not knowing what we really wanted. Till you meet this particular person, It can be your future partner or your friend, you finally realize what you really want is not what you have wished for in the first place. It amazes you that standing in front of this person is a different you! You without any mask!

Fate is not something meant to be forced upon. What is yours will eventually come to your arms; what is not yours will never come to be. In any case, we should not lose heart and give up on our hopes for love that is true, good and beautiful. The value of life, in a certain sense, is determined by the maturity of how we love. Of how we give and accept love.

Treasure what you have...
Time is too slow for those who wait;
Too swift for those who fear;
Too long for those who grief;
Too short for those who rejoice;
But for those who love everyone
Time is Eternity!

With Love,


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Sunday, November 8, 2009


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 4; the fourth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The whole day I was thinking and re-thinking about the topic. Yes, believe me, I never thought of writing a post for blog-a-ton. But Blog-a-ton Marshall Vipul, Shankz, Avada Kedavra wanted me to give a try. I said yes! But what to write? Almost by 6.30pm I got a vague idea and started writing at 8pm. Now let me go on to the topic. It is a story. Tell me at the end whether it is realistic. Now off to the story (that's what I think)..

I heard voices around me when I tried opening my eyes. But the luminescence was more and that prevented me aaaa from opening my eyes. Someone touched my hands, my face, my toes. I guess it should be my mom. I want to see my mom. I tried my level best to open my eyes so that I can see my mom. The moment I opened my eyes there was cheers all around me and I saw the prettiest woman, my mom. We were discharged from hospital and we came to our place. People were speaking around me in different languages. I didn't understand that. I started crying demanding some privacy. Suddenly a wailing sound at a distance ceased my tearses. It was another baby girl just like me. Wow, am blessed to have a friend in such a short duration. We both saw each other, giggled and waved. It has been 3 long days since I was born and now I feel like sleeping. (Note : The other baby girl, like me, was the little daughter of our maid)

After 2 weeks : Name giving ceremony

It was a joyous occasion. All our relatives came, lifted and kissed me. My mom was the happiest person in that hall. Priests have come and I was wearing a silk dress. My parents lifted me from the cradle and muttered the name "Akshara" in my ears 3 times. Oh... So my name is Akshara. Suddenly I remembered my friend and saw her sleeping in her mothers lap, silently. I was wondering about her beauty, that was when I heard faint weeping sound. I turned around to see who was that and spotted our maid weeping and telling her daughter "I wish you were not born"

After 4 months:

Now I can recognize faces very well and heard people telling that I am a princess to my parents. I was lying in a cushion, dressed in a soft material that my aunt presented me. Wow, I loved the Mickey and Goofy in my dress. I saw our maid coming near me and remembered my friend. Her parents christened her as Jecentha. Lovable name for the lovable girl. I saw her lying alone in the floor in a torn saree bit, dressed in rags. My mom was feeding me mashed apples and Cerelac. Jecentha was screaming at the top of her lungs indicating her mom that she is hungry.

After one year:

My pamy-baby-girlrents threw a big party to all our friends and relatives for celebrating my birthday. I got so many gifts, dresses and soft toys. My tummy was full after having mashed potatoes, apples and Cerelac. Jecentha was happily eating the liquidated porridge, in the corner of the house. She was visibly happy after seeing the new dress she was wearing. She never knew that it was my old dress.

After two years:

I was engaging myself on the play-room (which had lots and lots of toys). From the window of my play-room I could see the kitchen where Jecentha would be sleeping/playing, at this hour. She was not allowed to enter my play-room. She beamed when her mom gave her two broken biscuits. She was contended playing with tumblers and spoons.

After 3 years:

I got admission in a premier school. My dad got me new books, pencils, snack-box, water bottle, bag, uniform, shoes and socks. A day before my reopening, my maid came crying, I went near her and asked "Aunty, what happened?". She was sobbing uncontrollably. My mom came and asked her the reason. Our maid replied that she fought with her husband. When my mom pestered her further for reasons, she told, she couldn't educate their younger daughter. Yes, Jecentha was their 4th daughter. Rest three were dropped outs. I never understood what she said. I asked her to bend down and I wiped her tears. She hugged me and left.

After 15 years:lige-child

I am having my board exams tomorrow. I was hovering on the fundamentals of Magnetism. Jecentha came with a glass of milk inside my room. She smiled warmly and gave me the milk. "What are you studying Akshara? Have this milk and read". I got it from her hand and said, "my exams are beginning tomorrow. Pray for me Jesse! You are my lucky charm". She smiled back and wished me good luck. Jecentha's mom refused to continue her studies when my dad offered sponsorship. Her mom told said, if Jesse studies, she can't find a suitable groom for her.

NOW (After 22 years):

Atlast we came to the present scenario. Yes people, am Akshara 22 years old. All these time you were reading about my life instances. There were some MISSES and many HITS in my life. Am working as a research scientist and planning to do my PhD in IISC or IIT. You may wonder about Jecentha. She is married and mom of 2! Her life was contrary to mine. She had some HITS and many, really too many MISSES.

You all may wonder where am heading to. What relation does this post have with the Blog-a-ton topic. Wait...

If I were a baby again, I would have shared all the pleasures I got in my life with Jecentha. I would have shared my food, my cushioned bed, Good-decent dresses, quality education to support herself and many more.. Wish I were a baby again.....

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

P.S : Thank You so much Vipul for permitting me even after 12 AM. Because of power-cut I couldn't submit my post on time. Kindly excuse and Thanks Shankar :)

With Love,


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Friday, November 6, 2009


I have tried my hand on writing another fiction. Completely different from whatever I have written till now.I would love to hear comments from you people! Please spare your time after reading this..

He stood there glaring at the wide expanse of area in front of him being drenched in the torrential rains. His rotten clothes could hardly cover his already toughened body. But his worry was more to cross that wide area without being caught by the sniper bullets which will take a fraction of a second to hunt him down if the search lights spot him. The un-named security prison was built for the sole purpose of facilitating the extraction of information from foreign spies. The prison had seen only one escape in its whole history, but bad luck the prisoner was shot dead before he could cross the wide open area of 6 Square miles surrounding the security facility.

Ram was weak and not as agile as he was when he was captured, but 3 years of torture had built his endurance. Patiently he waited for darkness to cover the prison before he started to crawl. As he crawled after waiting for 2 hours his elbows started bleeding, his knees pained like hell, but still he successfully reached the other end of the open area. He felt like an Olympic Athlete who had got his Gold. He still had to reach the border before 0600 hrs so that by the time they finish checking the prisoner’s count he will be in his dear mother land, on his native soil.

Two days later: The Army hospital had never seen such activity or visits by so many high officials in last 20 years. Major General Vishwapratap singh was visiting the hospital that day to see that daring devil of a man who had escaped from the “Qayamat” prison [as named by his soldiers because of its fame of digesting many of their best officers]. Ram was enjoying the princely treatment he was receiving in the hospital [princely - compared to the one he was receiving in the prison]. Ram was weak and unable to walk because of a broken ligament. He had made friends with a sweeper named Subhash in the hospital.

The hospital had prepared itself for the visit of the Major general who rarely had visited a hospital in his life except as a patient. Major General Vishwapratap singh arrived sharply at 0900 hours as he had informed. He walked without stopping in his regular fast pace towards the room where Ram was reclining on his bed. Nobody even dared to give him directions though he dint need any. As Ram heard the foot steps he became stiff in his bed and the moment the saw the figure of the Major general in front of his door he tried to get up and salute his superior officer.

Major General Vishwapratap singh spoke “At rest lieutenant, no need to get up from the bed” [though the sentence reads like a soft one it sounded like a order to Ram and he dint move a bit from his bed] Ram said “Thanks you, sir”. Vishwapratap singh spoke back “That’s ok boy, but do you know what you have done, you have broken down the pride of our enemy nation and added much more pride to our nation.” He smiled as he spoke these words, then stiffening he spoke “I want you back in action in one month, your family will reach here by tomorrow you can spend time with them while you heal, and by next month you will have to report to the base again. We are planning for a commando mission to Qayamat and you will be the first in command of that mission. And I will send in Major Sivakumar to get all the information he could get from you about Qayamat.”

Ram was speechless for a moment – mixed feeling about meeting his family after a long time, about a commando mission to Qayamat –the death hole which he had just escaped. But before he could gather himself to push a word from his mouth Vishwapratap singh spoke again “Ok gentleman, all the best” and he turned to leave when he turned back as if he had forgot something and said “And yes I have recommended your name for the Nations highest order of awards – the golden cross”. And he left.

Don’t even imagine me to describe Rams feelings – totally mixed at that moment. The next day Major Sivakumar was supposed to reach there by 0700 hours to the hospital and start collecting details about Qayamat from the sole survivor of that place. When he reached the hospital he saw a huge crowd of soldiers who were guards in front of Ram’s room. Major Sivakumar thought “what the damn, so many people to listen the story of Ram, was I on a data collection trip or had I reached a public speech gathering,”

He made his way through the crowd of subordinates who were behaving like civilian fools who crowd in a political meeting, when he had just reached the door the sight was a total shock- Rams dead body was lying on the bed, his neck cut and most of his blood clotting on the floor to forma blackish mass but some blood was on the walls which formed the words “We are still proud of Qayamat”. The message of the spies of the enemy country was clear.

Near the bed Subhash stood with the national flag to cover the body of Ram who once thought that he had escaped Qayamat [death]. Any body, who had seen that gory scene that day, will never dare to compare the pride some one has for his own nation, whether he is a fellow country man or a citizen of the enemy nation.

Even an enemy can be forgiven but certainly not a traitor!

P.S : Liked this genre?

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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I remember reading a story once about a man who was exploring some caves by the seashore. In one of the caves he found a canvas bag with a bunch of hardened clay balls. It was like someone had rolled up some clay and left them out in the sun to bake. They didn't look like much, but they intrigued the man so he took the bag out of the cave with him. As he strolled along the beach, to pass the time, he would throw the clay balls one at a time out into the ocean as far as he could throw. He thought little about it until he dropped one of the balls and it cracked open on a rock. Inside was a beautiful, precious stone. Excited, the man started breaking open the remaining clay balls. Each contained a similar treasure. He found thousands of rupees worth of jewels in the 20 or so clay balls he had left. Then it struck him. He had been on the beach a long time. He had thrown maybe 50 or 60 of the clay balls with their hidden treasure into the ocean waves. Instead of thousands of rupees in treasure, he could have had tens of thousands, but he just threw it all away.

You know sometimes, it's like that with people. We look at someone, maybe even ourselves, and we see the external clay vessel. It doesn't look like much from the outside. It isn't always beautiful or sparkling so we discount it; we see that person as less important than someone more beautiful or stylish or well known or wealthy. But we have not taken the time to find the treasure hidden inside that person. There is a treasure hidden in every one of us. We are wonderfully made. Not just our physical bodies, our spiritual selves, which are sometimes hidden from others by the "earthen vessel." But if you take the time to get to know that person, and if you ask the Spirit to show you that person the way He sees them, then the brilliant gem begins to shine forth. The glory of a relationship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. This trust cannot be achieved through external appearances. The belief, one have in the inner spirit/character earns good relationships.

Outwardly appearances/beauty are many times deceptive. It is not always correct to make judgment about anything by its exterior appearance. One cant find the real worth of any one just by seeing his external appearances. Not all who looks decent outside are decent inside too. One should be judged only by their characters and not by their outward appearance. In real life situation, many crooks, by their outward attitude and behavior, make themselves appear to be gentlemen and noble people. That is why there is a famous proverb saying “All that glitters is not gold”. So in every walk of life, one should always remember that outward appearances/beauty may not always be the truth and act accordingly.

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55 Fiction - #21

Hey buddies, hi! So how is the week going on.. Here is my 21st fiction! Understand what is 55Fiction!? 55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time. So here goes my 55Fiction



love imag

She knew age was catching up on her. She no longer possessed the beauty and liveliness that once won his heart. Every passing day increased her insecurities. How could he forget all the time they spent together? And then, the day arrived. He traded her in for cutie, the much younger impact-Black color Pulsar.

P.S:How is the suspense element in this Fiction?

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Monday, November 2, 2009


"Attitude is the way you mentally look at the world around you.
It is how you view your environment and your future.
It is the focus you develop toward life itself."

One day all the employees of a very unusual company reached their office and all saw a big sign on the main door which said this . . .

'Yesterday, the person who has been hindering your growth in this company passed away. We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been prepared in the gym.'
In the beginning, they all got sad for the death of one of their colleagues, but after a while they started getting curious to know who was that person who hindered the growth of their colleagues and the company itself?
The excitement in the gym was such that security agents were ordered to control the crowd within the room. The more people reached the coffin, the more the excitement heated up. Everyone thought - 'Who is this person who was hindering my progress?'

One by one the intrigued employees got closer to the coffin. When they looked inside it, they suddenly became speechless. They all got to stand near the coffin, and all ended up shocked and in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin: everyone who looked inside it could see themselves! There was also a sign next to the mirror that said: 'There is only one person who is capable of setting limits to your growth and IT IS YOU!'

This is just a story, but it really does convey lot of meaning. Your life does not change when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your parents change, when your husband or wife changes, when your company changes, when your church changes, when your location changes, when your money changes, when your status changes.. No, your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs.

Be proud of whatever you are!
Be proud of your strengths!
Be proud of your weaknesses as well!

Because there is no positive without a negative. Nature loves symmetry. Did scientists ignore electrons because they had a negative charge, and look at only the positive protons? Nope. And now, because they did not ignore electrons, we have an array theories and applications, which makes life a lot more interesting, simpler, and understandable.

Philosophers may say, "Look at the positive side". I don't. When approached by an adverse situation, I think, "How can I approach this and conquer this? Through its positive effect or negative effect?". In certain cases, your weaknesses turn into strengths. In certain cases, come to think about it, your negatives turn positives. And like Stephen Hawkings, you might discover that the negatives are absorbed by the good ol' black hole, leaving only positives (Theory of entropy of Black Holes - explosion of Black Holes) Attitude is everything. Even the worst situation can be handled with ease, if our attitude is right! No matter where you are in the world, if you decided something to do deep from your heart.. It is the thought that matters, not where you are! Attitude is everything!

I recently saw an poster mentioning about attitude. The poster had the following words on them, 'Bad attitude? Flush it and move on!'. Though it may sound absurd on the first take, it does convey lot of significance. Examine yourself, watch yourself. Don't be afraid of difficulties, impossibilities and losses. Be a winner, build yourself and your reality. It's the way you face life itself that makes the difference.

P.S : This post is truly my own perspective of approaching and defining Attitude. What's your take on this?!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just another Fiction from me! I think am boring you all with my routine stuffs rather than showing difference in my writings. But this post is so close to my heart. I hope you all will start dreaming when u finish this story. This post was selected by blogadda as one of their Tangy Tuesday Pick

It was 7pm then… I closed my maths book and was thinking about watching CN (Cartoon Network obviously!). But my dad was sitting as a guard near the TV, preventing me from watching Tom & Jerry

eS eM eSSSSsms

It was my mobile’s tone… The cutest of all the message alerts I have ever had. Wow!!! A text for me….I hastily picked up the mobile from the table…

hey Jaanu… Don 4get 2 bring d cake v bot tis evg!! Tis time v gonna cut it in bus itself J C u tomo in bus den!!

I replied --
“wow in bus itself!!! Cool…. U bet… b4n…”
--“delivered to Nike”

It was from my best friend Nikita. You know how it feels to celebrate the birthdays of our dear ones!? Oh man… you cannot put that down in words, that too when you are in your teens and that too in college days. Spending a penny for a good cause (??)!!! With nothing much in your pockets... Those were wonderful excitements and thrills. Just imagine them and you will get into that mood, Arey party mood yaar.

My dad would give me 200 rupees per month. Slowly I pestered him for a hike in my pocket money, as I kept moving from first year to final year of my college. But I would plan well and spend the money so that I don’t end up bankrupt & sit without celebrations at such occasion

And the next day morning, with the backpack, I was standing in the bus stop awaiting my college bus with all the excitement to celebrate the birthday of one of my buddies appu (actually her name is Aparna and we call her appu), obviously with the birthday cake in my other hand packed well. Here comes the yellow ride!!! That’s how we call our college bus! Though its usual that we mock our college buses a lot calling all the names, we really enjoy the ride a lot daily… We play, sleep, eat, and even write the assignments. Believe me, half of my assignments were written in my college bus only.

I got into the bus and it started moving again. Nikita was eagerly waiting to see me bring the cake inside…
“hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. I waved and threw my bag in a seat.

We soon formed a small circle… Aparna was standing in the center, and Nikita was holding the cake in her hands, with other bus friends surrounding us. I lit the candle and we began the party. We soon cut the cake in the bus itself, smashed the cake pieces and threw creams on each other’s faces. We all screamed "happiee birthday dear appu" in a joyous mood, sprayed the foam around and brought the environment a glow and a glee. Then we sat down laughing merrily and I started cutting the remaining safe-guarded half of the cake and distributed it to others in the bus. I took one piece of the cake and moved towards the driver. He was a very good friend to all of us. And a cheerful person too. He never minds all the shouting and fun we have on the bus daily. And that is one reason we always share such happy moments with him too!!

Oh oh!!! Here comes the trouble…

(As usual) The Maths lecturer woke from her sleep and shouted "wont you ever change at all??? yesterday evening, I warned all you guys not to behave like animals inside this bus!!! But you never seem to listen at all... aaaanimals!!! Wilddd aaaanimals!!! ". It was Ms.Amudha, our Maths lecturer in our college. You know what? All the other department lecturers always have a complex (if am right) that the students will not respect them, or bother about them once they cross their two years in the engineering colleges. It is obvious, because there will not be any Language or maths classes from third year onwards and so we wont have an opportunity, even talk with them!! And so the first year lecturers always behave in an indifferent manner (??) towards the students and show their ‘attitude’ towards us.

She continued, "So… today I am going to take this very seriously.. you, you and you (pointing to me, Nikita and Aparna). Yes… three of you! . Don’t run away after getting down from the bus, I have already hinted about you three to the Vice-Principal many times. I will take you 3 Monsters(?!) to the VP today as soon as we reach college." (You should have seen her face then!! boy oh boy... I like it when her face turns this way)

Poor appu uttered silently, “Every stupid thing happens on my birthday!!”. Myself and Nikita consoled her in a best possible way that occurred to us! Ms.Amudha continued her sleep after this short inane session and we sat quietly in the bus after that without any other option. The bus neared the college gate, gave a jerk and stopped. All of them got down from the bus, and we three stood behind, discussed what to talk to VP and then followed our Maths Ma’am. She walked very happily as though she had achieved something great!

Meanwhile, I took my mobile out from my kit, and hastily typed a text to Anjali, the girl who sits besides me in my class…
“Wil b late, gimme attendance...”
And waited hastily to just to see
---“delivered to Anju”

I pushed the keypad of my mobile to cut the alert. Ms.Amudha was starring at me then!!
It was the reply from Anjali…

“oki oki done bt hey cum soonnn :P
& hey… did u get my msg last nit… I had asked u 2 bring a LAYS’ packet as we have d seminar 2day… u kno na? I wil fal asleep if I don’t munch!!! I cant get caught once again to tat humpty-dumpty sir 2day!!! ”

I couldn’t stop giggling on seeing her reply. I just had only a few seconds of time to send this much alone as the reply to her …
---“delivered to Anju”…

'Huff!!! This woman, She is a lady Hitler', I thought to myself and we followed her and waited near the VP's cabin. Our VP is a pleasant man in his early fifties. After a few minutes, Ms.Amudha came out, along with the VP with huge sense of pride. Dean was in his neatly pressed suit, his usual attire. He almost knew every single student in the college. So he knew us very well as we were in the so-called “hit list” always.

“Students, I know you three are the naughtiest of all in this bus”. He turned towards English ma’m and looked at her. She nodded back happily imagining that we are going to be given severe punishments. He turned to us again and continued, “I know how it feels to celebrate the birthdays of our friends. But please do not disturb others for that". After saying this, he smiled at us, and hurriedly walked past behind us to his car. Oh Wow wow wow!! is this is what you call luck? The three of us replied in chorus "Sorry sir… ". We smiled at our ma’am sheepishly and she in turn did the same for she had expected something and something else churned out…

She walked away in dismay towards the Maths Department. We three saw each other, started with a smile, ended in a laugh. After that short giggles, we waved “good byes”. We all are from different departments of engineering and so walked to our respective classrooms…

“WRU ?? cum soon…”
It was Anjali..

I took my mobile out and selected silent profile; I was nearing my classroom. I peeped inside my class through the window. Thank God, it was not Maths hour for now and gleefully entered into the class telling an excuse to Data Structures ma'am for my late entry and sat in my place. I started telling Anjali all the happenings from the morning, while copying the problem from the blackboard in my note…

A sudden jerk jolted me off the seat..oh!!! What place is this…? I opened my eyes, just to find out that I am sitting in the same old bus but... no waitthe bus color is white now… what happened ?? I sat erect, rubbed my eyes found my S/W company's tag(ID) hanging from my neck.. A dream? No no... I was back in my college days. Oh those sweet memories. And then it was my mobile again

Wow!!! A text for me. I hastily picked up the mobile from my kit. Remembering those good old days
Message: “Status call at 8.30 am… Pl assemble at C3- Conference hall.. Pass the msg to others”

It was from one of my Project members! Oh no.. not again. The bus reached ITMC78 old memories Corridor, then to my office. I got down and as usual walked deplorably towards C3 and swiped my card. I muttered myself, “I wish I get back that Golden Era - my college life again!”


P.S: Dreaming? Come back and tell me what you felt! eS eM eSSSS is the Message tone I still have in my mobile!

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