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Monday, December 14, 2009


Silence. Can communication happen in silence? Have you ever experienced that kind of conversation?

It is quite beautiful really. When you are so close to someone that words seem to emaciate. When you know what the other mind is thinking, how the other heart is beating, how the other soul is suspiring. The silence attenuates the intimacy between the both. This may seem complex at the first thought, but when you experience it, it seems eternal.

And it is even more beautiful when this happens with a stranger. Some one you do not know anything about. Some one, who could for all you know, someone of the kind you would hate. But then in some moment when there is nothing else, only you, that stranger and the silence. There can be a conversation. It is a Magic, isn’t it?

And they shared a similar kind of magic yet they were Strangers. But yet in so many ways they were soul-mates. Silent conversations was the thing they had in common. For her and him to become a ‘them’, they needed those daily few minutes they shared. In silence.

Her company had a splendiferous campus and many thousands moving about in it. It was quite far away from her house. After the hurried mornings, the train journey was quite a relief. It was therapeutic. Almost as much as her favorite therapy, Singing. She boarded the train at 7.20Am every week day. She went straight to the back seat and sat by the window to enjoy her one hour and some minutes of therapy.

And he was always there. Sitting in the window seat at the other corner. Looking out into the world or rather lost in his world. It was his time of peace too. She knew because their thoughts were same or atleast she felt so.

Almost never did they share a word or a smile. But they always knew the other was there. The sense of connection between them was always there, hanging around somewhere in the air. Above the hideous wooden seats, the music, hustling of wind and above all the tadak-tadak of the train.

It was strange nobody seemed to prefer the back seats. Many preferred the first 4 seats or was standing at the entrance. Neither of them had office-friends in that train route. Throughout the journey, daily, they sat there. With each other. Sharing thoughts in a way even they didn’t understand. Only once there was an act of acknowledgment that realized this phenomenon.

He had been missing for a couple of days. Her morning journey in those days didn’t seem normal. Something was missing and her mind searched him in Silence. But stuck in midst of nothing. Like when you are typing fast in your key-board, words flowing out like ink from a pen and suddenly you find some key stuck, not moving.

It was like that. She was there in train. Her thoughts were there. That calmness/stillness was there. But then in between, there was a block. The thoughts bounced back off an empty wall. He was not there to catch them and throw them back, carefully to her.

And then on the third day when she climbed into the train to catch sight of that familiar face, those eyes again, she smiled. To herself. To him. There was a smile and that first acknowledgment of ‘them’. He smiled too.


She had been trying hard for the transfer. And she finally got it, she was happy. All packed and with all the happiness in the world, she left to home.

Those silent conversations disappeared into silence. Forever.

P.S : Mask - A wonderful post by my blogger friend Bharathi. The best post I have read in last few days! Please spare your time and read this! You surely won't regret your visit.

P.P.S : Read my 55Fiction as a guest post in my blog friend Avada Kedavra's blog. Do leave your comment there after reading it :)

With Love,


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gils said...

:( too hifi..onum purila

Shruti said...

Onnume purilaya :(
Too bad i guess!

Being Pramoda... said...

:)..another post of ur kind.. well, i too experiecned the silent conversations, but are of different type and of different context..:).. well put shruti..:)


Much can be said without saying a word, I recall just before my husband passed away he lost the ability to speak but what he said with his eyes spoke volumns.
Loved your post as always.


vEnKy said...

I should congratulate you for trying something new other than two people loving, one person cheating or dying or whatever. Kinda blunt ending and beginning but that was what short story is all about. Let the readers grasp of what they could and leave the ending pretty much open. :-) well done for the effort.

Raj said...

funny. :)
interesting. :)
enlightening. :)
regretful. :)

funny they never said anything to each other.
interesting how a bond like that could come to your mind without quite experiencing it.
enlightening how they were a man and a woman and there was no attraction. you ended it. you dont end such stuff. you kindoff try to pull it so that it lasts longer. everyone does that. everyone.

Chetan said...

this is such a beauty
you ve been very imaginative while writing this post,
and this is infact true, not only for a boy and a girl
but for everybody
keep smiling!

Shreesh said...

Beautiful and sensitive and almost meditative ..thats what i felt it was. YES siclence communicates. Its a personal experience. Between me and my friends abhi,jaju,my teacher after our meditation sessions.Between anyone who I looked in eyes ,just passing on road;during retreats ,even animal and a tree for that matter.. yes silence speaks !!You have touched on a element of meditation. beautiful !! You have another follower in me !

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Beautiful, serene and sublime.....
innovative imagination ....
Keep up d gud work :)

Anonymous said...

This short story was too good girlie :) Very different and the narration was simply superb :) loved it!!!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Shruti

Silence Speaks Strident than the Sound!

Beautiful narration of the powerful silence story!
Simply loved it ..

Keep the spark Alive..

lostworld said...

Nice post. There's a saying that goes smthing like this - the best kind of conversation is the one where 2 people sit together not talking a word, enjoying the sunset and leave feeling like they had the best conversation ever.

It came to my mind the moment I saw ur title.

Bharathi said...

My honest comment: the concept you took was very intellectual. Silence indeed plays a big role but often gets unnoticed. Had it been even shorter it would have been more interesting. As Gils said, I too felts its too highfi and did not understand it 100%

Thanks a lot for mentioning my post here. you can check it there in my blog. the comments section is working.

Rajlakshmi said...

I experience these silent convos when i am just with me... myself ... which is very rare these days...
beautifully told... a story of silence :)

kanagu said...

understood a little... but the narration is very nice :) :)

Urvashi said...

As ur PS said.....the post was truly worth readin...thnks 4 sharing :)

pra said...

Nice one Shruti! Yes there are many conversations done in silence! I have experianced them as well!

Bharathi said...

you became too bad a blogger. you dont post regularly, you dont reply to your comment on time and you dont visit other's blogs as much as you did early. I would recommend you to be banned from farmville. And you cant accuse me of the same as I dont play farm ville :p

Miss_Nobody said...

I have a little something for you on my blog!

Sat_hi_sh said...

Ur works are gettin impressive pa :)
Kalakuringa ponga :)

keep blogging

Vipul Grover said...

ahem ahem.. whos this guy shrutu :P

Shruti said...

Silent conversations happen very frequently. It doesn't seem the way they look, the wavelength matching speaks it all, without uttering a single word!

Shruti said...

I understood what you told. Hugs to you lady :)
Even I had experienced in my mom's last days :(

Shruti said...

Hey thanks a lot! You have been that one guy who wanted me to try different genre. Also blunt ending and blunt beginning was to make the readers imagine certain stuffs :)

Shruti said...

Actually these kinda conversations happen. But we fail to correlate things with one another. As i said in a earlier comment, silent conversations doesn't need two people to love each other. Its a phenomenon that cant be explained in mere words.

Shruti said...

True, I have experienced this with a girl during my college days! But still i don't know what her name is. We acknowledge each other with a nod and smile.

Shruti said...

hey welcome to H&M Shreesh! This happens everywhere, you have deduced it correctly! Thank you!!

Shruti said...

Thank you
Thank you
Many thanks to you!

Shruti said...

Great that you understood this beauty of silence correctly!

Shruti said...

Thank you and am elated that you understood the narration :)

Shruti said...

Even I loved the quote you mentioned.. I read this line the day before I wrote this post :)
Thank you Rohitha!

Shruti said...

Yeah this is an intellectual topic. But I still don't understand what you guys didn't understand! The mammoth of silence many a times go unnoticed, many a times play a vital role.

I am happy to see your HONEST COMMENT :D

Shruti said...

Hey, conversations happening within oneself is not that significant! But the convo's with the someone you don't know is something spectacular!

Shruti said...

Ada, neengaluma?! *blinking*
Thanks anyways! Would've been nice if you guys - u, bharathi and Gils would've understood it!

Shruti said...

Bharathi is one such writer who writes these philosophical stuffs beautifully! Glad that you liked his post :)

Hope he sees this comment!

Shruti said...

Really? How about writing them?!

Shruti said...

:( :(
I know it myself.. I am not regular as before.. Huh!! Farmville got me addicted! But, I try to post regularly and reply to comments promptly!

Shruti said...

Thanks for the award sweety!

Shruti said...

Hey, thank you!! Neeyum busy aaita pola?!

Shruti said...

Ahem ahem :D
Enuf kidding!! :P

Raj said...

if it cant be explained in words, can it ever be explained? guess not. :)

so how do we even know such things happen if even after we feel them, we cant tell anyone? :D

poor us.

Shruti said...

Some feelings can be explained, some cant be!! This can be or cannot be one such thing! This phenomenon is a bit confusing. Why we have to tell others our feelings? Its our own experience na?!

Abdul said...

loser guy.. does he know wats the probability(or rather the improbability) of finding a pretty-intelligent female company in this world? fellow must hav said a hello and gone on a date.. instead this happens!

Moral: Silence is good.. but when a good chick is around u might wanna think twice..

Shruti said...

Everyone thinks so :(
But there are lot more than in this world than picking up the chick and going on a date!
Silence, wavelength matching, speaking without uttering anything are some real wonders which i have experienced with a girl!

Abdul said...

yeah yeah yeah.. lol.. silence! wavelength matching!! lol cant stop laughing.. spoken jus like a girl..

men can never think like a women and vice versa.. but somehow men always want women.. one of God's personal jokes..

ηανєєη said...

Silence is golden .... but one of the strongest way to pass the message

Shruti said...

Really, No women can think like men.. We won't be drooling all the day thinking of a chick!

God's personal joke? Ahem ahem!

Shruti said...

Very true buddy :)

Abdul said...

yeah..:) its in fact quite amazing to see how much men can achieve despite drooling all day abt chicks.. man!

Shruti said...

Drooling men achieve?! Really?!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best conversations I've had were quite silent. Nice post.

Shruti said...

Thank u and welcome to H&M!

Bala said...

Good try shruti!!

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