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Friday, December 25, 2009


The Series of guest bloggers continues. So to mention about the guest blogger, what shall I say? Yeah, the one who is still a Kid, the one who changes blog templates very frequently. Those who are close to the person will know another thing. You can find the person always sleeping or thinking about a blog post or in canteen! I think you must have guessed the person. He is none other than Sid a.k.a Siddhesh Kabe a.k.a Sid 'Ravan' Kabe of Sidoscope, my good friend. Thanks a ton Sid for this beautiful story. Yo people, continue reading the story and enjoy!

From Author's pen : They say God works in mysterious ways, I do not think it is true. If you see from high-up there, the way he sees things you get to know the work of God. I was always fascinated by the stories that run on multiple time line, just like God sees them, forward and backward. Shruti asked me for a guest post on a different topic and theme so I thought why not write it as the work of God? Forward and Backward? I do hope you enjoy it, pardon me if I am vary of the details, I have edited it so that I do not bore you with long stories


“So now what?” asked Shastri.

“Well… finally i get to say this, Checkmate,” replied Shakti.

Twenty Years Ago:

They were at it for sixteen hours now, the court was watching the best game of Chess ever played. Prince Shakti was already awarded the young genius award by the king. Shastri was the peasants son and was also called a young genius by the villagers. At age 10 they both had the game played for hours together.

‘Checkmate,’ said Shakti.

‘Look at him, as savage as he can get,’ thought Shakti, ‘No plan, no art, just brutal primitive savageness.’

‘Not yet’ Shastri simply glanced at the board and not seeing anywhere, finally he shouted, ‘Checkmate.’

The whole courtroom was silent, no one was able to defeat Shakti in the game till date. They had no idea what would happen next, was the title of young genius getting transferred to the peasants son? They silently watched the game. The king was waiting for the prince to say it.

‘Throw him in prison, sentenced for life,’ shouted the prince, ‘And throw his family out of the kingdom. Their farms are the royal farms from now.’ He kicked the game board and walked out of the room.

Guarded dragged away the ten year old boy to the prison, they heard his last muffled words, ‘The game begins.’

Ten years Ago:

King Shakti was on the height of prosperity. The Kingdom had the latest advancement of technology present in the world.

To strengthen the defenses even further King Shakti ordered building a water gate on the great river Indus. The origin of the river was in his kingdom but flowed through the neighboring kingdoms. He knew the neighbors would not like it, but he wanted to win. This would be his last defense. Checkmate.

Ten days Ago:

King Shakti received a bad news five days ago. Shastri had escaped prison, they say, for ten years he kept reading books from the royal library. He just learned things in the prison and finally he ran away to freedom.

Not only did he run, he placed a challenge for the king himself. Now, the messenger had come with the message that Shastri had camped at the gate of the enemy and had challenged the king to fight.

So finally, the king set out to destroy the adversary with a show of strength. He took double the army out of the gates to the camp, but found it deserted.

The enemy had fled. The king decided to chase him to finally end the chapter of Shastri.

The chase continued for ten days where Shastri kept running


As the king chased Shastri, he came across a narrow path completely surrounded by bushes. Shastri stood there silently. He had no where to go.

The king got down from his horse and faced Shastri.

“So now what?” asked Shastri.

“Well… finally i get to say this, Checkmate,” replied Shakti.

“Not yet. I have something to show you,” said Shastri, pointing to the tree standing in the dark.

“What some final weapon hidden for me?” asked Shakti sarcastically.

The king lighted his torch to see the tree properly.

Fourteen days Ago:

King Biswajit was in deep worries, the neighboring kingdom was building the water gates to obstruct the water flowing in the kingdom. If this would succeed, they would have to depend on King Shakti and his whims for water. He wanted to attack the kingdom but feared, the water gate would be released.

They brought the hooded stranger to the court.

‘I can get you king Shakti,’ said the stranger.

‘You can?’

‘I will mark his place of death for you,’ said the stranger.

‘What do you want for this task.’ asked the king.

The stranger smiled under his hood.

Shastri was about to play the biggest game he ever played. He saw the narrow path on the way and marked on the tree…


‘This is where King Shakti dies,’ Shakti read the mark on tree and jerked his head back.

Arrows shot from bushes and pierce the heart of the king. The remaining army was ambushed in the bush. King Biswajit’s army was waiting for the king in the darkness.

As King Shakti collapsed on the ground, Shastri smiled and said,



SiD said...

hey thanks for that marvelous intro... just thing, she is wrong about me sleeping, thinking about a blog and in canteen...I also eat on my desk...:D

Hope you people enjoy first attempt.

Shruti said...

Haa, u eat always, u eat everywhere! What difference its gonna make?!
Where there is Cheese, there is sid :D

Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky said...

Nice one.

And actually a very good tale.


Very enjoyable and a pleasure to read.


SiD said...

Hey I know the tale is good...was I able to create the same charm as the tale??? Please tell me...

SiD said...

Thanks a lot.

Harini said...

Nice one

Neha said...

nice post..well narrated..

SiD said...


SiD said...

hey thanks...

Urvashi said...

hey nice one... :)

traveeling from present to past to near past .again :)

SiD said...

thats the way God works...:D

Roshmi Sinha said...

A nice read, well narrated. Liked it :)

P.S. Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year (in advance)!!!

Anonymous said...

That was super cool Sid. Thats totally a different story from you..
Enjoyed it...

Karthik said...

Wonderful attempt, Sid dude. Liked the idea very much. Going front and back in the story is my favourite too. Just one thing though. The names of the characters were a bit confusing. Shastri and Shakti!
All in all, it was a nice reading experience. :-)

SiD said...

Thanks for the read.

Same to you too...:D

Mainak said...

Wonderful tale Sid! You had me checkmated!

SiD said...

Was my first attempt of a story in this genre...thanks. :)

SiD said...

Right... i will keep that in mind next time...:D

Saad Shaikh said...

something different.. :)

good one!!

well done Sid!

ηανєєη said...

really nice read buddy .....

Jaunty anima said...

Whoa...Interesting one!!

Keep writing!!:)

Anonymous said...

A really nice different story sid :)

The Aspirant said...

well dats wad i cn say outstanding..........wad a post my frnd......
it ws damn damn damn gud......
the timeline ws so effective dat its just awesum...
m feeling shortage of words for it....
superb man , superb.....

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