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Sunday, December 6, 2009

All in a Day's work

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Frankly speaking, still am clueless of what to write. I have seen humorous, brilliant, touching, empathizing posts. I got this 'so called' idea at 10.15pm. So let me describe the idea behind this post. I have taken this day 5th December and going to describe Shruti - Now(05-12-2009) and Then(05-12-2006). I have written many things in this post in a command format, yeah, the command which I receive from my mind. So develop them and understand.

4.45 AM

'Tweet tweet.. get up', that was my alarm 3 years back. Even if I wanted to cuddle up listening to the pitter-patter on the window panes, I couldn't do it. My routine begins or should I say, my mom's day started too?

My routine : Get up - Brush - yoga - take bath - Iron chudi - Plait hair - search college bag - check the time table (yawn) - Take a bunch a A4 Sheets from dad's bag (to write assignments in bus).
Mom : Hey took everything? See the time is 6.25. Just 5 more minutes to reach your stop. Run fast.
Me : OMG!! Yeah.. Dad please, drop me in bus-stop. Driver will leave me if I don go
Dad : Huh, you do this daily. Cant you arrange your bags in the night?
When my dad leave for kick starting the bike, I will start searching my ID card. Huh, tired already

Now - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 'Sleep Shruti, you have worked really hard for the past 4 years :D'


Missed the bus in my stop. "Dad, drive fast and chase the bus atleast in the next stop". My dad gave a dirty look at me and accelerated. plan - finish off my assignments in the 75 minutes bus travel.

Finish yoga - Check whether today is friday - If yes, goto music class - Else, goto sleep.


"Shruti, wake up, we reached college."
With stars flying around my head I get up, "W-h-aa-tttt?? I have assignments to finish. OMG"
Run fast - goto class - take observation and finish calculation - Check whether you have lab coat and you have worn shoes - If yes, goto canteen and have breakfast - Else, beg A section friends for all the things you miss.

Turn the next side - Cuddle up and sleep well sweetheart, its just 7.45Am!

8.30AM - 3.45PM

Class sessions - Take notes - chat with friends - Play inside the class and be sure lecturer doesn't see you - check the time and wait for the break - goto lab - try to be silent - Answer viva questions - If you know the answer, reply properly - Else confuse them and make sure they refer the book after you leave the place - have lunch - try not to sleep in Digital Electronics class, If you miss the concept, you can neither answer viva, nor confuse them - wait for bus to start - Chat with bus mates, play games, comment on test marks.

Get up at 9Am - Keep milk and make sure it doesn't spills out - read news paper - Feel for Sehwag - Pray to God that Mahela and Sangakkara Shouldn't be in crease for a longer time - Pray for bhajji, ojha (Spinners do well)

My Sister : Seems u got up so soon today!! Awesome. So what is breakfast and dinner. Don't kill me by the same Idly and Dosa. Do something else for breakfast.
Me : Wait let me give you the menu card. Grrrr... Stupid, I can cook only what I know.
Sister : Sandwich, with lots of cheese
Me : Huh! What?! So lunch?
Sister : hey please do Pulav and Gobi Manchurian.
Me : Yes master :(

Cook breakfast - switch on system - accept comments in blog - Login at FB - Harvest crops - Plow land - Rearrange farm - Search for mystery eggs from Kaddu's or Shreya - Search and wait - wait - goto cafe world - serve the cooked food and prepare new - Check time - search for mystery eggs - pray for a golden gnome or Golden chick :D - ask gifts - Check time - Goto kitchen at 10AM and start cooking real food - Finish at 12 - Pack sister's lunch box - Pray for more mystery eggs - Check score "Damn, Sangakkara is playing well.. Just two wickets before lunch. Ojha, bhajji, act fast. Dhoni, bring in some bowling changes." - Farm - Cook virtually

5.30 PM - 10.00 PM

Come home - have a hot cup of tea - ask mom to get some good snacks - switch on TV and see pogo - Change to CN, time for T&J - Switch channels and listen music - get new themes, ringtones for mobile - goto violin class - chat with friends - fight with sister - eat dinner and sleep well - forget assignments.

Farm , FB updates, write a new post for your blog - curse blogger for its weird actions (Its not showing my friends updates :(. Am missing many posts and all are angry with me :(.) - Check for comments - accept them - Check match updates - "Kulasekara is batting still, OMG, whats this, just 53 runs lagging. Lets wait till tomorrow"

My inner conscience - Vipul and Shilpa wants me to post for blog-a-ton. But how to convince them that I became a dumb-head and nothing pops out. How come Shilpa, Madhu, Vipul and all others think and write well in this topic? Guria wrote about her weird dream. Everyone has something to write except me!

Prepare dinner - think for a concept - Yeah got it - write and post soon - you have to cook and farm - Sleep soon atleast today.


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With Love,


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MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

cook and farm ? :-) Farmville folks are jumping for joy !

So that's how a day in your life is huh ?

Nice to see your snap ; can put a face to the messages now :-) . Kidding..

vEnKy said...

nice one really not a fake nice one comment. You do u yoga and got to sleep that is weird.

Shruti said...

Hey that's my life till now. But all these joys must end na? My joining date came. So no more farming :(

Btw, its not my photo :D, just googled it :P

Shruti said...

Real nice - Am happy :D
Hey you see am weird, I do all things in a stupid way!

Guria said...

It's a different post, kudi! And such a sweet and honest one! I am glad you wrote something for Blog-a-Ton... You already know me, ideas or no ideas I have to write, otherwise... all those WEIRD dreams! :D

Love, G.:)

Raj said...

tsk tsk. i liked the post. but trying to cut a sorry figure in the end? un-un not done lady. if someone is dissatisfied, let them be you cant reallt make everyone happy right?

and as it is, friends dont try to change anything about you.

pawan said...

Your engineering days sure seem to ring a bell wxcept that my bus stop is just nearby my house and I'm always early :D
But the beg, borrow, steal policy holds true for me too !

Nice post :)

Aneet said...

So red is "Then" and the other color is "now"....

Shruti said...

Yeah! I know, even if i write some nonsense, i should write and participate! Hence this :)

Shruti said...

True, but i have friends who have hopes in each and every post i write!! That's y! Glad that you liked !!

Shruti said...

Even my stop is 8mins walk from my house.. But i start late, so needs dad's help!

U too brutus? HI5!! :D.. We all are engineers! :P

Shruti said...

Yes it is :)


Excellent post well worth the read.


Psych Babbler said...

Sounds like you have a nice and relaxing time now! It's funny how parents' attitudes change once you finish uni, eh? I remember being told off for running late as well (I still run late) but now that I live by myself and work and look after my unit, my parents keep reminding me to relax when I chat with them! :P

Roshmi Sinha said...

A nice read... I could identify with it too.

Guess... most of us would have similar stories to share :)

PS: So... you too are a 'virtual kisan'... ???

Hmmm. India is definitely an agrarian economy. No doubt about it ;)

Harsha Chittar said...

It was a really cute post. After reading your post and many others about Farming in FB, i am very curious to take a look at that application :)

Karthik said...

I wonder what's with girls and farmville on FB! :D
Well, cool post. Liked the variety. And arriving late to the bus stop and missing it was all in a day's work for me too when I was in plus 2. Could relate easily.
Very well narrated.
All the best! Cheerios!

Shruti said...

U read the post? Nyways thank u lady!

Shruti said...

Hahaha :D
Mebbe, but my dad wants me to take rest always..Cos, I will be either playing FV/CW or will be posting in blogs! :D

Shruti said...

Am a Virtual Kisan, but its giving good revenues :D

U too have such stories?! Write them na :)

Shruti said...

U wanna try your hands on Farmville? Man this is addictive.. Beware..

Thank u? Was it cute?! :)

Shruti said...

Even guys plays Farmville :)
This is a last minute write up! So no variations.. Am happy if u liked it! :)

Thank u!

Sat_hi_sh said...

U wake up by so early for college :O
Guess i'm lucky in that aspect :D

nicely put together...
Really enjoyed ur DAY'S work madam :)

Keep blogging

Abdul said...

good post.. but the prelude to it was tiring and boring.. its ur blog shruti.. jus write whatever u want.. y explain people or ask forgiveness! for wat u hav written..

if u think ur a dumb writer, well actually dumb writers are cool nowadays.. frankly i don think u think u r dumb..

pRiYaN...! said...

putting a whole days work in a nut-shell is a tough job but you have done it with ease ! nice concept

Rajlakshmi said...

Lovely post.. You are a lot better and without hassle at present :) .. But college days were fun.. You seem to be hooked onto FB :)

Shruti said...

Hey welcome back after a long time.. I got up that early for college.. Huh... U enjoyed?! Wow, awesome :D

Shruti said...

I wrote that to warn people that its a crap, if they think so... Thanks abdul... u r one of the very few honest commentators i've got!! thank u!

Shruti said...

Is it a tough job? naah! Write like me then... I mean comments of mind!!

Anonymous said...

hey nice post..Even I follow the same timetable more or less..

Anu...:) said...

That was a good one akka....very interesting! :)

Ravan said...

hey nice...felt like RDB...Sepia tonic past and colorful present...

nice idea...wen u say u had no idea... u posted 2 post in one go...gr8!!

Shilpa Garg said...

See, you could do it!!
You had unnecessary apprehensions earlier!!
And My! My! That's a cool idea!! To compare a day in your life in 2006 and 2009! Damn good!!
All the best for BAT-5!! :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Lambi.. so once again, u finally posted it :)
Lambi : Now and Then, should I say. Was fun reading ur routine now and also the past one.
But Farmville?? Get some life girl :p

Shruti said...

Really?! Then a Hi5 :P :D

Shruti said...

Thank u sweety!!

Shruti said...

2 in 1? Oh u split them eh?! Kiddo! Thank u buddy!

Shruti said...

Hey :D
Really was it an idea?! That's a news to me.. THen what exclamation should I give to your post then?!
Thanks for your wishes buddy!!

Shruti said...

Really!? U too start playing FV, its damn addictive :P

Shruti said...

Ahem ahem :P
FV is making me an addict now, but i am not lunatic!!

Anonymous said...

nice one...
its a diferent approach on ur way....
nice reading..
keep writing :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Hi buddy....

Plain and simple post...
Yes, the post disappointed me..... not because you have not reached my expectations, but, you didnt reach your potential standards....
Yeah, the idea of switching between the time periods is really good idea.
Waiting for your best one :)

Tavish Chadha said...

From the first word till the last one, I was smiling all throughout. Nice and short(unlike mine hehe).


Yellow Tulip said...

hii...nice one dear:)...really good...made me think of my 2006!!...

FB maniax!!...good one..i always go for 1 day crop and food...keeps my farming and cookin for late al night so i can do my work in the morning!!...nevertheless i'm still addicted too!!he he

good read.enjoyed it:)take care

Bharathi said...

nice lighter one. by the way what games you gals play in bus and class???

aativas said...

Day now and then.. you seem to have best of both the worlds. It made nice reading and brought happy feelings :)

Aditya said...

hehe a cute post seriously ;)

HaRy!! said...

daily routine ah ithu.... ha ha now this post suits the title very well .. tak care...cya around:D

Anonymous said...

Which version of daily life is better Then or Now?

Ekam said...

Cute sweet post... so you got your joining, eh ? When are you joining then?

lostworld said...

You have simply surpassed yourself with this post! I LOVED it. I think I like the '2006' Shruthi a little more ;-) heehee..

Good luck for Blog-a-ton!

Anonymous said...

A very sweet post girl :) Loved it. Farming and cooking addiction? :) you do yoga? that's nice. I am such a lazy girl that I have never seen sunrise in my life :P

Shruti said...

Hey thanks girlie :)

Shruti said...

I know I know... But this is a post which took, 5 minutes to think the concept and 20 minutes to write! Will try to write a better one next time!!

Shruti said...

Man, were u smiling? Even I was smiling while reading your comment :-)
Thank u!

Shruti said...

I in FB playing FV n CW?? Girl add me as your neighbor :P
Thank u!

Shruti said...

U left everything in the post and came for the games we played! We played many childish games, antaakshari, dumb-c and many more which u cant understand :-P

Shruti said...

"Best of both the worlds", that is a romantic novel I suppose :P
Anyways, on a serious part, thank u so much!!

Shruti said...

Hey, thanks :P

Shruti said...

Understood your CYA AROUND... Idho vandhutten :P
Thank hari :) Someone became too tooooo busy with their works it seems!

Shruti said...

Both are good in some aspects !!

Shruti said...

Yep girl, DOJ is round the corner, may be this month end!! What happened to wipro? Are they calling?!

Shruti said...

U don like me then eh?! :(
:P :D 2006 shruti s damn happy to see your comment :P
Thank u sweetheart!

Shruti said...

Without Yoga I cant survive! U r too lazy :P
When when planning to return to blogs-ville :P

pra said...

Nice post Shruti. How can you write so different post after reading other posts on the same topic? I do not read anything before writing my post. I get influenced so easily...There is lot of changes in your day in one year and com has taken up lot of time I see! Same pinch there!!

Shruti said...

Arey girl, I read the posts to understand the variety! Further this post s the last minute entry! Without ideas I wrote this!! :)
Same pinch to u too :D

Ekam said...

Yes. Got my tentative joining date . Its far . Very far. very very far. June. But I am not joining.

Shalini said...

Hi Shruti.

Very interesting contrasts you've spoken about. Enjoy while it lasts gal! See from your responses that u are soon going to take up your job. Good luck on the job and for this BAT. :)

Shruti said...

Juuuuuunnnneeee???!??! OMG!! Why soo late?! Btw, where u r working at present!??!

Shruti said...

Hi girl, welcome to H&M
Yeah am enjoying life now!! Cos, I know corporate world will suck the last drop of blood!! :D
Thanks n keep visiting!

Preeti said...

Lol..Mast Life Hai! :)
And written well too..

Shruti said...

Mmmm, sort of :)
Thank u preeti!

pushpee said...

Fun post! enjoyed reading !!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious Shruti. Just straight from the mind, so cute and sweet. Good idea to compare ur life now and then. Wonder how would it be few years later :)

Shruti said...

Thank u!

Shruti said...

Thank u! Even am wondering where the journey of life takes me!! Lets wait and watch! Time is the best answer!

Chetan said...

oh gr8 shruti
well written

I have not been on ur blog lately, due to my packed schedule,

Shruti said...

Ohhh!! Really?! Thank u!! Even my blog missing u!

ηανєєη said...

None of us know how 'writable' our life is till someone writes about it ... nice

Gyanban said...

liked your post.Farmville is addictive indeed ! :-)

RamMmm said...

:-) :-) Liked this post. Now this is what's called creative. :-) :-)

I have no logins on FB or any of the other soc-net sites (nor do I intend to :-)) and so no soc-net virtual games for me.

Shruti said...

Thank you Thank you!!! You should Join FB, its more addictive than anything else!!

RamMmm said...

Ayyo Madam, Bloggerai katti meikkavey ennaala mudiyala, idhula FB, Twitter verayaa. ozhungaa velaya first pannaraen. :)

First need to de-addict myself off Blogger. :-) :-)

Shruti said...

Neenga bayangara poruppana aasami pola?! Aana real talent will be when u manage blogger, FB, twitter and your work!! Wanna test ur real talent?! :P

RamMmm said...

Ma'am, indha aattathukku naan varalai. :) Neenga poondhu vilayaadunga.

Shruti said...

Yenna ram, ipdi sollitenga!! Me orey peelings :P

Anonymous said...

hi ShruDi
read a couple of posts and now commenting on this one..
it was definitely a great read..
something different from you but not unexpected..
this post of yours reflects many lives..

Shruti said...

Wow!! Look who is back!! RAHUL is back?! Finally!!

Yeah! This is just a last minute entry!!So even I dint like this post of mine!

Bala said...

A post about work from a workless lady!! :)

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