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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Plight of a Mother

Am a caring, lovable, sensitive, kind-hearted mother. Yeah, am also like your mother the one who cares so much for you, feeds you, looks after you and loves you like no other. Are you baffled at the perplexity and the apparent simplicity of these definition? Few years back, my children adored me and showered their love on me. I was happy and the law of nature which holds upright decided that I shouldn't be happy.

Yeah, my children hates me. My riches are depleting, they ignore me and doesn't heed to my woes. I cried, became furious, yet, they remained the same. But I controlled my emotions and gave them all love a mother can give. I suspected Newton's third law - Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. My children snubbed me, but still I showered them with all the love I can show. After all, a mother is a mother as long as she lives. Still I remained unheeded by them. I gave them all the wonderful pleasures I can give.

I was reminded of an old anecdote. How much ever old you get, true love and worry less heart make you become young. I was very young irrespective of my age till the love was mutual. I was weak and felt age was catching up when the love was not reciprocated by my sons. Now, am completely down expecting my end anytime.

What happens when you are ignored, deplumed, begrimed? Don't you feel irritated and get furious? I did the same and they didn't understand even then! When they are with me I asked them not to do things which seriously affect my health. They smoked and they did every atrocious thing which shouldn't be done. Day by day I was dying because of their senseless activity.

Now, somehow, somewhere amidst their daily routine works they realized my importance, need, my love for them and above all they were afraid one of big thing! HOW TO LEAD A LIFE WITHOUT ME? My children now has started meeting one another and discuss ways to bring me back from the doors of death. Am smiling now. That's all I can do, though I feel pity for my children. I gave them warnings and indicated that my health is deteriorating. At that time they failed to notice that.

Whatever they do, or should I say they try to do, can just delay my death. But Can I reach my younger life back where happiness was blooming in my life, where I was living without worries? Could they zero-in the exact reason for my dropping wellness? I doubt it. They are starting from the scrap I guess, they are trying not to smoke or do such stupid things. Will that help? Yes they do, in a meager amount. Now, they can't bring back the already caused damages. They can only prevent the impairments yet to occur.

Wondering who am I?

I am MOTHER NATURE, you are my children. Do you know the problems am facing? Global warming, climate change, energy challenge, environmental degradation. Almost all non-renewable source of energy depleted. My children, Where are you guys are heading to? The meeting I told is Copenhagen Climate Conference dealing about the Global warming. Will the emission cuts alone pay off? Infact the emissions are more because of these meets. Am confused, perplexed and worn out.


With Love,


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Roshmi Sinha said...

A good read.

We all are following the proverb "jis thali mein khate hain, ushi mein chhed kate hain"... in letter and spirit. What a pity!

PS: The West is a champion in sermonising and even better at organising "summits". And they have no qualms whatsoever... in dumping all their wastes (biodegradable or otherwise) including their nuclear wastes on our waters.

Far away from "their" shores...

SiD said...

Lovely dear... we should save the mother earth before its too late...:(

if we had saved it 10 years ago we would not face rains in November...

Raj said...

aah shruti that was good. saw 2012?

ps: the scene is the same for all mothers. not just mother nature. not just mothers. everyone.

when we dont care, they get distant and by the time we learn, they are gone.

gils said...

nenachen..either its earth or tree or something like that nu :) very emphatic


A wonderful post, we are a wee bit like Mother Nature. As a mother we care for our children and love them unconditionally yet sometimes they can't spare you a moments thought.


Neha said...

hey Shruti, very nice post and thoughts...u know, these days you can't say when it is gonna rain or when you are gonna be boiling in the least in Mumbai, we didn't have winter at all last year, and last to last year the temperature had dropped to 8.5 degrees and the same year it rained in the month of march! wish we all understood our responsibility...thank u for sharing..

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Shruti

As usual, narration at its best.
Very emotional ....even for a rationalist like me.
I told my opinion in of my posts.....Humans have become a virus on Earth....

The capitalistic, feudalistic, materialistic, corporate, consumerist life style that had originated after the industrial revolution and colonialism has lead to present scenario of malday.

I question myself "How much carbon foot prints i release for my blogging and net utilisation daily"??

Am i not responsible too for this situation?. Am i not contributing to the ever happening tragedy.? I indeed need a introspection and retrospection on my lifestyle before i comment/write a pompous/prescriptive/blaming/one sided words.

So, soon i am going to execute my thoughts on this global phenomenon. Hope you will be part of it.

thanks for the timely write up....:)

Vipul Grover said...

Far away from this thickening smoke,
There was a place that used to be.
Canopy of trees, a gleaming river,
As far as you could see.

The soil was rich, the weather pleasant,
So in came teeming crowds.
With time everything was gone,
Leaving behind smoking shrouds.

Now here is a jungle of concrete,
Where the so called humans reside.
For the love they got, they give back smoke,
While they work, sleep or drive.

I've heard, it's same everywhere,
The temperatures are rising high.
For more smoke that they will add,
Their children will have to cry.

Far away from this thickening smoke,
There was a place that used to be.
Going back there is not possible,
So please stop here, at least.

I believe, I posted this poem when you were still not amongst my blogger buddies. This write up and specifically its parting lines reminded me of this poem, and again specifically its parting lines. So thought of reproducing here (and do some shameless self promotion :P)

Very nice article on the occasion of Copenhagen Summit. Keep it up shruti :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Lovely lovely message!! So true that its the time to act now!! Loved the way how u lead us to believe its a person u r talking abt. I'm a big fan of ur stories now!! got me hooked! :)
PS: Yeah, my children hates me .. shud be Yeah, my children hate me! :)

Chetan said...

tht is sumthing gr8
i ve not expected hat are you landing at...
gr8 one

RAM said...

Very sensible post shruthi. I wonder with these climatic changes, the calculations of 2012 may come true :(

Miss_Nobody said...

This is awesome-nicely written-kinda my thought process,I was about to do something like this,but you worded it like no other.Great going!

lostworld said...

Beautiful. I almost likened it to a person..I mean, a mother.
Mother Nature is brilliant! :-)

I've linked one of your posts in my blog. You've been awarded too :-)

BK Chowla said...

Very positive post and we should all join hands to ensure we all try and do our best to achieve the goal.

Harini said...

This one is very well written. And i really hope that at some point of time people understand what harm are they causing. I mean we just fail to realize by depleting mother nature we are making chances of our long and happy life that much harder :).

Shruti said...

True, we have all those just in words, but in action? Nothing!
We should analyze our position and act accordingly!

Shruti said...

Yes, rains in november are really weird! So we are heading to 2012 disaster!

Arnav said...

Great Post,
Truly its high time we need to think about mother nature...

We all need to do our bit, need not me a Giant deed , but a tiny bit from all of us could cause wonders ....

Keep smiling

Shruti said...

I wrote this before seeing 2012! Also, all mothers are not avoided. People like me are longing for mother!!So, some are like that!

Shruti said...

Vara vara You are becoming damn brilliant after reading by posts and you easily guess the ending!! Should write something to hook you right from the start!

Shruti said...

Very true with what you have said, thanks for dropping by!

Shruti said...

Thanks a lot for all those good words you said. True with whatever you have said, rains have become an unpredictable factor! See na, we are witnessing everything and still do what we want to!

Shruti said...

Emotional for you? Ahem ahem :)
True, the industrial revolution and the feuds existing leads to more of this. Still, we/they remain clueless of the situation they are in. Pathetic.

Thank you!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks a lot buddy! You have done a effective self-promotion too! Whenever a chance comes you make full use of it!

Btw, the poem was awesome :)
Thanks for dropping by :)

Shruti said...

>>Shruti a.k.a MM
Oye, nice to see you here after a long time.. You believed its a person? You got stuck in a well laid trap :D

Thanks girl :)

Shruti said...

Hey thanks buddy! But someone guessed the ending!

Shruti said...

You see 2012 first and tell me what you conclude :D

Shruti said...

Hey girlie, thanks a bunch!! I loved your comment!!

Shruti said...

Checked your post and collected the award duly :D
You too like MM fell into the trap?!

Shruti said...

Very true Ji, but for joining hands and working on this mission people must understand the basic concept that is being stressed here.

Shruti said...

very correct!! You have understood the basic concept correctly :)
We are taking chances...So true :)

Shruti said...

welcome back after a long time and thanks a ton!

ηανєєη said...

Go green .. thats all i can say :)

Shruti said...

U said almost everything!!

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