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Monday, December 14, 2009

55 Fiction - #26

Hiya buddies! Well, as the post name indicates, here comes my 26th 55 Fiction! So everyone knows what a 55Fiction is right?! So read the 55Fiction and let me know what you feel about it!



She was there, Right before his eyes, gleaming in white. She was hot. He loved her and felt excited to see her. The moment he thought about her, he experienced chemical changes in his stomach. He went and laid his hands on her. Being a coolie, its a rare thing that he eats Rice.

Mask - A wonderful post by my blogger friend Bharathi. The best post I have read in last few days! Please spare your time and read this! You surely won't regret your visit.

With Love,


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Makk said...


Good one.

HOw are you by the way? hows life?

Anonymous said...

True a something basic like plate of rice is luxury for some people ....and I am sure I am not first...Am I?


Most enjoyable, how you can write in 55 words beats me, Well done.

Take care

Shruti said...

I think all of u guys have read this! This is a old fiction I am reposting. I lost all my comments on this :(

But Thank u! Yeah am fine and life is moving at snail's pace.

Shruti said...

U were third in the original post.. But i lost all the comments :(

Yeah plate of rice is the basic thing for them!

Shruti said...

You try this apart from your poetry's na?

HaRy!! said...

am i wrong... deja vu ?
enga aale kanam?


The Aspirant said...

dats a nice one.......
really nice

RamMmm said...

Good one. I liked this 55er. It is true, for some people. (aana oru sandhegam. What will the coolie eat? kanji, I suppose)

Shruti said...

Not deja vu! U have already read this! Ne dan aaleye kaanum!

Shruti said...

Hey thanks :D

Shruti said...

Hey thanks! Yeah generally they have Kanji..

Bala said...

Good one with a good theme!!

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