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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

55 Fiction - #31

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.



It was a grand Fund-raising party organized by a Volunteer of child welfare. Everyone was speaking about child labor and the tortures those kids were facing. They called it as A Toast for the Helpless Kids.
After the party, the little kid came to take and wash away the used plates.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

55 Fiction - #30

55 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.Most 55 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.


It was the last letter. She wanted to finish it soon.
It read : I’m sorry mom – I loved him...
It was punctuated by many sobs from the old lady.
“.... I can’t live without him, and so I’ve decided……… ”
She broke down – like she had every day for the past twelve years.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Love

I saw him today morning. It happened when I was waiting for my friends in a coffee shop. The place was quiet except for some mobile sounds. But the amount of people that trickled into the coffee shop later ensured the silence was broken. My taste buds wanted to taste coffee and eventually I was tempted. While waiting for my friends, I tried drawing whatever I could se on the clear skies

As I continued staring at the clouds on the sky, I saw a pattern. A pattern that has happened before. A pattern that will happen again. I smiled to myself, look around and see the faces around me. Some were immersed behind their long talks and their mobile phone. Some glaring straight back at me and a couple of faces even staring at me and my paper (where I was drawing). I tried capturing the entire pattern of the clouds in paper. A little kid walked to me and asked for the pen. I looked at his innocent face and smiled at him. His eyes were lovely. They were wide open. It was round, with a slight shade of green. I could see myself in those eyes. I could get lost looking at them. I bent down and went on my knees and asked his name. He muttered "Akshay", with a few fingers in his mouth and drawing patterns on the concrete floor with his tiny toes. I lifted Akshay up and asked him, "would you like to sit with me for a while?". He smiled back. A smile so radiant, and I was in love with him that second. It was a beautiful feeling. I heard someone call his name. I turned around with Akshay in my arms and saw four people smiling at him while sipping on their coffee. I smiled back. One person got up from the table and came near us.

I didn't want him to come and take my love away from me. Not so soon atleast. The man walked upto me. He said, "Hi.. Is he being a brat?". 'Brat? Oh come on!', I thought. I said, "No way. He is a cute kid". I smiled. "You can have him. But would you by any chance have a pen?". I was thinking, 'I would give you my pen, would you give him to me?'. I wanted to give everything I had and just walk away carrying Akshay in my arms. I was thinking where I would take him. I was thinking about the conversations we would be having. I was thinking about the rhymes that I could share with him that I learnt back in school. I was thinking about... "Can I have your pen?", the voice said and burst my bubble. I offered the pen and continued to look at the innocent smile of my love. The man walked away leaving him with me. I literally thanked my stars.

Akshay kept looking at me and smiling. I kept looking at him and I was smiling too. He took my phone that was lying on the table and asked me what it was. I told him it was a mobile and you could talk to people with it. With his sweet voice, he said "I thought you speak with your mouth". I loved him even more more now. Handsome, Sweet, Radiant, Intelligent and a sense of humor. It was all too beautiful. 'A perfect match for me and my character. Wish he was born before 25 years! If it was the case, he would have been my dream guy'. A metallic voice brought me back to reality, "My papa has one too", he said. I asked him what his papa had. He pointed at my phone. I didn't know what to say, so I smiled again. He found that funny. Guess he had never seen someone who was smiling so much. He didn't know the spell he had cast on me. "Do you have a scooter", he asked me. I was confused. But he pointed at the helmet lying on the chair. "Yes, Akshay I have one!". He said, "My papa also has a big motobike". I love it. But he won't allow me to touch it". I replied, "Akshay, you are a kid now, when you grow up, you can have one too". He smiled and looked at my helmet.

His papa came again. He placed the pen on my table and came close to Akshay and lifted him away from me. He smiled again and walked away. I was helpless when I saw my love being taken away from me. I could see his head bobbing up and down while his papa walked away. As he neared the gate, he turned back, smiled at me and blew a kiss. I sat there waiting for my friends with the thoughts of MY LOVE - Akshay..

With Love,


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

55 Fiction - #29

Hope everyone knows what a 55Fiction is right?! So read the 55Fiction and let me know what you feel about it!


He was astonished on seeing the big malls, skyscrapers. He told himself, "I will be working somewhere here in next 2 years". A gang rushed past him and he was floored. Bystanders pitied him. He was confused. When he tried getting up, he saw blood trickling from his abdomen. The gang shouted, "Have it blackie"

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A letter

I don’t know whether I can stop thinking about you. In fact I don’t think I want to...

He sat down in a coffee shop and began writing a note to her.

There have been times in my life I have sulked for meeting some people, sometimes I was happy. But I felt blessed, happy, puzzled, excited the day I met you. Some have stayed on for a while and some left in a hurry. But you’re the one whom I love (d) with all my heart and I don’t think I have ever felt this way before. I have wanted to tell all this to you for a while now, but never really got along doing it. Enough is enough. Today, I just want you to know how I feel about you.

After taking a deep drag from his cigarette he thought for a while and continued writing.

man writing

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight. Because my feeling towards you had already started even before I met you. I saw myself smiling when I read a text from you; I pictured the glint in your eyes when you laughed while talking to me on the phone. The way you wrote to me in your mails, I could sense your presence next to me and the words flowing effortlessly. I thought the feeling was mutual, may be I imagined something? But I don't care, I liked you. That's enough for me as of now. Meeting you was the only thing left.

He tried taking another puff, but the cigarette had gone off by then. He lit it again and chucked the matchstick aside. Looking at the smoke, he smiled to himself and exhaled the smoke. He looked at the rings the smoke made. He thought for a second, 'Is this smoke trying to teach me something? Yeah, it indicates, life is a full circle, but smoke? My life is hazy..'. His eyes were moist.

What's all this that am going through now? If I have to put words to this feeling that am experiencing, it would have to be ‘Pain, a pain with some peace’, a pain which I don't regret for experiencing. I feel happy every time I think about you and it’s even more painful when you are not here with me. I want to tell you that you make me really happy. I want to see that smile on your face forever. I know I can make you smile. But do you think the same?

'Would she even read this? Would she understand all this, all my feelings?' Those were his thoughts while penning this for her. He stopped writing. He read the lines again and again slowly. He read it out loud. He paused and stopped in places where he wanted her to stop. He closed his eyes and saw her. A smile escaped his lips. She still had this spell on him. That's why he called her An Angel.

I remember the time when we sat in my house and spoke. About life, about your school days, chocolates, crushes, mom, dad, drinks, pubs, parties, the things which we want to do in our life, our goals, our plans. I remember the passion - passion to achieve in your eyes when you told me the things you wanted to do in life. It all seems like yesterday that you were with me. And now when I think about it, I feel that it has been a while since I saw you or heard from you.

He was feeling emotional now. His hands were trembling. The third cup of coffee that he had ordered was now cold and almost over. The packet of cigarettes that was on the table next to him was almost over and ash tray was full. He closed his eyes again and was thinking about what to write next. He thought and slipped back to the past, He saw her standing in those salwars before him. Looking as beautiful as ever. Tringgg... Tringgg his mobile rang continuously. He shook his head and came back to the real world. He switched off the phone and settled down for writing.

I want you to know that I will always be there for you, yeah honey, forever. And I want you to be happy in life. I want you to go out there and achieve everything that you always wanted to. I want you to know that everything that I have ever told you I meant with all my heart. I want you to…I want you. I love you so much sweetheart, my Angel.

Without his knowledge his love for her, a drop of tear escaped from his eyes and signed the letter. He took one long look at the letter and sighed. He folded the letter and scribbled 49 on the back of the cover. 'One more and I will hit a half century'. The thought made him give a weak smile.

He placed the cover in a bag. There were a bunch of covers in that bag. He placed this one next to number 48. He finished the last cup of coffee, paid the bill and left the shop. On the way he took a long puff and smiled at the swirls it produced.


With Love,


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Friday, January 15, 2010

55 Fiction - #28

Here comes my 27th 55 Fiction! So everyone knows what a 55Fiction is right?! So read the 55Fiction and let me know what you feel about it!



She died in a gory accident and reaches heaven.

She : God, I want to live long.
God : Your time is over, kid!
She : Fine, you have a computer with internet?
God : Why?
She : Yes or no
God : No
She : Gosh, I have to moderate the comments for the new post in my blog.
God : !!!???!!! *Faints*

That's the power of a blogger Big Grin Tongue
How is this new genre?

With Love,


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Saturday, January 9, 2010


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 6; the sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Wajeed took the old black robe and wore it with pride. It was the D-Day. He never wanted this day to come in his life. In fact he never imagined. The whole country will be witnessing this. Every news channel will telecast. He took the thick glass with his shaking hands. 'The hands are shaking. Is it because of my impending age or this day?', thought Wajeed. He saw the old clock above the Teak cabinet. 'Time to leave this room and face the reality. Fine.. Let me go'.

Wajeed Iqbal, is the Chief justice of India (CJoI). He felt, he rose to this esteemed position because of the unbiased justice he gave. God wanted to check his fairness. That's why now he is here to give the final judgement, which the entire nation is expecting. The accused is Wajeed's only son Shafkhat - Shafkhat Iqbal. Before 3 years, Wajeed sent him out of the house for cheating with the college people and faking the marks. He expected that Shafkhat will return the next day. But to everyone's dismay he never returned.

Wajeed's family was doomed the day when the nation faced the worst terror attacks. It was Aaliya, Shafkhat's mom who first identified Shafkhat's face which was being televised in the news channels. After Wajeed threw him away from the home, Shafkhat joined a terrorist group. It was the same terrorist group that made the entire country witness a worst havoc. Many Jihad's died in that operation and he was caught alive by the police. The case was shifted to the supreme court and Wajeed has to give the final judgement.

Today Morning - Wajeed was standing before the mirror looking at his bloodshot eyes. He spent the entire night reading and re-reading all the law books wanting a single point that could save Shafkhat from the ropes. But law didn't provide a single hole that he could use to save Shafkhat from the ropes. Aaliya saw him from the corner of the room and came near him. She touched his shoulder. The mere touch sent a current through his veins and he turned back instantly and searched answers to his questions. She wiped his tears and told, "Allah will give you the courage and he will make you to give the right judgement Wajeed. But remember one thing, Shafkhat is our only son and I know you love him more than I do". Wajeed saw her as the epitome of motherliness. He got ready for facing the truth.

Now (Inside the Court) - The prosecutor was arguing and examining all the eye-witness. Shafkhat was standing with his head bent down. Wajeed wanted to save his son. But he is the CJoI. Here, he is the representative of 1000's of people who lost their kith and kin. He is the only ray of hope for them. They wanted justice, they wanted Shafkhat's death. Their rage told them all. Aaliya's unspoken words conflicted with his inner thoughts.

He was sitting oblivious to the courtroom. None of the sections, the prosecutor told registered in his mind. Every nerve of him wanted to save Shafkhat, though he is a terrorist. His mind had a dirty thought (Red) of saving his son, telling some fake reasons. If he choose that decision, the entire nation will spat on him. But his son will be alive. Aaliya would be happy. On the other hand, If he deters his previous decision (pink), Shafkhat will be behind the bars, counting his last days. The entire nation would be happy for Wajeed. But he cant face Aaliya after his gruesome decision. His level of prejudice is being checked here. The straight line between the two, Red and Pink decides it all. It makes him either human or demon. Suddenly, he was relieved of thoughts. He took a decision, The decision he wanted (yellow inside the head). He was happy. Extremely happy.

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 6; the sixth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

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P.S : This is just a Fiction and It may differ from the actual rules of Indian Judiciary. Kindly Excuse me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Life - 2

You have read the first part of this story in my last post and this is the concluding part.. Hope you enjoy reading it.. To read the first part, Click here. Am really happy that many liked the first part and eagerly wait for the sequel. Here it is unfolding..

Riya called the office and said that both of them are taking the rest of the day off. She held Tara's hand throughout the taxi ride, back home. Once she opened the doors of her house, Tara broke down. Tears freely flowed from her eyes. Her tears knew no bound. As her tears broke all boundaries Riya held her in her arms. She rocked the shivering frame of Tara in her arms as she would do when her little daughters cried. She knew how to console them, but here she didn't. So she just held her and let her weep her heart out. She strongly believed that tears can make her feel light.

Riya left at about seven in the evening. Her husband had called her thrice since her kids had fever. By then Tara had stopped crying and she asked Riya to leave. She actually kicked Riya out with the promise that she would call her every hour and that she’d pick up her calls. Krish had called at some point and said he will be late. Riya spoke with him. But Tara didn't want him to know the results till he reach home.

Now she was alone. She was completely blank about the results doctor gave. The questions how, where, when, why ran through her head. Her head started banging. She bundled the free flowing hairs, wiped her face and got out of the couch. Now a little more cleared she stood at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee and thought back. She thought about every injection she had taken. That should be the only way. She had never had transfusion and she was a faithful wife. And she trusted Krish. The doctor had said he should be tested too.

It frustrated her. She still didn’t know how. Infact she started doubting the results. Her mind kept telling her the only way it could have happened. Her heart kept denying it. No, her heart screamed each time her brain with all its resources said, Krish.

That night as the rain poured down, Krish entered his apartment completely drenched, calling out, "Tara where are you?! Why didn't you switch on the lights? Get me a towel na, am drenched".As he switched on the light he saw Tara sitting with a blank expression on the divan. He walked towards her, talking to her. He laid his hands on her shoulder, turned her towards him and told, "Tara.... Tara... What happened to you?". Tara’s ears only registered the rain. She freed herself from him and moved away silently wiping her tears. She showed him her report. He sat down and read it. Tears glistened at the edge of his eyes. He looked at her. She held her tears back and with her eyes and her soul asked him to say no. He just sat there with the tears that did not fall.

She stood up wiping her tears, picked her packed bag and walked towards the door. He ran behind her, trying to stop her. He stopped her as she opened the door. He said " Am sorry Tara. We should talk. Come to our house. Please Tara..". As she waited for the lift, he kept begging her to come in. As the lift doors started closing she muttered, "Go to a doctor Krish”. As the rain water hit down the taxi window, it secretly hid her tears that were flowing uncontrollably along the window pane too.

It has been three years since then. Tara is on medication. She cannot do a number of things herself. She has to take care of infections, even the normal cold’s. She works from home. Its not because colleagues in her office have an issue, its because it gives her time to do all the other things she is doing for herself. Even then she still has at least one fight with her boss everyday. That makes her relax a bit. She works with an orphanage for special kids. They are the kids with HIV- positive status. Kids who probably did not have too long to live. Kids love her. Krish had left her his life’s earnings before he passed away. It has been three months since his decease. Now she uses that money to help these kids realize their small dreams before their eyes close to a dreamless sleep.

~~~THE END~~~

P.S : Now do you accept this is a story that happens to someone near us?

With Love,


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Life - 1

This is a story I wrote many days back. I have divided the story into two parts. The first part is published here and after 2 days the concluding part will be published. This CAN'T be considered as a complete fictional work. I have mixed up series of events that happened in many lives I have seen and wrote this story. This may not be your story. But this is certainly the story that can happen to the girl next door. Ahh, I gave in lots of information about the story I guess. So friends, off to the story..

The sun filtered in through the cream curtains. She had been awake for sometime but had stayed in LovelyCouplebed looking at the balcony through the little opening between the curtains. She finally got out of the bed. The clock read 8. Breakfast had been made but Krish was nowhere to be seen. She picked up the newspaper and poured herself a cup of coffee. Krish came inside the room after a bath. He hugged her and gave a small peck on her cheek and said, "I have made breakfast and now I am going to get ready for office.” She smiled and told, "Am really lucky Krish. Chal, get ready and I will get your boxes ready".

Minutes later she was at the door seeing him off. “Hey my dear Husband, come back early. We have an appointment today. Don’t forget”. He got his keys and shouted, “Haan Haan dear I will come early though I wonder if you will be ready.” The lift he was waiting for reached their floor and the doors opened. She waved at her hubby. The lift door closed and she went back in.

Mrs. Tara Krish read the small sign on her door. She worked as an interior designer for a private firm. She went in to see that they were already 7 messages from her boss. She put down her jute hand-bag and went to meet him. She came back in some minutes from his room, muttering under her breath and gritting her teeth. Quite a usual ritual. Riya, Tara's best buddy came in and Tara started her monologue. “What does he think of himself Riya? Work late. Come early. Blah Blah!!”. Riya smiled.

Lunch meant meals with Riya and gossip about nothing and everything. And of course, a cup of piping hot coffee. That afternoon she told Riya that she had the doctor’s appointment. Riya said, "Thank God, finally you are going. I have been saying this for a long time and it dawned now for you. Anyways its ok Tara". That day after lunch she had a meeting and so her session with Riya was cut short. She just had two minutes for her everyday routine afternoon-lunch call from Krish.

It was Five in the evening. Krish was at their apartment ready and waiting. Tina’s meeting had extended slightly and the traffic also seemed to have decided to keep them from their doctor’s appointment. The phone rang and Krish picked it. It was Tara. She said, "I am coming directly to the clinic. You start from home. Don't forget to lock the doors properly. Come soon, OK! I am feeling a little worried.” He said he’d be there.

As she sat in the waiting room her hand flipped through a magazine. Her eyes kept traveling back and forth between the watch in her hand and the clock on the wall. Her watch was ten minutes fast. She looked at the baby pictures that adorned the walls and smiled. Hopefully. Krish and she had been married for three and a half years. They had planned to start a family after one year or something. But things never seemed right until now. And now she was at THE gynecologist’s clinic in the city. It was supposed to be her first meeting with the doctor. A check-up.

That night, after the check up, they had dinner outside at their favourite restaurant. Then they had ice-cream before they went home. The check up issue was forgotten.

Two days later, at about six in the evening Tara's cell rang. She was attending her second yoga class of that week. It was the clinic. The voice said her results had come in. She asked when she could come and collect it. The voice said that the doctor wanted to talk to her about the results and that she could arrange for an appointment at 1pm the next day. Tara's heart skipped a beat. Her mind screamed, 'Don’t tell me I can’t have a baby'. But her voice spoke," Is something wrong?” The lady on the other end said that it should be nothing and asked weather tomorrow was convenient for her. She said, "Yes."

The next day after a few minutes of convincing her boss, Tara went and met Riya. She asked Riya to come along with her to the doctor’s. Tara was very worried which was evident by the nervous look she gave Riya. As the taxi rushed past another traffic signal, she said, "Ree, I haven’t told Krish about this". Riya said, "Tara, you are worrying over nothing. The doctor just wants to meet you. Maybe she wants you to take supplements or something. It can even be a plan that she wants to devise for your pregnancy.". At this solace Tara smiled slightly but her brain and its overactive imagination cells were working very hard indeed. They were calculating all the permutations and combinations about the doc's visit.

They had to wait for about five minutes. And then they had to wait another five minutes inside the doctor’s office as she answered some personal call in the next room. The doctor, a woman of late fifties came in apologizing to both Tara and Riya. They smiled. As the doctor looked at Riya questioningly, Tara said, " Doctor, She’s my friend and I asked her to accompany me". The doctor asked, "And your husband?". She lied that he was busy with a client meeting. The doctor said " I would have liked it if Krish is here with you". Tara smiled and replied in a definite tone, "This arrangement is perfect"


With Love,


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