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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids are always not Kids.

Today morning I went to my cousin's house to wish his 6year old son Akshay, on his birthday. After initial conversations, he came running towards me and searched my pockets and my hands. I was confused by his reactions.

Akshay : Shruti, where is my gift? I was waiting to see it! You disappointed me.
Me : Ye kiddo, I have come here to take you to the toy shop. You can get your favorite Pokemon toys. OK??
Akshay : I don't want Pokemon toys, instead get me a Barbie doll please!
(I was surprised and shocked at the same time)
Me : But, why do you want a Barbie? You like dolls so much eh?
Akshay : Well none of the boys in my class have Barbie – so I want to be different – its good to be different na?
Me : !!!!???!!!

After this conversation I took him to the shop and got him a Pink Barbie (He is different!). After coming home, we were watching the news channel which was relaying the coverage from Sasoon Hospital, Pune. I saw him running away to Lord Ganesh's statue. The curiosity in me reached its peak and I followed him there. He was reciting some sloka's and started praying "God please stop these terrorism. Save people with your mercy. God please keep not only Haasil's daddy but all the people out there safe, hail and healthy.". Later I came to know that one of his classmates' - Haasil's father was injured in the bomb blast happened in German Bakery, last Saturday. I was completely moved.

Later, while having lunch the topic changed from Barbie doll to bomb blast to the recent films we saw. My cousin told they all went to see Avatar. Suddenly Akshay started conversing with me.

Akshay : Know what Shruti? All the Aliens we saw in Pandora land was having tail. Are there any aliens out there in real life?
Me : Well some think so...
Akshay : Lets think those aliens are living. But how do they look like? The one in the movie?
Me : No they are imaginary characters.
Akshay : I think there are aliens many galaxies away from ours. But they will never come to earth!
Me : What?? Why won't they come here??
Akshay : Hehehehe!! Poor Shruti!
(I still couldn't understand why he laughed at me)
Me : You are laughing at me? Huh... Why are you laughing? Tell me..
Akshay : What is the name of our galaxy?
Me : Milky way.
Akshay : Yes! There is a big problem. They think our galaxy is just milk split in the sky
Me : So?
Akshay : That's the problem. They may think it, I mean the milk in milky way is stinky spoiled milk and never come near it. So there will never-ever discover earth.
Me : !!!!???!!

Though he related milk and milky way, the retrospection of those lines proved me another big fact! Read it again, you may find the truth about the races present here. (I deduced it as, the spoiled milk is the place we human beings live in. Its spoiled because all the natural resources are depleted). Kids are always not kids. They prove us something worth, which we fail to see or which we fail to understand in our mechanical life.

With Love,


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Raksha Raman said...

Wow Shruti! Now that's one brainy kid there! He wants to be different?!?! We as kids always bought things exactly like the rest of the kids had! Same type of bag, geometry box etc etc! What a difference!

I did not know what aliens meant till I was 11 or 12! Kids these days! Phew!

Glad you shared this! :) Young or old,there is something we can learn from every person! Cheers! :)


Bright Child, sometimes children can see what we adults cannot.
We can learn from them.


The West Wind said...

wow such a nice post.. the innocent insights of your nephew teach us many things.. not just about being different but also that in our daily lives we should remember the less fortunate and dedicate a part of our prayers to them. Such a thoughtful child..

Karthikeyan S said...


"I deduced it as, the spoiled milk is the place we human beings live in. Its spoiled because all the natural resources are depleted"

Well Said...

Thanks For Sharing..

Gyanban said...

Wonder what we said when we were kids ? Did it make a difference to any one ? Did anyone write a blog post about it ? Guess there weren't enough intelligent adult around to spot that talent !sigh..

Kids then and now are truly different ! :-)

gils said...

!!! nejamvay 6 year old thaanaa?? ila un heightlenthu pathathuku apdi terinjutha??!! :D

Jaunty anima said...

There's something to learn from everywhere and every one!!

Kids these days are born genius!!!

Anu...:) said...

They say kids are the messengers of God,sent to humans to prove that god hasn't yet given up...your post just proves that!:)

Avada Kedavra said...

Bad girl x-( Only blogger people can comment on your posts. What about us wordpress people eh? :( :( Enable Open Id commenting ma.. It will make my life easier.

Btw a very cute post. wanted to comment yest but was lazy to login to google n all that mess :D

Swaram said...

Lotz to learn from him :)
N really nice of him to buy a barbie and of u to get it for him :)

Sat_hi_sh said...

Chinna pasanga kita vaya vida koodadhu :)
Indha post adhuku oru nalla udharnam...

keep blogging
cheers !!!!

The Aspirant said...

yeah dats tru sumtyms kids say d wrds dat move evn d gr preachers......
may b god uses deir voice to convey his mssgs to us humans......

cheers :)

Dhiman said...

Bright Kid indeed !!! I will praise the parents and the family too for instilling such right values into the Kid.... children learn from what they see ... so environment is very important... its very important that we teach our children right values if we want a better world in future....

lostworld said...

Zapped..totally. Too much. Think kids are not exposed to prejudices so their thinking is their own..unspoilt!

Nice post Shruthi.. LoL @ Gils comment:D

Shruti said...

But my aunt told me, he is exactly resembling me in his attitude.. Infact he was the one who was literally shocked after hearing this :P

Shruti said...

yeah!! I really came to know lots of things abt galaxies and stars from him :)

Shruti said...

Yeah! U r correct! V fail to miss those small things. But these kids teach us those things!

Shruti said...

U r welcome.. But those lines you have mentioned are my favorite lines too

Shruti said...

U r correct.. It is induced by many factors.. Advanced technology, resources available! everything...

Shruti said...

Avvvv... U too much of talking..

Shruti said...

>>Jaunty Anima
Hi, welcome to H&M!
U r correct.. wondering what? KIDS THESE DAYS ARE BORN GENIUS!

Shruti said...

Your comment brought a smile on my face :)

Shruti said...

U and LR of decide what type of comment form u need!Cos, even that'l make t easier for me..

About this post, thank you :) :)

Shruti said...

U know what? I got barbie, so that even i can play when i go to my cousin's place!

Shruti said...

Hey, bt u can really learn a lot from them :)

Shruti said...

Ur comment exactly matches my blogger sissie Anu's comment!! Child is man's prodigy :) :)

Shruti said...

My bro and bhabhi strives really hard to bring up akshay! He is a born genius.. He tells even bhagwad gita.. A child's future is determined by the way he is brought up inside the family :)

Shruti said...

Know what? Though they speak what we feel, knowingly or unknowingly, it struck us really hard.. The reason? We analyse things pretty well :)

Bala said...

Very glad that you shared this thought provoking conversation Shruti!!!

Chooo chweet of that brilliant kid…
Very true that todays’ kids are not just kids… They teach a lot to us… All we need is a bit of broader mind to accept those chweet teachings…

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